The Hound

First Appearance

The Hound first appeared as Damen's bodyguard whom followed him everywhere. His name was always The Hound and he wore a large viking war helmet with black armor. He resembled the appearance of a hound-like penguin.

He Speaks

The Hound indeed began to speak as an ordinary penguin after a while. He also appeared without Damen, on his own in some rooms. He always spoke in capital letters and ignored most people.


The Hound was famous for being the first Royal Executioner of the DSGHQ too. He had executed many treasoners by the order of the Emperor.


The Hound had began to become arrogant and cocky. He disobeyed orders and was feared for lashing out and threatening people to disturbed him. His large appearance and strength was even a dread to the newly arisen Ice Queen Snowfalls, who had begun to freeze OldCP in early 2014.


First Death

The Hound was in the middle of an Ice Ghost attack outside the Throne Room on OldCP. He had arrived to defend the game. Using his sword he fought Ice Ghosts but he entered the Library 'o Wisdom under attack.

Suddenly, Snowfalls, who was hiding underneath a table sprung out and froze The Hound to death. He became an Ice Ghost.


The great healer, DanceBear of OldCP, was given the order to heal The Hound a few days after his death. She attended the Healing Labs each day to restore The Hound to life. Damen Spike gave her 'The Fire', another Hand Guard who temporarily replaced The Hound.

At the time, healing was under difficulty as the healed who were dead for a certain amount of time, returned not as ordinary penguins but as zombies with pale red skin and strange eyes.

DanceBear in time successfully healed The Hound, but he was changed.

Second Death

He looked deformed after his healing, and behaved strangely. He was mad. On the 25th of June 2014, he went on a sick rampage at the Courtyard of Thrones. During the rampage of the Zombie Hound, the Warlord and Emperor Helper Mikomi arrived by the order of Emperor Damen Spike.

Emperor Helper Mikomi challenged The Hound and in a showdown of strength, then Mikomi shot down The Hound. He was not seen alive since.

Third Death

In Summer, during the attack of King Raegon the Great, The Hound made an appearance as one of the resurrected Ice Ghosts. Snowfalls and Raegon had resurrected several old threats from their oldcp graves to fight in the war for them.

He was destroyed when Snowfalls' power was lost (when Damen shot her) causing her Ice army to dematerialise until Winter.

True Identity

The Hound was a character implemented by Damen Spike and later commissioned to Scarlet Myers. Her attempt to work on OldCP's DSGHQ Agency again failed when she abused The Hound. Her violent and erratic stress response tendencies came out in the Hound and became very obvious.

The Hound

Royal Executioner

Aliases Dog
Titles Royal Executioner, Hand guard.
Gender Male
House Clegane
Death 25th June 2014 - Courtyard of Thrones.
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