Scarlet Myers

Scarlet Myers is the true name of a traitor of the OldCP Agency (now DSGHQ Agency). She usually goes by the male gender on her user accounts. Her true gender is thought to be intersexual, both male and female.

She played a large role in the hacking of firearms on early versions of OldCP during early 2013 and founded the highly successful Blackhawks Smuggling Gang.


Her actions are very unpredictable, Damen Spike had worked with Scarlet for a while before she had chosen to betray OldCP. It is hard to understand what Scarlet is going to do, according to Damen and several other staff.

Scarlet's avatar as seen portrayed on a forum profile
  • Scarlet - Main account, killed due to possession of a smuggled firearm
  • Rover - Leader of the Black Hawk Smuggling Gang
  • Clegane - Warlord and Turncoat of the Empire, She made bad blood with all the security organizations and was gunned down by opposing forces
  • The Hound - Royal Executioner, cussed and murdered innocent users for no apparent reason

Scarlet has since been forgiven and unbanished but has chosen to play it safe and not come back to the community


During the late period on v10 Scarlet had stolen the key to the vault in which Wise Roman's lost scroll was kept. Tennis tricked the idiotic Scarlet into giving him back the key, telling her he was Jaxs, and thus the vault was unlocked, and the scroll stashed in the Moth Temple

Scarlet Myers


Aliases Rover, Scarlet, The Hound, Clegane
Titles Empress, Warlord, Royal Executioner, Black Hawk
Gender Female
Related Rover, The Hound, Clegane