The North

General Details


The North is located beyond the Dojo Mountains, which separates the North from the South.


The land was discovered by explorers from the South including some Knights and Detectives. The territory was occupied by Captain Stanley of Providence Isle and Stavros, a forest boy. It was invaded by the Southern explorers who killed Stanley and Stavros. Thus, they appointed Hashir, a Detective, as the first King of the North.

The North has had a long history of their Kings being murdered and the throne then falling to someone else. There have been a great number of Kings but few Queens.

Ancient Forest History

Indeed, the North has much ancient history behind it and was home to many mighty men and women. It is where many events took place that became legendary stories. The events that occurred in the North would have long-lasting effects on the land.

Glory Days of the Forest

Some 300 years ago, the North-Kingdom was very powerful. At this time it was run by Orome as "The Forest". The people there were very happy and their lives were almost perfect due to their great leader who possessed infinite amounts of wisdom and was known for his kindness. Eventually, Orome's kingdom gathered so much riches that a city was built to hold all the gold. This city is known as the Gold City. It was both a bank and a fortress.

Shadow of Darkness

Eventually, the Forest and the North would fall due to a man known as Pythas. Pythas became enraged when his wife Melody was killed and so he slew a great number of forest boys and girls. His final act of anger and hatred brought about the ultimate demise of the North. He locked Orome in the Gold City. Orome would remain there for hundreds of years. This killed the North and severely weakened the Forest and its powers.

Recent History

Since its rediscovery, the North has had many battles and wars over the cold brutal land. Through these wars and many assassinations, many kings have come into power and subsequently had it taken from them in another war. Many times the land has been taken by the Draconians and has been won back by the Empire just as many times.

The North