It was a dreary day. Gamer had lost interest in New Club Penguin. He was so curious if an old version of Club Penguin existed. So Gamer then decided search up Old Club Penguin. He had discovered a video containing a link to a Old Club Penguin website. Gamer thought to himself if he should check it out so he clicked the link ,and the link took him to the Old Club Penguin website. This is where his journey began.


Gamer had joined the forums on the 14th of September in 2013. He had registered the forum username Pingu17174. Gamer loved to make helpful posts to help new users on the forum. A user named Terry91 helped Gamer by explaining to him on what to do good helpful posts on.

Penguin Isles

Gamer joined Penguin Isles when it released. His main user was Pingu17174 and his backup was named Freezie. Gamer loved Penguin Isles because it was an amazing, fun and unique game Damen had created, though Penguin Isles did not last long.

Commiting Treason

Gamer Had Commited Treason a lot of times or 4/5 times. His Serious Crime was of him robbing the Imperial Bank. Stealing about 4500 Gold From The Bank Account.
Gamer was summoned to thrones on OldCP and a trial was held for Gamer. Gamer was charged for treason and was sentenced to death and banished from OldCP & The Damen Spike Games HQ. Gamer had died about 12 times. He was also tricked by Clegane and Clegane shot Gamer in his igloo (which counted as a death)

Returning To The Damen Spike Games HQ

Gamer had been so desperate to return to the Damen Spike Games HQ And He Would Do Anything to return. Gamer was on Skype and got a message from Emperor Damen Spike saying "You wish to apolagise for your offences?" Gamer replied "Yes." Gamer swore never to betray or commit a crime or treason again. Damen had unipbanned Gamer on the DSGHQ Forum And On OldCP. Gamer was no longer an enemy of the empire anymore.

Returning To OldCP

Gamer had returned to OldCP. He was given the title "Turncoat" On OldCP. Many Users were shocked to see Gamer. They were also scared of him and kepped running away from him because they thought he was a hacker when he wasn't. Gamer sat alone everyday... On OldCP In The Town no user ever dared to go up to him. Gamer had to wait until his Turncoat title would be removed some day.

Turncoat Title Removed

One Day Gamer was in the town with his "Turncoat" title. Then After like 5 minutes His Title was removed people came up to Gamer and told him that his Turncoat title had been removed. Some users still did not trust Gamer but others trusted him again and became his friend again. After a few days everybody was friends with Gamer and Gamer was no longer an enemy of the empire. He was happy to be back even the moderators were surprised to see Gamer returning.

Becoming OldCP Knight

It had been so long since Gamer wasn't a knight when OldCP had returned in v10, Gamer was then promoted to Imperial Knight he was promoted by the Great Emperor Damen.


On the 1st of October In 2014, Damen had made a post on the Snaildom Beta Testers he had picked. 21 Beta Testers were chosen. Gamer was one of them to be picked the beta test was indeed a huge success the testers had found lots of bugs on Snaildom.

Death of Snowfalls

On the 14th of December Old Club Penguin was at war with the Iceghosts. Sir Gamer tried to use his fire sword to kill the ice army troops but he then realized they wouldn't die. Gamer then ran to beach. There were ice troops there, and Commander Uzu stormed in and started freezing penguins.Then Sir Gamer, Detective Sergeant Bakon and some users burnt other users off. They went to courtyard and Snowfalls was there but she quickly went. She was spotted by CoolLloyd at the Mine Shack. Then Nathaniel said to go to the Mountain. They went to the mountain and Snowfalls came in and killed Nathaniel. Gamer was very angry at Snowfalls. He got out his fire sword and chased her around the room then he managed to slay her thanks to the help of Bakon.

My Death In The Iceghost War

In The Iceghost war when Snowfalls was defeated and slayed by Sir Gamer, Gamer rushed to courtyard to check if there were more Iceghosts but there was an Iceghost army who talked at the same time. It was Raegon talking/controlling the Army, Raegon was furious at Gamer for killing his Queen. The Iceghost army said "GAMER WILL DIE" All At Once and then they said "YOU WILL DIE" They asked Gamer how he wanted to die. But Gamer just ignored Raegon and the Army talking. Sir Gamer lost his life trying to fight Raegon. Raegon had killed Gamer, Sir Gamer had failed to defeat him, but the good thing was he slayed the ice queen, to make the iceghosts lose power but Raegon had transferred Snowfalls power to himself and became powerful. Even If Sir Gamer died, he died in glory and he faught for the empire.


After The Iceghost war, the Iceghost's had been beaten they all died they were defeated and are gone forever Huzzah! Glarthir came to the town and lot's of users followed him to the forest. Glarthir said that he would die for the forest and the fallen heroes and everybody would be revived. Gamer was on his account "Recardo" (which was his backup)

Becoming OldCP Moderator

After The Iceghost Battle The town has received it's colors back the curse of the Ice queen had been lifted Old Club Penguin was saved from the Iceghost's. Damen had came to the town he was asking where Gamer, Tennis, Bp28 were. We said we were here Damen then started a session at thrones congratulating Bp28, Gamer, Tennis. Gamer was rewarded the Rank Moderator. And Now Gamer is now known as Sir Gamer The Great.

Picked To Become A Warlord Tournament Series 2 Candidate

On The 19th of January 2015 Sir Gamer The Great Was Chosen To Be A Candidate For The 2nd Warlord Tournament.
The Series 2 Candidates Who were picked are:

Sir Bp28 the Great
Sir Gamer the Great (Me) (Joffrey5419)
Sir Sled
Lord PenguinDSC
The Mountain

They must battle each other until all but one of them is dead.

Gamer's Account Hacked!

On The 29th of January 2015. Gamer's Account had been hacked. His password was leaked in the town and the Hacker's on his account had used his sword to kill users in the town.
Gamer was off OldCP He didn't realize that he was hacked! Then he saw moods saying "GAMER'S GONE CRAZY" "SOMEONE HACKED GAMER" And He saw Posts! Luckily Damen came to the rescue and killed Gamer's account for safety. Thank you Damen.

The Warlord Tournament

On The 30th Of January It was the warlord tournament the candidates fought each other to the death.

Sir Gamer The Great had to use an account named Joffrey5419 Sir Sled was first to die, Sir Gamer The Great had slayed sled with his sword.

The Mountain had killed Sir Gamer The Great Gamer was 2nd to die. Free Fighter Adawg was killed By Captain Bp28 Adawg was 3rd to die. Bp28 was killed by The Mountain, Bp28 was 4th to die. Lord PenguinDSC was also killed by The Mountain, PenguinDSC Was 5th to die. The Mountain had won the warlord tournament. Congratulations The Mountain it was an honor to fight against you

Gamer's New Account

After a few days (After The Warlord Tournament) Gamer used his old account named "Screenhog" And was given his rank back. Then Gamer started a new life but as Screenhog. The Hacking Of His Account Gamer seems to have been forgotten but there might be an investigation going on. On who hacked Gamer's account and tried killing users but only hurt them.

Why Gamer Chose "Screenhog" To Be His New Account

When Gamer had been hacked he was upset alot... He had an old account named "Screenhog" And Chose it to be promoted as Moderator. Gamer chose the name "Screenhog" Because Screenhog (Or Known As Chris Hendricks) Inspired Gamer.

Who Screenhog (Real One) Is

Screenhog was a moderator and artist who mainly worked on audio, art, animation and writing for Club Penguin. He Had made an announcement that he had left Club Penguin in October 2010. Screenhog currently works for a company along with Lance Priebe called Hyper Hippo Productions. He also has his own personal website. He Is Gamer's Hero.

Tournament (3rd Event In The Coronation)

There was a Tournament. After 2 Event's Freddy Was Supposed To Fight Sir Skippy But She Was Not Here, Then Freddy Was Supposed To Fight Ollo But Freddy Did Not Make it, And Ollo Did Not make it (Not sure), Then Emperor Damen Chose Sir Jesse And Sir Alice to fight. They faught and faught and faught, Jesse was winning. Alice Could Not Fight Back, She Then Pulled out her sword But Jesse was still winning, Sir Alice Was Down, Emperor Damen Said That the battle was a terrible match. And He Demanded another Knight to fight, Sir Jesse, The Emperor Had Picked Sir Gamer/Screenhog (Me) To Fight Sir Jesse, The Emperor Had Told Sir Gamer/Screenhog to fight for him, The Battle Had Started Sir Gamer/Screenhog ran in the ring Sir Jesse Missed Sir Gamer/Screenhog because he got out of the way quickly. Sir Gamer/Screenhog Swung his sword at Sir Jesse multiple times Sir Jesse Pulled out his sword and Sir Gamer/Screenhog ran out of the way, Then Sir Gamer/Screenhog ran back and swung his sword at Sir Jesse again. Sir Jesse died, Sir Gamer/Screenhog had killed him and won the tournament! The Emperor Ran In And Said "Champion!" "Champion Sir Gamer The Great" After The Tournament Everybody had a party Sir Gamer/Screenhog Dragged Sir Alice's Body and pulled it out of the ring, and Got rid of it. Then Sir Gamer/Screenhog had to go.

Becoming A Hand Guard

On The 30th Of March 2015, A Session was held, Prince Tennis Stag The Great had held a session, 2 User's Were Given The Title "Hand Guard", Mico was first, But he was not here, so he may be given his title if he is spotted by the Prince or an Administrator. Prince Tennis Stag The Great called Sir Gamer The Great. Prince Tennis Stag The Great asked Sir Screenhog The Great If he accepts to become Princess Dancebear's Hand Guard, Sir Gamer The Great accepted, And was given the title "Hand Guard" And he had to go offline, because he was told to get off the laptop and he was sorry that he couldn't stay.

Replaced By The Fire

Sir Screenhog The Great was replaced by The Fire because of timezone issues and Gamer couldn't be on 24/7 so.. The Fire had replaced Gamer as Dancebear's new Hand Guard

Promoted To Knight's Captain Again

On 29/06/2015, Gamer was promoted to Knight's Captain again to replace Sir Bp28 The Great.

Becoming A Free Fighter!

Gamer was promoted to Freedom Fighter, and Cysero replaced Gamer as the new Knight's Captain!

A Disney/BH Victory

On the 21st Of August 2015 we had a war, With Disney (I don't think it's over yet) We got back the Plaza but The Blackhawks took the town and snowforts but we got them back, But... Gamer And The Stag teamed up and went to town and cleared the town, they killed many Blackhawks after a few minutes the town was claimed by OldCP Again. Gamer was awarded 5,000 Gold and the title "Gamer The Brave Hearted" But Apparantly earlier today the Stag was under the possession of Snowfalls and still is, The Body of Snowfalls is gone, But her Spirit Lives.

Face Off With Malvon

One Day, There was another Disney Attack, And Malvon (LordMalvon) was online, Users said he was in theoldway, Gamer went to theoldway, there he saw Malvon and pulled out his sword and hit Malvon a few times, Malvon asked Gamer "HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?" And he asked Gamer "WHO ARE YOU?" Gamer said "I am Gamer The Great" Malvon (LordMalvon) Said "THE GREAT LOOL" Then Malvon said to Gamer "Now you will die" Then Malvon turned djinn Mode and ran fast, He charged at Gamer, Gamer manage to dodge Malvon's attacks and He shot Malvon a few times with his firearm, then hit him with his Sword, Malvon ran out of theoldway and he got away, Though it seemed perhaps The Sword Gamer has weakened Malvon when Gamer hit Malvon a few times. Suddenly, There were many shootings, Apparantly Malvon was leading the Attack, He had many re-inforcements, Gamer And The War Knights killed a lot of Blackhawk Soldiers, There were many shootings and Attacks in The Abandoned Pool, Many users died, So did some War Knights, Gamer survived so did some other War Knights. Also During the next War there is a picture of Gamer and Malvon Face To Face There were more Blackhawk Attacks, Gamer and Some Guards and Some War Knights were attacked in TheOldWay, Bakon And Abush had died and I believe more war knights did too. A Blackhawk was shooting at Gamer, though Gamer dodged the gunshots but was not hurt once. More Reinforcements arrived, Gamer and Some Guards threw Grenades to bomb the Blackhawks, There was an attack at Cove, Some Guards And Gamer threw more Grenades to kill the Blackhawk easily, Alot of Blackhawks Died, Malvon was at the Cove we asked him to give the ruby, But he apparantly didn't have it, He said he has given it to Mickey.

Also, Malvon was banned but apparantly... He has returned, Perhaps Gamer and Malvon will fight again someday for a Round 2.

War Of Djinns

On September 18th 2015, The war had ended but before of the war ending, There was an attack lead by LORDMALVON, Malvon was slain by Gamer And 1 Of Malvon's Guards named Yamaahaa (something like that) was Assassinated By Gamer More blackhawk soldiers came, But They all died, It seemed Gamer was like invincible to the soldiers, He had the Golden Sword too! The attack was at the cove, The Blackhawks took the Cove, But Gamer and a few people and a Guard took the Cove Back, A Blackhawk tried to assassinate PenguinDSC (DSC) Gamer rescued DSC And Killed The Blackhawk Assassin. The Mountain was at ski hill with Blackhawk Soldiers, Gamer and a Guard ran to ski hill and killed all the Soldiers, Then The Mountain and Gamer battled for quite a long time. Gamer decided to throw bombs (grenades) at the mountain so he threw 2 and when the explosions had happened at The Mountain. The Mountain screamed in fear and ran away from Gamer. During the War there were many, many attacks, Also Gamer was attacked by The Mountain again, But The Mountain was slain by Gamer and Dancebear, Gamer had to leave because he was told to get off the laptop, The war was still on, There were many attacks, The Thrones was attacked. Mickey said that he surrendered but he didn't it was a set up so he could kill Damen. Damen had died, Mickey had died too, The war was over.

The Djinn Trials

Information on #Detectives

Battle With Jaxs

One day Gamer was on a backup and users had said there was a djinn in the Underground Church, a user named Cindy managed to communicate with a Djinn he had asked her and other users by possessing and talking in their bodies telling them to bring Gamer to the church so he may assassinate him, Gamer had been informed he decided to go on his Main that is in the trials and go to the Church, when he arrived, Jaxs was there awaiting for Gamer's arrival. Jaxs had told Gamer he was too late, Gamer told Jaxs that he and Gamer were really good friends, they were but not anymore because Jaxs is actually a corrupted person and a traitor along with his brother Caesar. Jaxs had told Gamer what he should know he said tonight was the end of OldCP But it wasn't. Jaxs had said that he would send djinn and get Damen killed, Gamer told Jaxs that he would never kill Damen, and Jaxs said the only way to prevent that was to kill him. Jaxs had told Gamer that he was planning to kill all. He then told Gamer that he should warn his friends, which Gamer quickly did, Gamer told Jaxs that nobody would die and and he would not allow it but Jaxs had told Gamer to kill him or tonight would be everyone's death. Gamer and Jaxs started to fight it was for like a 4 minute fight, Then Jaxs ran away but before he ran off he told Gamer that he is indeed powerful. Later that day Gamer met up with Glarthir and Glarthir had told him some information.

Note: There is more information in some posts about Gamer's Return and other information

End Of The War

The War had Ended, Good had won, Gamer and TheNightWolf both fell. TheNightWolf used everything in his power to defeat Gamer and TheNightWolf also died after that, Gamer used SirGamer and was sent on a mission to go back in the trials with Warlord Skippy and Sir Tent to get the Jiniri Crown. When they went in the trials, Gamer met up with his mother, Gamer tried persuading her to give The Crown but she would not listen, She got angry and Attacked Gamer, Skippy, Tent. Skippy could not fight because her sword would not work, So Gamer and Tent defended The Warlord, Then Snowfalls and Gamer had a duel, Snowfalls was winning, Tent jumped in and helped Gamer. Gamer was upset because his mother was attacking him, Snowfalls realized she was hurting her own son, then she stopped fighting, She commited Suicide to revive everybody and her Children, Before she died She Smiled at Gamer, When she died Gamer cried. They came back and the Jiniri Crown was destroyed, Everybody was revived. The Empire had won the War. Gamer hopes maybe one day he'll see his older brother Glarthir and the other Forest Children again.

Re-Building The Forest

One Day, Gamer decided to re-build the forest and Damen had allowed Gamer to lead this project, Gamer gathered builders to help re-build the forest. It took alot of days for the forest to be re-built. After a few days, The forest was re-built and looked Good As New, There were new trees planted and the Old Trees that were dead were gotten rid of, And The New trees were planted and watered, And the underground Courtyard was sealed forever. There was also a Statue of Gamer's Older Brother (Glarthir) Built in his honor, On the statue there is a little button with Antlers on it, if you click it a message pops up. The Message Says "Statue Of Shaman Glarthir A Gift From Lord Gamer The Great. Long be remembered Glarthir's
long journey to stop The Night Wolf and bring back Snowfalls
from her destructiveness. Damensday 2015"

In The Under Courtyard there is an Old Forest Boy drawing down there, Of a Forest Boy with Antlers, It's very Old, perhaps we'll find out someday about it, maybe its a Drawing of The Chosen One or of Shaman Glarthir.

What is Gamer doing now?

Gamer serves as a Freedom Fighter of the Empire and has become a Lord Of The Empire, He is following The Stag's footsteps to become one of the Greatest Warriors who will ever live. He is
dressed as The Stag because he misses The Stag a lot and wishes he can see The Stag again soon perhaps.

Battle With NotNathan The Evil Dark Wizard

One Day On OldCP A Dark Wizard, NotNathan came on, he was an apprentice of Maelor's the blue Wizard but Maelor had died unfortunately his apprentice turned to the Dark Side and had a Black glow and was Dressed as a Black Warrior and had Dark Sorcery, he killed Users with Magic and could bring them back to life, He killed some users with Magic and Left them dead. Gamer came on and went to the forest, NotNathan was there, Gamer attacked NotNathan with his sword, NotNathan ran off, Gamer went to jr Damen and sendto'd NotNathan there and slayed NotNathan. It had been turned out that Nathan was apparantly hacked by SirKathCal and she was executed for treason but who knows?

Battle With The Bear

On 26/01/2016 There was a new Hand Guard of Prince Sriram Drake's named "The Bear" The Bear is not a brother of the other brothers, He was trained by the Guards and is not a forest boy like the other brothers. The Bear had tantrums when Snowballs were thrown at him and Murdered Sparka, And Hit users. He was given 1 Hour By Emperor Damen Drake to apologize and The Bear did so and was no longer a Hand Guard but became a Moth Ninja and was Banished to the Moth Library. 10 Minutes Later, The Bear escaped and was fighting Tent at Forest, Gamer and Shadow went there, and they were fighting The Bear. The Battle moved to cove then to theoldway, Tent had died, So Had Shadows, Shadows had come to help Tent & Gamer. Gamer managed to survive and Shot The Bear 2 times and hit him with his Sword, The Bear would not die, because he is very Large and could do a Brutal Move which could explode somebody's penguin into pieces and with Blood, The Mountain could do this but he is dead. Later that day, The Bear was ip-banned from Damen.

Battle With The Bear (Round 2)

One day it was an evening for Gamer and a Game Of Knights stage was going to begin, Suddenly there was a Lightning Strike noise, This Morning Gamer had met a Dark Wizard with Saber, the Dark Wizard was called "Arryn" he wanted to Destroy the Forest (Gamer's Home) to get into the Underground Courtyard but it was sealed forever, but Arryn had blown up the Forest tonight, Gamer and Hashir and many users came running to the Forest, users were sent back to the office where it is safe, Hashir and Gamer and some detectives and some knights were investigating, The Bear had come he was very huge because of Black Magic of Arryn's, The Bear attacked many users and attacked Gamer, but Gamer was fighting The Bear and was winning but The Bear ran away like a coward. Later that evening, Arryn was arrested by Hashir and he was killed by Hashir, Gamer, Jesse, Bob.

Dagor Dagorath (The Battle of all Battles)

Melkor had descended into the OldCP Island to reign supreme and bring terror to end the civilization, he warred on all nations and had his lieutenant Pythas (Gamer's father) send in all of the Nazgul one by one with a league of their own orcs/urukhai's, eventually the Nazgul were defeated. Pythas descended down and fought everyone..... though Gamer tried to save Pythas and also Melkor descended down and threatened Gamer telling him to join him or else Gamer's mother Melody // Snowfalls would die.... Gamer refused and he tried to save his Mother but he was too late...... Melkor beheaded Melody // Snowfalls and displayed her head in the center of the Forest for all to gaze upon... even Pythas saw his beloved's head and he was furious at Gamer and blamed Gamer that it was all his fault that Melody // Snowfalls had died.... but Gamer didn't give up and he tried to change Pythas.... everyone had hugged Pythas to change him but Pythas ran away.

Melkor descended and Manwe descended onto the battlefield, Gamer made his quest to the Ach-to and met Eru (the creator of the world) and father of Melkor and Manwe and Orome. Eru had granted Gamer his old golden stag sword which belonged to Gamer's eldest brother Glarthir, Eru demanded that Gamer strike down Melkor and deal the final blow... Gamer was sent back....

When Gamer arrived he had transformed into 'Turin' Tarumbar, as prophecised for many years and went to the forest and fought Melkor, the battle went on for a long time..... they continued to move rooms.... Gamer // Turin had stabbed the golden stag sword (gurthang) into the heart of Melkor and vanquished Melkor forever.


Server Administrator

Aliases Revan, Danny, Pingu17174, Screenhog, Accal, Turin, Aqilius
Titles Liberator of All Life, The Chosen One,
Gender Male
House Forrester
Death Unknown
Related Pythas, Melody, The Stag, Glarthir (Elder Brother), Stan (Second-Oldest), Gamer (Brother), New Mexico (Brother), Nook (Younger Brother)

Occupation: Mercenary ll Freelancer
Adopted Father The Stag (Took him in as a Father Figure and trained him)
Father Pythas
Mother Melody
Brothers Glarthir, Mexico, Nook, Stan
Species Spirit Person
Race Forest Boy yet was a Forest Prince (Until went into hiding for decades and returned as a Mercenary)
Age 1200 years old