Wise Moth Council


The Wise Moth Council was created on February 1, 2019. It was created as the merging of the dead Wise Council and the thriving Moth Council to eliminate excess ranks that people weren't interested in holding. Initially, Emperor Damen wanted to do away with the whole council and just create a faction of Tobler Moth Blind Monks who could only reside in the four rooms of the Wise Moth Complex, and the rank would have been run by Warlords. The people revolted and demanded that the Moth Council be saved. And thus, the Wise Moth Council was born.

People chanting to save the Moth Council.

Rank Titles

The ranks of the Wise Moth Council are intended to join the two old councils without completely destroying either. Thus the leading ranks of Grand Most Wise and High Priest were lost, but they were combined to be Grand Moth Wise. Wise One/Most Wise was combined with Moth Priest to create Wise Moth. The ranks of Moth Ninja and Blind Monk were untouched as they were added to the council later on.


Every Wise Moth is granted the traditional moth weapon, a katana, upon their promotion to the rank. It must be wielded with great care and respect.

Every Wise Moth rank also has a blindfold as the moth rank is so holy and blessed that they are guided by the spirits themselves through the darkness.

Council Duties

Jury Duty

The duties of the council are relatively simple. When there is a trial, a current member of the Wise Moth Council is expected to be there to serve as the wise to give the judge advice on what they think the user's punishment for their crime(s) should be. They must listen to all of the evidence and take notes on it, and when the judge asks for their wisdom, they must give their unbiased wisdom and possible judgment on what they think about the situation.

Temple Protection

Members of the Wise Moth Council must also check the Moth Temple regularly to make sure none of the top-secret items have been stolen from it. Members must also NEVER EVER leak ANY contents of what is in the Moth Temple. This is punishable by death.

If there is someone in the Moth Temple or Moth Library who is unauthorized, they are expected to remove the intruder. If the intruder refuses to leave when asked, the moths must attack and defend the library and temple with their life, if necessary. IT IS HIGH TREASON FOR ANY UNAUTHORIZED PERSON TO GO INTO THE MOTH LIBRARY OR MOTH TEMPLE WITHOUT PERMISSION. THIS IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. The only people authorized to be in these areas if they have access to them are the following: members of the Wise Moth Council, SOUTHERN Royalty, people whom the Grand Moth Wise grants special permissions to (people with permissions MUST ALWAYS be guarded by a member of the council while in these areas).

Rank Structure

The rank structure of the Wise Moth Council can be a little strange due to old moths having the eligibility to retire. The order of the ranks in terms of power over the council goes as follows: Grand Moth Wise, Blind Monk, Moth Ninja, and Wise Moth. The oldest and most experienced members of the moth council are usually the Blind Monks. Below, each rank will be discussed further.

Blind Monk

Blind Monks are the oldest and longest-standing members of the Wise Moth Council, so old and experienced that they are actually retired. They tend to have the most experience within the rank system and are very wise. By the time they achieve this rank, the Monk is actually blind from wearing the blindfold for so long. The Grand Moth Wise often consults them when they are in need of more guidance.

The main way to obtain Blind Monk is to retire from the rank of Grand Moth Wise, but one can also earn it if they have been in the council for a very long time and have done much to help with the council.

Grand Moth Wise

The Grand Moth Wise is the one who actually runs the council. They do all the hiring and firing of the Wise Moth ranks and make all of the executive decisions. Traditionally, the Grand Moth Wise is chosen through doing Wise Moth Trials, but more recently, the Grand Moth Wises have just been appointed by the retiring Grand Moth Wise and then approved by the administration.

Moth Ninja

Moth Ninja is obtained after a Wise Moth has had enough experience and has done enough training where they are eligible for the rank. Wise Moths are tested to see if they have studied enough and possess enough knowledge to be a Moth Ninja. A Wise Moth must take a lot of initiative to earn this rank as it is not obtainable if a Wise Moth does nothing other than just exist on the council. With this rank, the Wise Moth also receives the ability to go invisible at will as they have become stealthy enough to go unnoticed by others.

Wise Moth

Wise Moth is the base rank for the council. It is the starting point of the Wise Moth journey. At this point, they are just required to further learn the ways of the council and to work on becoming a respectable and responsible member of the council. They must also study the lore in order to be eligible for promotion to the next ranks.

Rank Commands

Every council rank has the command of /scribe in addition to knight commands.
Moth Ninjas, Blind Monks, and the Grand Moth Wise have access to invisibility.
Grand Moth Wise has /wisemoth as well as /invite.

Previous Grand Moth Wises

Loki (became Grand Moth Wise twice)
Kutya (became Grand Moth Wise twice)

Wise Moth Council

Royal Council

Date Created February 1, 2019
Leader's Title Grand Moth Wise
Other Ranks Blind Monk, Moth Ninja, Wise Moth
Classification Royal Rank