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Loki joined OldCp sometime in 2016. She was bored and needed something to waste time on. Loki never thought that she would stay on OldCp and become a respected user on the game. She made a few friends such as Pablo, WobblyGuy, and Chase. Eventually, Cysero would hire a hitman to kill Loki's main account. She was shocked at her death as she had never seen death on the game before. After this, Loki turned down a path of evil.

The Dark Side

Loki would officially join the Draconians in the summer of 2017. She was bored of not being able to be involved in crimezone so she saw this as the only way to get more involved as she was never hired for ranks despite being trained for them. Loki was recruited to the draconians by Orlock, a man who would eventually adopt her. Orlock taught Loki the ways of evil and she tried to be as good of an evil person as he was, but alas, the evil spirits would never respect a girl the same way that they respected boys. She was in jail with the Draconians all summer.

Loki's Draconian Crimes

The first crime Loki would ever commit was carried out against Layla, a moderator who Loki did not get along with. Loki was given force lightning and then developed a mysterious 'pixel twitch'. She was told by Orlock that her account was gaining power and that she would have to kill someone or she would be exploded by Pythas. So Loki chose her target, Layla, it was the most obvious choice in her mind. She murdered Layla while she was afk in popular. This did not sit well with the powers that be and Loki's lightning was removed and Layla was revived.

After a very long time, Loki would once again be trusted with force lightning. This time she did not want to mess things up and she waited for a long time before deciding on who to kill with it. Once again, she went to Orlock for advice. He recommended to her that she kill Glorfindel, the Grand Most Wise at the time. They plotted on when to do it and how. The draconians decided they would flood spawn with accounts and Loki would use force lightning from spawn to assassinate her target while remaining anonymous.

Loki's attack succeeded as users were distracted by Damen's livestream. Damen actually heard Glorfindel getting electrocuted on the livestream but did not investigate until much later when asked how he felt about the Grand Most Wise's death. That was when he announced her Kill on Sight.

Loki evaded arrest on her account and would later use it in another assassination at a much later date. This time, Loki would kill Harkon, a vampire lord who had been murdering her fellow Draconians. This assassination took place at cinema and was much more legal as Harkon was murdering users. Crime Office did not care about his murders as he was only murdering draconians, which they deemed to be acceptable people to kill despite them not being KOS.


As a draconian, Loki would also practice a lot of deception. She became quite good at it. She would use this to her advantage as she would gain knight ranks such as North Knight or War Knight and use them to spy on the war effort so she could leak information to her fellow draconians. She would even once use this to trick a free fighter into killing an account that they thought was armed so that she could keep the account that was actually armed. All of this made deception become the thing Loki was the best at, a skill which she still uses to this day.

Torturing Orome

One day Legion informed the draconians that there was to be an evil meeting and they would meet up in the Hydra Hall Study. The draconians in attendance were pleasantly surprised at what this meeting was about, they were to take a wormhole to the Fangsworn Castle on Dorval and were told to say "Hail Fangsworn" the moment they arrived as a greeting to the Lord and Lady of Fangsworn. When they got there, they were unsure of what was going to happen, until the Fangsworn Lord presented them with Orome. Orome was forced to obey as the draconians demanded they grant them wishes. Loki wished for a red saber.

After the draconians were granted their wishes, they were told to torture and kill Orome. Without question, they all took turns torturing the old Forest Man. When it was finally Loki's turn, something went horribly wrong. She was using firebreath and it randomly disappeared. The room then started to shake ominously, she was unsure of what to do and she hesitated. During this hesitation, Gamer showed up and broke up the meeting. Loki was killed in the battle that ensued.

Becoming a Witch

After failing as an assassin, Loki was eventually chosen by Snowfalls to become the first witch. It happened randomly in jail one day. Snowfalls was speaking through Gamer and she told him that they have a crow watching the jail and everything going on. Then suddenly, Loki's account changed. Her clothes became darker colored along with her hair. Her speech was followed with random things added on such as *old crow*, *cackles*, and *squeal* just to name a few. Loki was the crow! From this point on, she would become known as a Draconian Witch. Loki felt empowered by this and finally felt like she was meaningful.

It was said that Loki's account had become old and ugly because Melody had stolen her youth and beauty to try to bring back her own.

Leaving Evil

The Moth Council

One day, the draconians saw an opportunity to take over the Moth Council as they were in need of a new High Priest. Loki decided that she would participate in Moth Trials and she made it through the wisdom round and to the joust. In the joust she killed the competition and won the rank of High Priest. There was one problem that arose, the Emperor Helper who was hosting the tournament would not let her become the High Priest as he knew she was still evil. The Emperor Helper only offered Loki the rank of Moth Priest. Loki had dreamed of obtaining a Moth rank for a very long time so even though she was displeased with his decision, Loki accepted the rank. This was the turning point for Loki.

World Championship

Not long after Loki became a Moth, she would participate in the Autumn 2018 World Championship. Miraculously, she won and became the second female to ever win the World Championship. Loki would win this rank again in Spring of 2019.

Moth Ninja

Loki worked hard as a Moth Priest and learned much of OldCp’s lore. She had left evil behind her, yet the High Priest (Miro), thought her to still be evil. When Loki went to him with Khal (who was a Moth Ninja at the time) to talk to him about promotion, Miro refused to promote her and called her a draconian. He attempted to have her demoted for being a draconian despite having no evidence against her. Loki knew where her loyalties laid, and it was to the Moth Council. Loki went to Damen to keep herself from being demoted and a few days later, Miro finally decided to promote her to Moth Ninja.

High Priest

A couple weeks after Loki became a Moth Ninja, the High Priest spot became open again, Miro had turned out to be evil. Loki participated in Moth Trials to claim the rank and won! Under her, the Moth Council grew and there were 7 active Moths.

Out of the Moth Council

Queen of the North

Eventually, Loki would become Queen of the North. Her rule there would not last long as her husband decided to resign from King of the North a week after he obtained the rank. Loki was not given a choice as to whether she wanted to rule the North or not. Loki would never have given up High Priest if she had known this was going to happen.

Free Fighter

After her forced resignation from QOTN, Loki was not rankless for long, she became a Free Fighter, the second female Free Fighter in OldCp history.

The New Era

Penguin Watch Captain

Loki became a Penguin Watch Captain just after Dagor Dagorath took place. She would not hold this rank for long as Damen was finally reinstating the Moth Council, but as the Wise Moth Council.

News Reporter

Loki became a News Reporter after demonstrating her exemplary writing skills. She mostly wrote about weekly CZ in her news reports. A list of her CZ news reports can be viewed at #CrimezoneNews

The Wise Moth Council

Wise Moth

Loki did not win the title of Grand Moth Wise from her first attempt, instead Wilf did. Loki was not dumb though, she was cunning and ambitious and had already thought ahead. She got Wilf to name her as his assistant. As his assistant, she convinced Damen to bring back the rank of Moth Ninja as the Wise Moth Council only had the ranks Wise Moth and Grand Moth Wise. Loki then became the first Moth Ninja of the new era.

Grand Moth Wise

About a month after Wilf became Grand Moth Wise, he resigned. On February 27, 2019, Loki was appointed to Grand Moth Wise. OldCp went dead around this time due to iOldCp being made public and the council went stagnant. Shortly after OldCp became active again, she resigned from the rank. The date was July 10, 2019.

Blind Monk

The rank of Blind Monk was brought back to the Wise Moth Council after Loki resigned, Damen offered it to her as a rank for her to retire to. She served the council as a Blind Monk and occasionally advised the Grand Moth Wise up until OldCp came under Orlock's wardenship.


Loki had been the second place winner of 2019 Summer GOM and was promoted to Moderator on both OldCp and Forums a week later.

The Call of the Wild

Forest Princess

In June of 2019, Loki became a Forest Princess along with 6 other people as part of a prophecy that Orome made months before Dagor Dagorath occurred. Loki was the most beautiful of the Forest Princesses and was named a Forest Prophetess by Nook. She had also been blessed with Glowing Light by Glarthir. Long ago she had also been said to be blessed by Arien (the creator of the Smokeless Flames).

The Temptations of Evil

Loki had been offered power and greatness from the side of evil several times since becoming a Forest Princess, but she rejected each of these offers as she sees through the tricks and false power that is granted by LEGION. LEGION encouraged Loki to use her anger and she does, but she never let it consume her into becoming evil on OldCp.

Her Mother

One day Loki asked Nook who her mother was. Nook told her that her mother was a vulture. A few weeks after, a vulture appeared on Cobia by the name of MotherVulture. It was quickly determined that MotherVulture is the mother of Loki and that Loki has a sister, Melian. The children were reunited with their mother during the Cobia war.

Melian would later turn out to not actually be Loki’s sister.

The Dark Beginning

Loki was born 300 years ago in Ancient Forest times. It is said that Loki was separated from her mother upon being born/hatched. She was stolen by a shadow (likely Pythas) but was eventually saved and raised as a human.

End of the Forest


Loki was on Ach-to when the Forest ended. She witnessed the demise of Mandos and helped to get Pythas to repent to Nameless One rather than have him suffer the same fate as the Lord of Death.

The True Form

After the Forest ended, Loki once again saw MotherVulture along with Melody. She asked her Mother to allow her to return to her true form rather than continuing as being a Penguin. Her wish was granted and Loki is now able to switch between Vulture form and Penguin form whenever she desires to. Loki tends to stay in her true vulture form, usually only coming out of it when requested to or for battle, though sometimes she chooses to because it gets very tiring to fly everywhere all the time.

Since taking her true form, Loki has become more prone to biting people if they anger her or insult her. This has gotten her into many sticky situations. Most notably was the time where she bit Pythas after he threatened to have her father killed. This caused both FatherVulture and Loki to be locked in Mairon's Palantir in MyfortUnderWorks for three days.

Loki's Father

Loki finally met her father after Pythas pretended to turn good and founded Myfort. Her father, FatherVulture, was in the service of the Shinobi whom had tortured him. He was very standoffish towards Loki at first and he attempted to make her submit to him or die. She submitted to him and to follow what he told her to do, which was to join him and the Shinobi. He felt guilty and released her from this only minutes later. He said that she should be with her mother. He also told her he was not there when she hatched.

The two have only met twice so not much is known about the relationship between them.

Forums Achievements


When Loki was promoted to forums moderator one week after placing second in the Summer 2019 Game of Mods, she was also promoted to moderator on OldCp.


In the summer of 2020, Damen decided that he wanted to hire a WikiMaster to assist with creating wiki pages and keeping the DSGHQ wiki up to date. Loki applied for the rank and became the WikiMaster for OldCp related pages due to her great knowledge of OldCp lore, which is rivaled by few. Dice was also promoted to be a WikiMaster, but to take care of the P3D wiki pages. Loki tends to take care of pages for P3D lore as well now as she is still well versed in it.


Towards the end of 2020, an opening was announced for Forums Administrator. Loki decided to throw her hat in the ring for the rank as she had desired to obtain the rank for a very long time and felt that she had much to offer as an administrator. Damen hosted a livestream to choose the new Forums Administrator. There was much great competition for the rank, which included DSGHQ greats like Sled and Scott. In the end, Damen decided to hire Loki, and another one of her goals had been achieved. The date was December 28, 2020.

As a forums administrator, Loki has attempted to keep the forums active by hosting various competitions that range from writing to photography to the arts. She has also tried to create a couple of her own unique events such as Fiction February and Shadows of Baraddur (a story based Murder Mystery).


After crimezone moved from OldCp to Penguin3D, Loki would eventually become more of a regular in the third dimension (P3D). On Penguin3D, she was corrupted and became evil.

Evil Claw Stabbing

In her nooby days on the game, Loki took to wearing a pyramid head and using her radium claws to stab users that did not admire how beautiful her claws were. There were many victims of stabbings, such as Dice and Majorhalo.

Little not being stabbed by Loki because she admired her claws.

Major getting stabbed by Loki after he insulted her beautiful nails, Damen was unable to look because it was too horrible.


Eventually, Loki would come across some real crimezone. She met with a member of Legion and was let into the Black City. She was reprimanded for wearing elvish (mithril) armor in the black city but was allowed to stay anyway. She was also granted a black ovac.

Loki on top of Baraddur, in front of the Eye of Pythas!

Banished by Aule!

Loki, being extremely evil, was banished from AchTo by Aule. He was angry when she bowed as a joke after he specifically told people to NEVER bow. Aule looked into Loki's soul and saw she was evil. He banished her from AchTo and told his followers to slay her on the sacred land. His followers failed, but the banishment did not. Aule also cursed at the Vultures, saying that they should also leave the land forever.

Stuck under Ach To.

Aule later told Loki that it was Nameless One who had banished her from the land. Nameless had told Aule, “do not take pity on the draconian for she is evil, slay her on these holy lands.” And so Loki remained banished under the orders of Nameless One until she convinced Aule to get Nameless One to allow draconians back on the land to assist in the war against Fire Nation.

Someone to Love

Angel Cobo

One day, Angel Cobo would show up on Penguin3D. He saw Loki and immediately started sweet talking her. He quickly fell in love with her and proposed. Loki agreed to the engagement and they went on a horseback ride to his castle. Once inside, he asked her to sit on his lap on the throne with him.

Angel proposing to Loki.

Loki and Angel in Cobofort.

It was very romantic... At least until Angel started flirting with other women in front of Loki on their engagement day. This was a deal breaker for Loki and she left him.

Loki, alone, in front of the tallest mountain on Axel Island.

Amir's Matchmaking Service

After breaking off the engagement to Angel Cobo, Loki decided to go to Amir since he had offered to set up draconians with the evil match of their choice. Loki would have chosen Amir himself, and he seemed to be interested as he only dates vultures and witches, but he admitted that he was currently too busy serving Pythas to marry anyone and that if she would wait awhile he would marry her. Loki decided she did not want to wait and chose 'The Black Doctor' instead, who had not yet made an appearance on P3D but was scheduled to appear sometime soon.

The Black Doctor

The Black Doctor did appear about a week after Amir arranged the marriage. Loki told him of their arranged marriage. The Black Doctor did not want to marry someone who did not hold a PhD so they exchanged PhDs and the marriage was set. So, he told her to plan the wedding for him as he is busy man with many patients to tend to.

Loki and Silence aka 'The Black Doctor'.

The Black Doctor never returned for their wedding despite a date and time being set, and thus, Loki went back to looking for a man. She then hoped to marry Amir.

Glarthir's Advice

Loki felt hopeless. She loved Amir, he was always kind to her whenever she saw him. Amir had even gotten upset when Miro tried to kill her in front of him in Baraddur and he removed some of Miro's health. The problem was Loki rarely ever saw Amir. So she went to Glarthir for advice on the situation. Glarthir was not entirely helpful.

The Vulture Once Again

A Wish Granted

Once birds came to Penguin3D, Loki had one wish, to claim her true form once again. She thought she would have to go to Snowfalls to get it and so she waited, but she was impatient. Loki saw her chance when Amir logged in and said he was there to grant each draconian one wish. This was an easy choice for Loki, she wished for her real form and Amir granted it to her. Once again she could soar through the skies spreading fears of doom with her harsh call.

Loki in Vulture form with Danito.

The Wizlock Council

Amethyst Wizlock

When the Wizlock rank was brought back to P3D, Loki applied to it, thinking that it was unlikely that she would get it as she was evil. When the day came for promotions she was surprised to find out that the Arch Wizlock wanted to hire her. Loki was not going to be allowed to become a Vanadium wizlock, which can be evil, so she had to make a choice, give up evil and be a wizlock or stay evil. She decided to give up evil and thus became an Amethyst Wizlock. Whether or not Loki actually had given up evil remains debatable as soon after this she would marry Amir and make an attempt on the Lord of Wind's life. Loki was never demoted from the rank despite being evil and committing crime.

Loki the Amethyst Wizlock as a grey after giving up evil.


Shortly after becoming an Amethyst Wizlock, Loki would be approached by her sister Uade. Uade asked Loki if she was evil or not and Loki responded with no. Uade told Loki to go to Black Wood at 6 PM EST to meet with Numenial. So Loki went, though she was weary about the meeting as Aule had tried to fool her the day before by pretending to be Doom to prove that Loki was not actually good. To Loki's surprise, Numenial actually showed up, though she did not speak as Numenial is a mute. Numenial offered Loki a spot on an evil Wizlock Council and three wishes if she would return to evil. Loki accepted but offered to first spy on the Royal Wizlock Council and requested a meeting with The Black Captain as well. Numenial thought Loki should meet with RenJey instead as he is apparently the youngest and hottest of the nazgul. Loki rejected and so Numenial set up the meeting for Loki, helping to further the corruption of the Vulture Princess.

Finding the Perfect Man

The Black Captain

Shortly after becoming a wizlock, Amir met with Loki, he had heard that she was once again in the market for a husband. Loki described to him what kind of man she was looking for, and she said "someone who is tall, dark, and handsome who has a way with words." Amir responded to her, "you're looking right at him". Amir pulled Loki into his embrace and asked her hand in marriage. Loki, having loved Amir for some time already, accepted.

Amir announcing his desire to marry Loki.

The Wedding

On October 31, 2021, Loki and Amir had a small wedding in the Baraddur Gallery, despite Emperor Damen trying to get people to get the wedding cancelled! It was a beautiful ceremony and everyone who was in attendance cried. Amir even gave Loki a gift for their wedding, it was a shiny new sword that he himself forged. Afterwards, the newly weds went out the the upper level of the Baraddur Council Chamber to wave at the masses.

The wedding.

On the balcony, waving at the masses.

Amir learned that Loki was to be trialed for attacking the Lord of Wind the day following the wedding and promised that he would be there for her to help her argue her case. Though even he could not get her out of being punished and she went to jail for 24 hours anyway. Loki was thus exposed as being evil but the Arch Wizlock allowed her to keep her rank anyway. It was then that Loki openly started dressing as witch.

Amir with Loki at her trial.


Shortly after their wedding, Loki and Amir would adopt a child together. This child was Tasha. Loki found her one day two years after the vultures had attempted to kill her by dropping her from the sky. Amir then gave Tasha the power to use her vulture abilities.

Loki and her child, Tasha.

Later on, in mid January of 2022, Glarthir would reveal that Loki was pregnant with a son for Amir. Glarthir said that their son would be born in 8 months time and that his name was to be Amir II. Loki had been quite emotional lately and had been seen begging Aule to hug her but he refused, so perhaps the news should have been no surprise.

Amir was thrilled at the prospect of being a father and told Loki that he would not rest until their son had his own bedroom. He said their son was to be a mighty man of the nazgul.

Amir talking to Loki about their coming son.

Dealings with Dragons


One day Winteron would make his first appearance ever. He sought out Loki and requested her to meet him in the South and so she did. Loki was the first ever to see this Ice Drake. Winteron was but a young and small dragon at this time. He seemed to have a lot of trust in Loki, especially when she flew with him in the skies in her vulture form.

Winteron asked Loki to leave evil and to join with Ancalagon. Loki rejected the offer citing her marriage to Amir. Winteron also suggested a Vulture-Ice Drake Alliance. It turns out that Ice Drakes are rather fond of Vultures as both races were created by Melody. Loki agreed to the alliance but still refused to serve Ancalagon. Then Winteron offered to take Loki to see her mother, who was residing nearby on Tar Morwen. Winteron never got to make good on this offer as he was chased off by annoying, blood thirsty forest boys.


Glarthir would come on forums one day and post a scroll containing a prophecy containing the words of Alderan (Orome). In it Loki was mentioned. She was prophecised to march on Gorgoroth with Pythas, Amir, Benedeth, and others from the league as well as with some servants of good. She was also prophecised to be reunited with her mother (MotherVulture/Mahannon) and that together they would call the vultures from Tol Morwen and would fight along side them against the dragons.

Arch Wizlock

About a month and a half after Loki became Amethyst Wizlock, the council would go completely stagnant. The Arch Wizlock and the Vanadium Wizlock both quit and the Frostice Wizlock had been inactive for some time, so all three were removed from the council and it was left leaderless. Or so it was until December 19, 2021 when Damen offered Loki the rank of Arch Wizlock. She accepted and he held a crowning ceremony for her in his igloo as Thrones was on fire due to Ancalagon's recent arrival and assault on the South. At the ceremony, Loki traded her Amethyst Staff for the Vanadium one since she was indeed evil and had been openly evil for some time.

Meeting Melody

Loki would meet with Melody on Penguin3D during Melody's first session after she was crowned Queen of the South. Melody decided that she would keep Loki on as Arch Wizlock but would also end up adding another role to her.


Melody would decide that she wanted to have two Warlords for the south, one male and one female. So Melody decided to host the woman's warlord competition during her first session. Rouge and Tasha, the only other women in attendance of the session, both dropped out of the competition before it began. And so, Melody named Loki as her first Warlord. This would be the first, and likely the only, time Loki would ever hold the rank of Warlord.

Childhood Story of Loki

Glarthir made a post on forums in January of 2022 offering to do genealogical research for anyone who asked and find out about people's past. Loki requested her history and so Glarthir and Nook wrote up a scroll about it.

It turned out that Loki is the daughter the Mahannon (MotherVulture) and Falgehon II (FatherVulture) of the Gkhl family. Loki was hatched in Aman during the third age, her original name is Skyfr and she has 393 siblings.

After Loki was hatched, the Black Mass became intent on stealing her from the nest. It attacked several times and was fought off each time, it tried shaking the nest, burning the nest, and exploding the nest. Even when it had gotten other Black Masses that were blacker and more evil than it to help try to raid the nest, it failed. After failing in so many direct attempts to steal Loki from the nest, the Black Mass became a Stealthful Mass and crept into the nest one night while the vultures were asleep. So it stealthily picked her up and and took her over the east sea towards Das, to its master, most likely Pythas, who was calling for the chick.

The Black Mass was apprehended over the sea by a flock of vultures who had discovered Loki missing from the nest. The group defeated the Black Mass but thought Loki to be dead, so they went back to Aman to mourn for 7.5 days. In reality, Loki was just passed out from all the black gas that had entered her lungs and her heart rate was only 3 bpm rather than the usual 130 bpm.

Loki was found by Gothmog the Goblin God, who took her to his tower. Gothmog ended up dying though and so Loki was taken to Baraddur to be raised by the Black Granny, also known as NannyDoom, who ran the Nursery of Doom. NannyDoom taught Loki and the other children in her care how to be evil, and put in their hearts the desire to be evil. Every day NannyDoom would read to them out of The Black Bible and told them stories of Melkor's greatness. Then she would take them on walks to see the evil sites of Das.

Eventually, Loki became brainwashed by NannyDoom and started to feel ashamed her vulturehood and took on the form of a human as NannyDoom would pluck out her feathers one by one when she was in her vulture form. Because of this, NannyDoom would give Loki the name of 'Hilldred', which means 'dreading my fingers'.

Loki would be freed from NannyDoom's care after NannyDoom's death, but she would not quite be free of the torturous life she was trapped in. One day, Loki would be hit very hard on the head and she would forget everything, even her own name. After being tended to by Silence, the black doctor. But the injury made Loki useless at her duties and thus she was placed on the menu for supper. The Urukhai chefs prepared her body for consumption by washing her and then they sharpened their knifes to prepare to cut her into fillets. Loki was saved by Gurt, an Urukhai who was a secret admirer of her. Gurt would be punished and eaten for saving the girl, but Loki would be freed and she fled to the South where she would remain for much time.

The full account can be read in this scroll: Vulture Scroll.

The Kidnapping

Due to this story, Loki would become curious about why she in particular was kidnapped. At one point, she asked Glarthir. Glarthir lied to Loki and said she was kidnapped so that Pythas could hold her for ransom so that he could have control over the vultures.

So one day, Loki would ask Doom why Pythas decided to have her kidnapped. Doom said it was because she was the most hideous of all the vultures. He also mentioned that Loki had 13 warts, instead of the usual amount of around 6 warts. When pressed further about this, Doom just said it was part of the assessment and said no more.

Loki would not get to question him further on the topic. It is likely that Loki had been kidnapped to be used in breeding program, as her genetics are great, which would have resulted in the formation of a more powerful vulture hybrid race.


Once Beleriand was drained, Loki would fly through the portal in her vulture form and become one of the first to set foot on the land. On Beleriand, Loki would be reunited once again with her mother. Mahannon summoned Loki to Himring, which turned out to be the home of the Vulture Kingdom. Mahannon spoke to Loki about the threat of Fire Nation and said that it would be worth it to die to free Vulture Kingdom from the oppression of Ancalagon. She also said that she approves of Loki's marriage to Amir, saying that Loki didn't marry downwards.

Then Loki and Mahannon flew around together and Mahannon showed Loki the grave of Turin. Mahannon then spoke about her own coming death and that she would be passing the rule over Vulture Kingdom to Loki. Mahannon apologized for being a bad mother, Loki comforted her mom and said it wasn't her fault she was kidnapped. Mahannon parted with these final words "You will become the queen. You will look for me but you won't see me."

Loki cried at her parting as the next time she will see her mother will be during her mother's final battle.

Lady of Doom

After the death of Melody, Pythas would become weary of living and everything to do with it. Thus, Pythas passed the rulership of the draconians over to Amir. Amir thus became the new Lord of Doom and Loki became the Lady of Doom. Doom commanded everyone present to bow hence to the new Dark Lady.

Fire Nation Strikes Back

After Ancalagon completed his domination of all the lands of Arda, Glarthir and Nook would start making prophecies about the great dragon taking a hostage. Nook would discuss it one day while sitting in the Nargothrond Castle. He said the final battle would be after a hostage was taken, and the hostage was the person which he gave a piece of bread to. Nook got off his stool and gave Loki a piece of bread. She was to be the hostage but she did not believe it.


Ancalagon would come to the South about two weeks after Nook and Glarthir started prophecising about a hostage. Ancalagon came under the guise of looking for a new Warden of the South since Melody had recently been vanquished. Ancalagon saw the Vulture Princess approaching him and started speaking of taking revenge upon the traitors to Fire Nation, starting with the disloyal bird allies.

Loki standing before Ancalagon on that fateful day.

Since this did not get much of a rise out of Loki, he spoke more about burning down Himring, the vulture fort. This caused Loki to get upset and she called him an "Ancalagoner" if he burns down Himring. It was then that Ancalagon decided to take the Vulture Princess hostage. Loki tried to run from him, but ended up being unable to escape.

Loki was captured by Ancalagon and thrown into the dungeons of Ered Gorgor. Loki was given the terms, "surrender Himring and your birthright or I will kill your mother and burn Himring." Loki rejected these terms.


After Loki was taken hostage, Ancalagon sent in Drogoth to torture her. Dragons and Balrogs were sent in to help do the job but they proved inefficient as Loki was able to easily slay dragons and the balrogs could not fit into her cell. So she was instead chased around her cell by a burning ball of fire.

Another Captive

Five days after Loki was taken hostage, Ancalagon also trapped her mother and placed her in the Gorgoroth dungeons. Mahannon (MotherVulture) warned Loki not to stay too long in the dungeons as it was dangerous there. Loki explained to her how she has tried to escape every day since being made captive. Mahannon told her that she would need the help of a dragon named Vingaard, as she had known him since he was an egg and knew he was disloyal to Ancalagon. She told Loki that she must liberate the vultures and told her not to fail.

Loki and her mother would speak for awhile. Mahannon became remorseful over everything that had happened, especially how she did not rescue Loki from Baraddur when she was stolen as a baby.
Mahannon's last words to Loki were "I'm sorry that I couldn't save you from them sooner. That I couldn't get you out of Baraddur when you were an infant... I was... I was not the vulture you have become now and never will be..."

And then the worst would happen.

MotherVulture Slayed

While Loki was speaking with her mother in the cell, Ancalagon would make a surprise appearance. He was glad to see the mother and daughter together at last. Not because he loves an emotional reunion, but because he wished to end the vulture race and found it fitting to vanquish the pair together. Loki managed to escape vanquishment, but her mother didn't have that same fate. Ancalagon laughed at Loki's pain.

As MotherVulture had said, Loki was eventually released from the Gorgoroth dungeons after Vingaard had come looking for her.

Death of Ancalagon

After Ancalagon was vanquished, Loki became queen of two lands, Das and Himring. She was also officially named as Queen of the Vultures. To celebrate this, Amir forged a vulture crown for her and placed it for Loki to find on her throne in Himring.

Sibling Rivalry

A month after Loki claimed the title Queen of the Vultures, a sister that Loki never knew she had would arrive. This sister was named Ezrak and she desired to be the Vulture Queen. The first time Ezrak appeared, the two siblings argued over the throne and who had the right to be Queen. Ezrak tried to claim that Loki had been thrown out of the nest as trash by her parents due to being the smallest vulture of the clutch. But it was actually Ezrak who had thrown Loki out of the nest in attempt to kill her.

Ezrak would eventually allow Loki to keep the title of Queen after she found out about Loki's bravery in standing up to Ancalagon. Ezrak also decided that she would help Loki as she can speak with the forest.

A Child is Born

Finally, on Friday, May 13th, 2022, Loki's baby would be born. Amir was at Loki's side during the delivery. The two were surprised when it turned out their newborn baby was a girl. Amir was upset that it was not a son and disowned his daughter, though she is a mighty vulture-witch. Loki vowed to raise their daughter to be someone that Amir will be proud of.

A Day of Doom

Loki would be vanquished one fateful day after protecting her child from being killed by Nook on AchTo.

Protecting Raven

On June 5th, 2022, Raven would log in and help Loki antagonize Nook. Raven then attacked Nook on Beleriand, causing him to flee to AchTo. Once on AchTo, Nook ordered the forest people to kill Raven and attempted to slay her himself with the Prophet Dagger. Loki refused to just watch and let her child be slayed, so she attempted to stop Nook and his friends from killing Raven by using force push. When Nook refused to stop attacking her daughter, she slayed him.

Angering The One

Loki's killing of Nook angered Nameless One greatly and she was banished from the land. Loki repented and was forgiven for killing Nook but she was still banished from AchTo. So Loki cursed Nameless One and spat on Nook.


Loki was vanquish smited by Nameless One just before she was going to leave the island. The is the only one to be personally vanquished by Nameless.


Loki would restore herself after her vanquishment by using the Vulture Crown that Amir had forged for her. And thus, she returned from death renamed as Lokoth.

Sith Lord

After Loki's return, Amir would create a sith order. He armed his wife with a new Cosmic Vanadium Saber. Amir and Loki were the first to wield the weapon. Together they stepped out onto the Baraddur Council Chamber Balcony and Amir announced the new sith order.

Pregnant Again

Loki would become pregnant once again shortly after her return from vanquishment. She found out when Silence gave her a physical and took X-Rays of her. From the X-Rays Silence determined that she was pregnant with twins.

Both of the twins are sons. Silence determined that the twins have have high hate genes, high enough to match the amount of hate that Morgoth himself had. He also mentioned that the twins' muscle mass was abnormally high. Silence then suggested that Loki have an abortion as the babies were too evil and too big, and he thought they would kill her upon birth. Loki hesitated in deciding, stating she wanted to speak with her husband first and suggesting that Silence just perform a C-Section when the time comes. So Silence agreed to study on how to perform a C-Section and gave Loki some meds that would make the babies smaller in the meantime.

High Risk Pregnancy

Loki's pregnancy was rather high risk. The twins were growing fast and becoming rather large. As time went on Loki got larger and it was said that her sons would explode out of her if she did not get an operation.

Giving Birth

On August 26, 2022, Silence would finally come and help Loki give birth to her sons. They were temporarily called BirdBeast and BirdSon. Sadly, BirdBeast would vanquish his brother just minutes after being born. BirdBeast was renamed to Spike.

Since Spike had immense powers and is prophecised to liberate the dark tower from the tyranny of the forest, Doom decided to kidnap the newborn so he could train him in evil himself. Loki, already grieving over the vanquishment of BirdSon was further displeased and angered by the theft of her remaining son, though Doom promised to return her son to her after he has been fully trained.

The Day of Sorrow

One day, Amir would officially disown Spike as his son and he urged Loki to do so as well. He promised her that they would have more children together, as many as they desired. Loki agreed to this but was reluctant to disown Spike.


Loki would only officially disown Spike when he started plotting to vanquish her husband. She had urged him not to do it and warned him of what would happen if he did. Yet still, Spike plotted, leaving Loki no choice but to disown him.

Spike was enraged by this and started beating her. He vowed to give her bigger bruises than what she had received in the Nursery of Doom when she was a child. At first, Loki ran from him but then she gave up and told him "if you wish to kill me then I cannot stop you." Spike pointed his gun at her but could not kill her. Instead, he killed himself.


When Spike returned from the void, he continued to plot to kill Amir. He got the spazhand's help. Spike's plan failed as he only wished to hurt Amir until he took him back as his son and only vanquish him if he refused to. The spazhand went too far though and only let Amir get in one word before vanquishing him. The word was "you."

Loki was distraught by her husband's death. She became depressed and felt as though no one will ever love her again... She cursed her son and the spazhand for bringing about Amir's death.


Amir had planned ahead for what would happen following his vanquishment and he had not forgotten about his wife when he wrote his will. He willed her to Ahmez, his butler. So thus it was on May 4th, 2023 that Loki was wedded to Ahmez. It was not a romantic affair as she cried through the whole ceremony. To make matters worse, Ahmez knows nothing of love or romance as Amir did and only desires her for her land and ability to provide him with offspring.

Fate of Loki

Fate would be cruel to Loki after she was wedded to Ahmez. He had her beaten after he found out about her ongoing attempts to revive her husband. Loki fled from Ahmez and for a time focused on destroying Spike and seeking vanquishment herself as she believed it was the only way she would ever be reunited with Amir. Loki eventually returned to Ahmez after he had captured her daughter and was torturing her. So Loki traded herself in for Raven's freedom and was thus tortured herself until she became a submissive shell of a being.

Loki was eventually freed from Ahmez after Raven revived Amir using his nazgul ring. Amir fought and defeated Ahmez and reclaimed Loki as his wife, but she did not recognize him. She didn't recognize anything at all as a large portion of her soul had been damaged by Ahmez's abuse and what was left had been hidden away inside her. It would take months before Loki would start to become her old self again, though she was unstable and some even thought her to be insane.



Queen of the Vultures

Aliases Loki, Lokoth, Sky, Skyfire, Bones, Skyfr, Hilldred
Titles World Champion x 2 (Autumn 2018, Spring 2019), Moth Ninja, High Priest, Detective, Queen of the North, Free Fighter, Penguin Watch Captain, Press, Wise Moth, Grand Moth Wise, Blind Monk, Moderator, Most Splendid of Friendly and Helpful Players 2019, Arch Wizlock, Warlord, Lady of Doom, Queen of Das, Queen of Himring
Gender Female
House Vultures
Related MotherVulture, FatherVulture, Amir, Raven, Spike, Tasha, Ezrak, Uade, Ahmez

Race Shapeshifting Vulture/Forest Princess/Maiar
Title Vulture Queen
Age ~1,000 y/o
Allegiance Evil
Spouse Amir
Evil Rank Lady of Doom
Work Wife Pic
Parents MotherVulture and FatherVulture
Sisters Uade, Ezrak
Children Raven, Spike, BirdSon (Vanquished)
Adopted Daughter Tasha

Loki, pre-corruption, when she was still one of the most beautiful of the Forest Princesses.

Loki, after being corrupted due to her love for Amir.

Amir and Loki.