Majorhalo is the youngest son of Damen Spike and is brother to eldest son Sriram Drake.


In the start, Major joined OldCP after getting bored of Mickey's version.


When he first logged on, a lot of people greeted him. He soon became really good friends with several players such as Tech, Zendayaiiii and Bailey.


His first goal was to become Moderator, which as he'd put it- failed miserably. He decided to participate in the Game of Mods but never became a finalist.

He then realised that it was simply because he was a new user and was still not qualified to meet the requirements, so then he gave up and took a long break from OldCP.

Return to OldCP

Majorhalo came back to OldCP only to find himself exploded in a Town Bomb, which was the end of Haloween1000.

New name

Years on, he came back on OldCP with a new name: Majorhalo, which has become popular since.

Majorhalo was a great choice of name instead of Haloween1000 because it sounded cooler.


He joined the OldCP discord and befriended a user named Damen. Damen was very friendly to him and later asked him to be his son. He accepted and became royalty, Majordrake the first of House Drake.

Lord Of Drakes

Majorhalo became The Lord Of The Drakes right after he was made a drake. He was now known as Majorhalo Lord Of The Drakes. Major had this title for a very long time but not very long.

The Terrible Assassination of Lord Majorhalo Drake

On October 2nd, 2016, Orlock was assigned by Lord Major's own millitary to assasinate him! So, not knowing that Orlock was gonna kill me, i went to his igloo to find myself being killed by the Grand Most Wise. The next day i got my title back.

Leilavenue The Love of Major's life

During a dinner party at 2017, Major met a beautiful woman named Leila. Major befriended this beautiful woman and fell in love with her. Major asked her on a date, and she said yes. Months later he proposed to her and she became Lady Leila of the Drakes.

The Death of Lord Majorhalo and Lady Leilavenue

On April 8th, 2017, Majorhalo and Leila were killed in a tank explosion in Drakehall courtyards by a Suicide bomber. Major thought it was the work of his own military, DRAKEHALL, because they threatened to kill him on the same day he died. after 2 years of my death of the bomb, it was revealed who the perpetrator was. It was none other than Sriram Drake!

The Coronation of Emperor Majorhalo The 1st

On November 21st, 2017, Majorhalo got a text message from Damen saying that he died. Damen told Majorhalo that he is the next emperor and that he needs him to log on, but it was difficult for him to log on because he was at Disney. he got on anyways.

The Death of Emperor Majorhalo the 1st

A week after his coronation, there were rumors going around that he sold his soul. Majorhalo was killed by tennis because the rumors were true.

The Fall Of Sriram and The Rise Of Majorhalo

On October 10th 2018, Majorhalo overthrew Sriramsay Drake with the help of Rocket by demoting him and claming the throne. This lead to Majorhalo getting coronated along with Leila and her daughter Zinzie as Princess. all three of us ruled through the terrible Void days known as Dagor Dagorath.



Aliases MajorDrake, Halloween1000
Titles Prince, Lord of Drakes, Military Commander
Gender Male
House House Drake
Related Damen, Chelsey, Sriram, Mikomi, GUGU, Raindrop, Leila, ChickenBae, iBlue