Stavros was likely born on Providence, where King Stanley was the first Top Dogg. It is also as likely Stanley married a Northerner while he roamed The North. Stavros eventually sailed to The North with his father, claiming the island, and taking over the Cold Fort.

Becoming a Forest Boy

Stavros betrayed his pirate ideals, and instead sided with the forest, possibly seeing the greed of a pirate as corrupt for a king.

Bending to Evil

The North was suffering, due to a harsh winter climate, so Stavros decided to sell his soul in exchange for firewood from Das, which was a bad idea, however he was in a tight situation.


In early 2016, detectives and knights discovered The North, alongside Stanley and his pirate gang. Stavros originally worked with the Detectives, but was betrayed by them before the final battle against Stanley, due to possibly wanting to keep The North in the south's hands, not Stavros'. Adawg issued an order to execute him, and several Knights, OLDCP agents, and Detectives killed him in cold blood.

Stavros Stanley

King of the North

Titles King of the North, Forest Boy, Pirate
Gender Male
House Stanley
Death March 12th, 2016 at Blizzardfort
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