RenJey is one of the nine original Nazgul in the service of Pythas. He is described as being a cruel and insane battle mage that rules with terror. He is also said to be the youngest of the Nazgul.


Not much is known of RenJey's life before he was corrupted other than that he was a great illusionist.

It is thought that RenJey was driven mad by an illness that plagued him with fever and delusions. The delusions lead him to believe that he was superior to everyone else and he eventually started calling himself the Fire King. As the Fire King he recruited many followers and started to wage war on lands. RenJey was highly successful in these wars and claimed much land which caught the attention of Pythas. Pythas recruited RenJey to join him and gave him a nazgul ring, completing RenJey's corruption.

First Appearance

RenJey first appeared on OldCp with the rest of the nazgul when they came under the disguise of being Blind Monks. Though he would be seen less often than some of the more prominent nazgul.

Dagor Dagorath

RenJey would make a final appearance on OldCp for Dagor Dagorath. During Dagor, RenJey fought for Pythas along with the rest of the Nazgul. He was armed with a powerful one hit lightsaber and force lightning. He would eventually fall in battle, suffering the same fate as the rest of the Nazgul.

RenJey and his lightsaber during Dagor.


Like the rest of the nazgul, RenJey would transcend onto Penguin3D. He has not been seen very often though he has been mentioned a few times.

Eligible Bachelor

RenJey is said to be the youngest and the hottest of the nazgul. Numenial has said that he would make a great husband for a young, evil woman. Amir has offered to set up various female draconian recruits with RenJey, though none have accepted the offer as of yet.


RenJey has also been Vogue's #1 Rated Nazgul and has had a Penguin Times article written about him. The article was about how he manages to maintain his exquisite physique. RenJey said that he stays all natural and eats plenty of food. Other sources have rumored that he has been using steroids as he has been seen visiting Dr. Silence.

Penguin Times article concerning RenJey's physique.


Dark Sorcerer

Aliases X8
Titles The Fire King, The Black Shadow, Eighth of the Nazgul
Gender Male