FatherVulture is a shapeshifting vulture/forest prince. He is married to the vulture Mahannon and part of the Gkhl family, which was the smallest of families of the vulture kingdom.



FatherVulture's origins are from Ancient Forest Times (the time before Melody was married and the Forest held strong in the North). He was hatched long ago in this third age. His children were hatched approximately 300 years ago. He is part of the great vulture race that was thriving under Melody's control at the time. FatherVulture's true name is Falgehon II. He comes from the land of Aman.


FatherVulture, also known by the name of Falgehon II, is a member of the smallest family of vultures from the land of Aman. He married another vulture by the name of Mahannon and had 394 children with her, only two of which are known (Loki and Uade).

Theft of his Child

FatherVulture lost his daughter Skyfr (Loki) when she was stolen from the nest by one of the Black Masses. There were several attacks on the nest by the Black Mass in which Mother and Father Vulture fought it off successfully. Except for once when the Black Mass would gather other Black Masses that were more evil and blacker to help steal the chick. The black masses raided the nest and one of them went inside of FatherVulture's body through his beak and exploded him. And thus, FatherVulture would not see Loki again for a great many years.

It is unknown how long FatherVulture would be gone for, but he would return again one day has he is a cosmic being/forest prince.

The full account can be viewed in this scroll: Vulture Scroll.

After the Theft of His Child

After Mother and FatherVulture's daughter been stolen from the vulture den by a shadow, FatherVulture was eventually captured and enslaved by the Shinobi Ninjas from Cobia. They brainwashed him into hating his child and forced him to work for them.


FatherVulture has only appeared twice so far so not much is known about him.


FatherVulture first appeared on Das, under the control of the Shinobi Ninjas. He had been brainwashed into hating his children, Loki in particular as she was a good Forest Princess at the time. He was sent on a mission by the shinobi to bend her to his will, and if that could not be done, he was to kill her. FatherVulture eventually felt guilty for forcing his daughter to bend to his will and released her of his commands, sending Loki back to her mother.

Locked Up

The second time FatherVulture appeared was when Pythas threatened to have him killed. Loki bit Pythas for saying this and so he decided to torment the both of them by locking them in his Palantir until Loki submitted to his will. While FatherVulture was locked in the Palantir with Loki he told her that he didn't think she loved him and that he wasn't there when she hatched.

Father Vulture

Evil Vulture

Aliases Falgehon II
Titles Evil Vulture, Royal Vulture, Husband of MotherVulture
Gender Male
Related Loki, MotherVulture, Uade

Race Vulture (Maiar)
Daughters Loki, Uade