First Encounter

Scarlet Myers, under the identity of Clegane is a traitor and turncoat of OldCP. He was entrusted with a sword and firearm and was given the task of working as a bodyguard for Emperor Damen but instead turned out to be a complete psycho who killed several users including Harry and Shamanstan.

Damen quickly became tired of Clegane's constant betrayals and issued him a Death Sentence. Knights hunted him down later that day.


After a while, Clegane returned to participate in the OldCP Warlord Competition. By using armed users in the crowd to cheat during the competition, he won by a landslide and was instated as the first Warlord of OldCP. Many users were in a rage by this however and sought to kill him. Hashir shot Clegane down, sending Scarlet into a terrible rage. He resurrected the account Rover and proceeded to kill any user he saw. Damen had to close OldCP for a short time, so he could resurrect the dead users and get rid of Clegane once and for all.



Aliases Rover, Scarlet, Scarlet Myers, The Hound
Titles Warlord, Hand Guard
Gender Male
Death Hunted down by Knights after being given a Death Sentence by Emperor Damen
Related Rover, Scarlet Myers, The Hound