The Hound

The Hound was the first Royal Executioner and Hand Guard to Emperor Damen.


The Hound was first noticed on OldCP as the Royal Bodyguard of Emperor Damen Spike. He followed Damen around the game wherever he went and just seemed like a bot.

Though he was thought to have been a bot, The Hound mysteriously began to appear without Damen in certain rooms. He ignored everyone. After a few times of doing this, The Hound began to say things.

The Hound spoke with a great capitalized text voice. He only ever asked things like 'WHERE IS DAMEN'.


The Hound sometimes swore at other Knights, saying very rude things. He began to act as if he were above everyone else, and that nobody, not even his master Damen, could punish him.

The Hound Cussing in the OldCP Jail


The Hound was a very violent character. He had been seen getting a firearm out for no reason and using a sword to scare people sometimes. He even killed people without a reason.

He began to become difficult for Damen to control. He was so impressive in his strength, that even Snowfalls the Queen of Ice saw him as a great threat, and so sought to kill him.


First Death

An attack involving Snowfalls in her effort to kill the Great Hound.
The Hound was alone again on OldCP. The Ice Ghosts attacked and The Hound began to fight them off. One Ice Ghost ran into the Library o' Wisdom. When The Hound went inside, along with many other users, to see this Ice Ghost, suddenly Snowfalls who had been hiding under a table came out and touched The Hound.

He was immediately turned into an Ice Ghost. Confused, The Hound shot himself to try and get out of his frozen state. He had died.

Healing of the Hound

After The Hound had been killed, his body was unfrozen. At the time, healing was a great risk because if someone was healed too late, they would become a Zombie penguin that went mad.

Damen Spike privately hired the great healer DanceBear. She was given the job of healing The Hound. Because The Hound could be resurrected at any time, she was given a substitute Hand Guard called The Fire to guard her.

DanceBear visited the Healing Labs every day for a week or two. Eventually, the dreaded moment came when there were reports of The Hound killing people. He was resurrected, but the powers of DanceBear had proven not strong enough, and he obtained the dreaded Zombie form. DanceBear had successfully healed The Hound.

Second Death (Zombie Hound!)

After the great Zombie Hound was seen killing, Damen instantly ordered Knights to arrest him as soon as they find him. Yet, the Hound was too strong for the Knights. He was going on a sick zombie rampage in the Courtyard, so Damen's last choice was to bring out his best fighter. His brother, Emperor Helper Warlord Mikomi.

The Warlord Mikomi entered the Courtyard and took station before the zombie beast. The Hound laughed at him and flung his great sword towards Mikomi. Mikomi dodged and skillfully avoided the Hound. This frustrated the beast.

Zombie Hound got tired of playing like this, so he got some distance and got out his gun. Mikomi had less than a second to respond, but he did. The Warlord got his gun out first and shot The Hound's zombie brains out. Finally, the Hound was defeated. The Hound was never seen in penguin form again.

Third Death

During the great war of Summer 2014, King Raegon and Snowfall's forces marched to the Town of OldCP with a fresh army. They had resurrected the strongest of the dead to fight as Ice Ghosts in their siege. The Hound was one of the ghosts resurrected.

The Hound fighting as a resurrected Ice Ghost

When Snowfalls was shot by Damen Spike and King Raegon shot by Adawg, the resurrected Ice ghosts died.

Scarlet Myers

The Hound was under the control of a previous traitor to the DSGHQ Agency, Scarlet Myers (Rover). She was given another chance to work on the Agency as The Hound, but her efforts were foiled by her own sensitive erratic stress response personality.

The Hound

Royal Hand Guard

Aliases Dog, Clegane, Scarlet Myers
Titles Royal Executioner, Hand Guard of the Emperor
Gender Male
Death 25th June 2014 - Courtyard of Thrones.
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