Ancient History

Das was once one landmass before Nameless One himself flooded it for its evil experiments related to Melkor (such as the creating of evil creatures and rings). However, Sealock (Cthulhu), caused the waters to subside to expose the Sanctum, Black City, Forest of Lucre, Tent City (Ubar Sands), and the Outcast Isle.

Early Forest Times

In the Ancient Forest Times, Das was the land that Melkor and Pythas held most dear. They made part of it into an evil stronghold with extremely fortified and well-built towers. It is where the great battle between Melkor and his servants against the three great Ainur; Manwe, Orome, and Tulkas, took place. The battle was so fierce that it caused the volcanos on the island to erupt and rain down ash upon the city. That ash would remain in the city and coat everything, thus, the city is called 'The Black City'.

Late Forest Times

After Melkor left the Black City, Pythas would claim it as his own and do many devious deeds there. He created an 'All Seeing Eye' to sit on top of the highest tower in the Black City. From this All-Seeing Eye, Pythas can watch all of the things going on in Arda. He would also forge many powerful rings in the lava of the volcanoes, these rings are called The Nazgul Rings. He would give these rings to powerful rulers in order to control them, these powerful rulers were called the Nazgul. The Nazgul when they were not on a dark assignment, would also reside in The Black City, more specifically they lived in the Morgul Tower.

During Pythas' rule over The Black City, evil creatures such as Vultures, Orcs, Spiders, and Goblins, would reside in or near the Black City. Das also became a large trading port. One famous and powerful trader who could often be found on Das near The Black City was a goblin called Gothmog. He lived in a tower called The Tower of Gothmog and he would keep a journal of all his trades and some of his other thoughts. Eventually, he would die on Das of a mysterious illness.

Das eventually became lost to man for much time.

Recent History

It is thought that the Cobo family ruled Das and eventually lost it to the snake people, this is still unconfirmed.

When Dean Ophidian first landed on Das, he found that the island was owned by snake people. Somehow he managed to take over the land and claim it for himself. Thus, he became the first known King of Das. He would eventually die, from causes unknown. Speculation is that he himself eventually turned into a snake due to an ancient curse that had been placed over the island.

Portrait of King Dean Ophidian in the Hall of Royalty.


The first people to arrive on Das after its re-discovery was draconians. This was due to Pythas' orchestration of taking the draconians out of the Southern jail through the use of the generic military and bringing them to Das. Few draconians made it to Das on this trip and the ones who did make it to the volcanic island mysteriously found themselves back in the South a few days later.

Eventually, the Southern Empire would war Das and take it over but due to most people not owning ships, the land would still remain largely uninhabited and the draconians would once again create their own colony on the island after bribing Captain Fammi of The Eclipsing to bring them and leave them there.

Draconian Das Colony.


The ranks that have been associated with Das are the following: King/Queen of Das, Eastern Battalion, and Das Warlord.


Das is also the home of the OldCp game show "I'm a Penguin, Get Me Out of Here!". The first edition of which took place in 2017. During this first edition, Pythas would hold a draconian ritual on the island to attempt to rig the game so that a draconian could win. He failed at this and Jdutr became the first winner of IAPGMOOH. He was awarded a ship as well as a faction called "King of the Jungle".

Some IAPGMOOH contestants in 2018.

Volcanoes Erupt Again

The volcanoes on Das had erupted once again as a sign of the might and power of Pythas. Lava had not freely flowed from the volcanoes on Das since Pythas was forging the Nazgul Rings in Late Forest Times. The ash had even corrupted Ubarsands into a dark room. A curse was placed over the island that slowly killed all people on the island who did not have a dark soul. But as more rings were destroyed, the volcanos turned dormant, and nature quickly returned restoring Das to its former state.

Lava, ash, and destruction in Ubarsands, 2020.


Map of Das on OldCp

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/jr outcastteaparty

/jr forestoflucre

/jr sanctum

/jr myfortcourtyard

/jr myfort

/jr myfortunderworks

/jr morgulgate

/jr morgulcourtyard

/jr baraddur

/jr morgulfactory

/jr towerofgothmog

/jr cirithungol


On Penguin3D, Das is also the home of the Wrath Caverns, which is where users can go to train their fighting powers for good or evil and practice fighting against one another. The volcano on Das is also active and there is an impressive lava flow running from it. Near to the volcano is a mine, called the Molten Caverns, where users can mine for vanadium. Baraddur also found a new improvement as it has a secret meeting place that only draconians can access.

The Das Volcano, a bridge goes over the lava flow.

Das also contains a new cave called Orodoom, which is the volcano where Pythas forged the One Ring. Pythas even ruled out of Orodoom for awhile when Fire Nation arose and invaded the island.


Related Black City

Location Far east from the south