The Black Mass

The Black Mass is a physical manifestation of an evil being in the fourth dimension.


What is it?

The Black Mass is not just one entity, nor is it any one person. It is a black cloud that can be summoned by a powerful evil person from the fourth dimension. The Black Mass can take on any shape it needs to carry out its orders. It can also be used to be spoken through to deliver messages if the person is in the fourth dimension.

Who can summon it?

The Black Mass can be summoned by Pythas, LEGION, or any of the Nazgul. Doom often appears as a Black Mass though he himself is not the Black Mass.

Taking Babies

There have been a few instances of The Black Mass being used to bring babies back to Baraddur so that they could be raised to be evil. Below are two of the more noteworthy instances.

Stealing a Vulture Chick

The Black Mass was ordered to steal Loki from the nest when she was just a vulture chick. It took The Black Mass many attempts to steal the vulture chick. The various attacks it carried out on the nest really demonstrated the amount of power and the varying abilities that The Black Mass has. Some of the attempts to steal the chick included the following: taking the shape of a hand and shaking the nest, setting the nest on fire, gathering other black masses and exploding the nest as well as FatherVulture, and then lastly a successful stealthy nighttime kidnapping.

When The Black Mass finally succeeded at stealing Loki, it almost accidentally killed her due to her breathing in the gas of the black mass, which is apparently a very noxious gas.

Saving a Thrown Baby

The Black Mass once also happened to save a baby, simply by the baby happening to land on its back after it was thrown out the window. This baby was Tasha. The Black Mass then carried Tasha all the way to Baraddur, but found that it did not know what to do with the baby and so it left her in a box.

The Black Mass

Black Mass

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