Rila joined OldCp one day a few years ago. She quickly became known as being one of the nicest users that ever played OldCp. She was a friend to all and her kindness to everyone made her inspirational. It was obvious she was headed for greatness if she kept playing. Though Rila has become inactive, when she comes on she easily makes friends with any new users.

Rila also had a tendency to practice cannibalism. She has had much experience in cooking penguins and using the different parts to make different cuisines.


Rila eventually became a Penguin Watch Captain. Not long after, Rila earned the rank of Moderator. She is remembered as being one of the kindest moderators OldCp has ever seen. She treated everyone as an equal whether they were an average user, a draconian, or a troll. She often called people "Badie" if they did break some minor rules or did something bad like get thrown in jail for murder.

Rila During Her Time as a Penguin Watch Captain

Rila as a Moderator


Rila has also introduced her brothers Pocoyo and Isaac to the game. They can be seen playing OldCp occasionally.

Rila's in game parents are Brit and Macy, which has allowed her to also be a Das Princess when Macy was the Queen of Das.


Aliases Rilakkuma
Titles Former Moderator and Penguin Watch Captain
Gender Female
Related Brit, Macy, Sid, Loki, Pocoyo, Isaac