Lloyd (2003), also known as Lloyd720, was a DSGHQ user who joined the Community in 2014.


In May 2014, Lloyd was searching for the early days of Club Penguin on Google. He found OldCP through his searches and joined the game after watching a few Youtube videos presenting the game. At this point, Lloyd was an innocent and curious child, he was tired of Disney's CP and desired to discover how Club Penguin was before Disney. OldCP was the perfect opportunity for him to explore the old rooms and meet new friends. Initially, he only observed the events and other attractions of OldCP and became friends with a few users. He didn't understand much of the dynamics of the game, all the crimezone lore and ranks were confusing for him. But this was only the beginning of his long journey.

Lloyd as a snail on OldCP.

Early days (2014)

As many users know, Lloyd's main language is not English. During his early days, he had very poor grammar and writing skills, however, he was able to learn in order to pursue his objectives. When he registered his Forums account, he instantly decided to achieve the News Reporter Rank. He improved his communication skills and was supported by PenguinDSC and Terry91, they both had inspired and motivated him until he was finally promoted.

As he got more involved with the community, he quickly understood how OldCP and the DSGHQ as a whole worker. He was fascinated by Damen's creation. Later on, Lloyd was promoted to Detective.

Lloyd during the Iceghosts War.

Wise Council (2015-2016)

Lloyd's collaboration with the Crime Office as a Detective was short. He had mainly trained a few detectiva apprentices, such as Harry and Amsel. He was demoted shortly after.
The demotion, however, didn't upset him. Lloyd was then promoted to Wise One, serving under the Grand Most Wises Fable and Jacobg627. Design4real, another Wise One, and Milan, a Most Wise, were other members of the Wise Council along with Lloyd. Lloyd's main occupation as a Wise One was providing advice to users in need and acting as a Wise Counsellor at trials. Altough Lloyd had also been a Staff member both on Forums and OldCP, it is clear that the Wise Council and, posteriorly, the Wise Moth Council, was the community's institution in which he dedicated himself the most.

Lloyd as a Wise One.

Lloyd enjoyed his role as a Wise One, however, he was demoted by the Council of Ranks for unknown reasons. Lloyd was also a finalist of the 10th Series of the Game of Mods, and a competitor of the Emperor's Apprentice Competition.

Decline and quitting of OldCP (2017 - 2019)

Lloyd entered a stage of decline from 2017 to 2019. He slowly began focusing more on his real-life rather than the DSGHQ, which was becoming something secondary to him. He was also growing older and decided to quit OldCP. Damen had shut down Forums, and Lloyd lost contact with most users of the community. During this period, Lloyd became known on other groups outside of DSGHQ platforms, mainly through Discord servers and chats. He helped many people in making CPPSes as a web designer and developer.

Return to the DSGHQ (2019)

Damen brought Forums back by late December 2018. Lloyd heard of it and logged on to his account as sooner as he could. He was surprised that Damen kept all the databases from all the previous years intact. Although Lloyd wasn't active on OldCP as he was on Forums, he still visited OldCP occasionally, but not quite often. Most of his friends had, unfortunately, quit DSGHQ during the previous years and Lloyd missed them. He stayed on Forums and was promoted to Moderator a few months after it was re-opened.

Return to OldCP (2020)

It had been a while since Forums was back up and Lloyd decided to visit OldCP. His friend, Jacobg627, was the Grand Moth Wise (GMW) and Lloyd saw some of his friends online. It seemed to him that it was time to definitely return OldCP. He began to log on regularly and met some of his old friends. The game was not the same from 2015, it was different but still preserved its essential characteristics, with a twist of course. Lloyd joined CPPP, a movement on OldCP which was led by Milan, but he left it when he disagreed with its ends. Loyal to the Empire, Lloyd's reputation among the CPPP and PLA members was not good. He was also a common target of Draconians, and he was killed quite often by them. As a target by two of the greatest military forces of OldCP, Lloyd found support in only a few friends.

Wise Moth Council and Staff Team (2020)

Jacobg627 was the head of the Wise Moth Council and asked Lloyd to join it as a Wise Moth. Lloyd was tested by Jacob and was finally accepted in the Wise Moth Council. He was killed by Alatar shortly after his promotion. Brit revived him later.

Lloyd as a Wise Moth dancing with Bakon during a Royal Ball.

Lloyd was an active Wise Moth and coronated two Emperors: Romeo, who also received Lloyd's assistance as his Lord Advisor, and Wilf after Romeo was killed.
Lloyd stayed as a Wise Moth until he was killed by Turquito. He was revived a day later. Meanwhile, Jacobg627 was inactive and had been demoted from Grand Most Wise. Lloyd replaced him and led the Wise Moth Council for two months. Among his accomplishments, he re-elaborated the Wise Moth Test, implemented an inner council with Blind Monks and Moth Ninjas to solve Wise Moth matters, and established Wise Moth Trials to hire new Moths.

Lloyd at the library of wisdom as GMW.

After his promotion to Grand Moth Wise, Lloyd was also promoted to Moderator on OldCP. He struggled, however, with a few important users.

Resignation and Quitting

On April 2020, Lloyd decided to quit the DSGHQ Community. He took his decision based on his recent experiences on DSGHQ, such as frequent fights with the Administration and poor feedback from users, and due to his personal thoughts on the directions being taken by the community. He resigned to all his ranks and left DSGHQ for good, altough he visits its ocassionally.

Xat and Auren.js

Lloyd moderated DSGHQ's chat on Xat, which was closed due to a lack of security. He moderated the Auren.js DSGHQ chat and Drejk chat as well.


Lloyd joined the Forums two months after joining OldCP. After improving his grammar and writing skills, he was promoted to News Reporter, writing over 60 issues of "The Lloyd News", his personal news show under the "News" category. As a News Reporter, Lloyd mentored Orbay, who would become a News Reporter as well.
The 52nd edition of his news show was the last issue with Lloyd as a News Reporter due to his promotion to Master. Although he was no longer a News Reporter, Lloyd still publishes some News Reports during special occasions. Lloyd kept his Master rank until he was promoted to Forums Moderator. He was also given the rank of Wiki Editor. Due to his resignation, Lloyd is currently a Master.


Lloyd played Snaildom during its early days. He became a Blacksmith, promoted by Cyberwolf, the King Regent on Snaildom. He was also a Detective and trained 3 Apprentices.

Lloyd as a Detective on Snaildom.

DSGHQ Minecraft Server and Chemicraft

Lloyd is an enthusiastic player of Minecraft. During 2015, he was an Operator on the DSGHQ Official Minecraft Server, ruled by Hashir. Later, that server was closed and Sled opened another one, named Chemicraft. Sled promoted Lloyd to Operator. Chemicraft was shut down in 2019 due to the small and inactive userbase.


Lloyd was an Alpha Tester of LeoRPG2. However, he wasn't a Beta Tester.


Grand Moth Wise

Aliases Lloyd720Inc, LloydInc, Lloyd720, Severus
Titles Master, Wiki Editor, News Reporter, OldCP Moderator, Wise Moth, Lord Advisor, Detective, LeoRPG Alpha Tester, Forums Moderator, Grand Moth Wise.
Gender Male
Birthday 23rd January 2003
House Solaris
Death January 6th 2020 killed by Alatar at secretsafe.
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