Penguin3D Backstory

Orlock, Tasha’s dad, threw her away out a window as a newborn baby calling her "Cursed Evil Girl". Luckily, The Black Mass caught her and carried her to Baraddur. She cried and cried in the tower so Rains, a Nazgûl, put her in a box. She continued to cry so Rains threw that box into a bin and into the lava. Luckily she was safe in the box because it was made of Obsidian. As the box traveled down the lava river, it went into the Pyramidon of the Dark Lord. Pythas picked up the box and opened it to find Tasha. So, he decided to take care of her, rocking and feeding her everyday. One day, Melody came over for dinner. She noticed that Pythas was anxious about the baby, so she confronted him. He said that he was worried about the baby, and Melody accused him of cheating. Of course this wasn’t true but Melody still decided to take the baby away and send it to an island far North where the vultures would eat her. When the vultures started pecking her, they tasted their own flesh. She was half vulture because her mother was a vulture. So, the vultures decided to raise Tasha on their own. When she turned 13 the vultures were angry that she had not learned her vulture powers, so they threw her 5000 meters. Luckily, she landed on a mushroom. Tasha ate the mushroom and entered the ether where she saw many colors. Two years later Loki found her and took her in. Amir, her husband, restored Tasha’s vulture powers. Now she lives in with Loki and Amir.


Tasha first joined OldCP in the later months of 2015. Not much happened during this time and left sometime in 2017.


Tasha returned to OldCP during June of 2018. She quickly relearned all the things she needed to know.

Serving the Moth Council

Soon after, on July 6, she earned the title of Moth Larva. Moving forward she advanced through the moth ranks swiftly and eventually became the first female Moth Ninja in early October.

Later on, Tasha was hired as the Temporary High Priest. She was demoted for unknown reasons three days later by Sriram, also known as Romeo at the time. After the next High Priest was demoted for conspiracy, Tasha was officially given High Priest. During this time as High Priest, she expanded the Moth Council.

Serving the Penguin Watch

After serving as High Priest for around two months, Tasha became a Penguin Watch Captain in the New Era on January 15, 2019. She served as Penguin Watch Captain for two to three months before resigning from her post and taking a break from OldCP.


Tasha made another comeback during January. Tasha had come back around the time of Redemption. So, when the Penguin Watch Captains were all demoted, Sadie, also known as Scott, asked Tasha to become a Penguin Watch Captain once again.


After being Penguin Watch Captain for around three days, she had been promoted to Moderator after she applied. She was a Moderator for around 2 days before she also became a Blind Monk. After around 2 weeks, she was demoted for "not taking action", but was repromoted due to lack of information. She eventually resigned from Moderator 2 weeks later and laid low for a while.

Blind Monk

After her time away from being ranked, Tasha re-earned Blind Monk and worked there for around 3 weeks before yet another promotion.

Grand Moth Wise

Tasha was promoted to Grand Moth Wise on April 12 after Lloyd resigned. Some time later, Tasha restored the rank of Moderator to Grand Moth Wise. She did this by solving a riddle given to her by Damen. She continued to spread her wisdom and worked to expand the Wise Moth Council.

Lady of Universe Law

During Tasha's time as the Grand Moth Wise, Nook came on looking for the "Chosen One." He went through many people after confronting Tasha. She was, in fact, the chosen one. Nook then renamed her as Zara and crowned her Lady of Universe Law. She was told that she needed to strike down Myrus with her words. So, she became a lawyer with three others, Loki, Julianhak, and Kutya. After a little bit of work, Tasha decided that she didn't want to do this anymore, so she quit OldCp for quite some time.


Tasha rejoined OldCp one random day in October. She had visited a few times before, but continued to come on a few days in a row. Within two weeks she became a Moderator again.

Joining Evil

One day while Blademont the King of the North was on OldCP, Tasha decided to try to get married to him. He agreed to go on a date a week later. When they went on the date they talked about many things, and in the end, Blademont asked for her hand in marriage. She agreed but it was at a cost. She was to sell her soul to Blademont and serve him, so she did. After some time, Tasha began to notice how horrible of a husband he was, so she got a divorce and repented, or so she thought.

Forest Girl

After a month or so, Vandi came online for the Elah War. He noticed that Tasha still had an evil look so he cleansed her. She was given a white glow and was told she would become a forest girl, and has been training ever since.

Fire Nation

She decided to join Penguin3D to hang out with her friends, but soon got interested in the CZ. One day, Glaurund the dragon approached her in late December asking them to join the Fire Nation, so they did. She was named Tashu and because a Balrog.


Leaving the Fire Nation and more

Tasha decided to leave the P3D Fire Nation to join the Dracs. Amir and Loki turned out to be her parents, so now she is a vulture. She also became the Lady of Decorations for Queen Melody.

Queen of Das

She was briefly the Queen of Das on Oldcp before getting warred. During her time, she decorated all of the rooms on Das.


Tasha found out she was OldCP royalty in mid-January. Glarthir wrote a scroll about her saying that Orlock was her birth father, but she was adopted by Amir and Loki. So, Orlock has taken some time to reconnect with his only biological daughter. She was given the role Princess and a pink name color. Orlock says that he will train Tasha to become op now that he knows she is his daughter.

P3d Ranks

Tasha acquired a few ranks through her experience in Penguin3d. First off, she competed for Wizlock and is now the amethyst Wizlock. She also applied for the role of CZ News Reporter for Penguin3d crimezone. She won the position and long with it came moderator.

FGOM Season 7

For the second time, Tasha decided to compete in FGOM. The first task was to show a photo from OldCP and P3D. For OldCP, she chose the time that she was roasting a dog. The P3D photo was of an interaction between her and Orome taken by Little. She did not win this task. The second task was to show some of your very own artwork. She showed her art from her art class the previous year. Damen liked her oil pastel drawing of the American flag giving her the win. The third and final task was to create a story based of an image. She chose an image of a war going on between some cats and ogres. Her story was most intriguing and won the task. Overall, she won FGOM and is currently a Forums Moderator.



Aliases Trasha, Tashu, Mushroom Girl, Mlcnbl
Titles moth larva, wise moth, moth priest, moth ninja, high priest, grand moth wise, blind monk, game host, penguin watch captain, oldcp and snaildom mod, queen of the north, top dogg, oldcp queen of das, p3d wizlock, princess, p3d moderator, cz reporter, forums moderator
Gender Female
House Ringpops
Related Loki, Amir, Orlock