DamenSpike GAMES HQ

The DamenSpike GAMES HQ is a community of games, media and forums programmed by Damen Spike. It's abbreviated name is 'DSGHQ'.

All of the features and services were designed and programmed by Damen Spike and isn't based off any commercial software.


The first logo for the DamenSpike GAMES HQ contained multi-colored text with a black shadow spread evenly around each character.

The second logo which was implemented in August 2014 was mostly the same apart from two changes. The modifications were the text without the black shadow replaced with a black outline throughout the text. Along with a curved shape containing the five DSGHQ colors.

The third logo which was implemented in March 2015 mostly took on a new theme and shame. To match the Imperial theme, the Logo added new elements which resembled the feel of the DSGHQ. It kept the regular wording and colors in the name. Notable elements in the logo include sigils of the three Royal Houses; House Spike, House Stags and House Glitz.

DSGHQ Colors

The Five DSGHQ colors are Red, Purple, Green, Orange, Black. They're usually seen on a semi pitch black face.


The DamenSpike GAMES HQ Forums, formerly the OldCP Forums, was released on the 31st of August 2013 and is located at http://forums.damenspike.com. A shorter alias is http://dsghq.com.

Games and Projects

The DSGHQ published the following projects.
    DSGHQ Community
    DSGHQ Radio
    Aurenjs Chat Box (aurenjs.com)
    Falling Toblerone Simulator
    Prava Stickmen
    OldCP.biz Recreation Project Archive
    Empire Simulator

Not including several unreleased projects.


The DSGHQ Empire was formulated as an organised unique method of governing the community. See Damen Spike for more information.


Damen Spike founded the DSGHQ. He had help from Cyberwolf and Chelsey with testing and organising.


The DSGHQ Community will cease operations on August 31, 2023. The community has operated for the past decade, and August 31st will be both the decade anniversary of the community, and the day in which it is shutdown.

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