Accal Black

Time Travel

Accal Black is a younger version of Accal, brought to modern times using the Scroll of Melody, which was stolen from the Moth Temple by the Shinobi. He was brought to the future by Mekiro on July 20th, 2020.

Mekiro took young Accal under his wing and trained him to be evil, thus he became the opposite of Accal, Accal Black. His goal is to fight & kill Accal.

Accal Black and the Shinobi

When Accal Black first arrived to the future, he sometimes did not listen to orders from Mekiro. On July 22nd, 2020, Accal Black refused to go to the Shadow Dojo and in a fit of rage, killed Sekiro.

Disappearance & Return

After the killing of Sekiro, Accal Black disappeared for 8 days. During this time he went back in time to kill Mairon in his sleep. Accal Black made his return on July 30th, 2020 but was out of control and wanted to fight Turin. Hotin was sent in to control him. Accal Black demanded the release of all shinobi (who were under an arrest on sight order) or his lightning bolt will strike and burn down the forest.

August 7th Murders

On August 7th, Accal Black murdered Little & Turquito and attempted to force choke Skylinr and Brit. He announced that he has one nuke and he can get the missile from earlier and use it on the empire. He says he will kill Turin, his daughter, and butcher anyone related to him.

Yeet arrested Accal Black for murder and he said “let them keep me in here." The ground began to shake shortly after, and Accal Black broke out of jail. Accal Black had a plan to summon another dark being from the past which included bane and a balrog; he has a list of dark beings who he could bring back.

Alliance with NWO

Accal Black declared that the Shinobis have formed an alliance with NWO. Soon after, he requested to meet with Pythas; as they have one common goal, to get rid of Turin.

Attack at Trial of Warth

On August 19th, Accal Black attacked innocents, including Brit (the judge) and Saber (a witness), during Warth's trial in the throne room.

Meeting with the Grand Moth Wise

Wise Council, Hotin, and Accal Black meet at the wise chambers at 5 PM EST. The main goal of this meeting was to trade gold for the Scroll of Melody. Accal Black says the Shinobi will not give the scroll back for anything, as it is their property in the first place, and the scroll gives them power. Hotin and GMW Kutya made a deal, shinobis will return books and other belongings that were not theirs to the empire in exchange for the AOS order to be lifted.

Accal Black

Shinobi Lord

Gender Male
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