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Wisdom Section
Created by Nintendo
17th June 2014
Loki's Final(?) Wisdom
Created by Loki
14th July 2023
Aldarion and Erendis
Created by Loki
25th March 2023
The Secret to Winning Wars.
Created by Cariti
8th January 2023
ancient bagwisdom 1/?
Created by Mirrikh
10th October 2022
Battle of Wizlocks
Created by Loki
24th June 2022
Created by Glarthamere
11th June 2022
Good and Bad
Created by Loki
20th May 2022
The Fallacy of Good
Created by Alatar
23rd February 2022
Succumbing to Evil
Created by sel
21st February 2022
The holy word
Created by Balin
6th February 2022
Vulture scroll
Created by Glarthamere
14th January 2022
Aldarons words
Created by Glarthamere
31st December 2021
Seeking: Radium Wizlock
Created by Loki
30th December 2021
Created by Narcissa
11th December 2021
Depictions of the Devil
Created by Fable
6th December 2021
Created by Glarthamere
18th October 2021
On Moderation
Created by Fable
11th August 2021