Daya was born on a cool day in the early spring to two unknown parents who promptly gave her up for adoption as they were poor and wished for Daya to not have to live a tough life with little to no money to survive on. So they dropped her off a place that had has frequent visitors and plenty of extra money lying around, they dropped her off at the Imperial Bank. One of the bankers (Fable) took her in.


Being raised by a Royal Banker, Daya learned how to count out money, weigh gold, write loans, and other things that are important for a banker to know how to do to best serve the community. The Lady of the Bank kept a close eye on Daya, seeing her potential to become a great banker in the future and to become the face of the Imperial Bank.

Working at the Imperial Bank


Daya is extremely dedicated to helping customers at the Imperial Bank. It is said that she never takes off nights or weekends and that she is there 24/7. Whether this is true or not is unknown, some say that she sleeps in her own vault with all her riches so that she can be ready whenever someone may need help. While Lords and Ladies of the bank may come and go, Daya will be there forever.

Frontline Worker

Daya is a Frontline Worker. She has the most dangerous job in all of Penguin3D. She has often been targeted by criminals who come and kill her despite how innocent she is. Daya does not let death stop her from doing her job. Whenever she gets killed she simply brings herself back to life with her sense of duty and work ethic and goes back to working the front desk.

Daya being threatened by a common criminal.
Daya also wants to ensure everyone has a safe experience at the bank. On countless times, she has served as a bodyguard for those who do not have the ability to avoid going to the void when they get killed. Daya is so innocent that people hesitate to have to kill her, sometimes this innocence does not matter to the attacker and she gets killed.

Daya being protected by Little's and KingArthur's (her fiance) soldiers.

Team Member

Daya is a great team player. She always works with the Lord or Lady of the Bank to make sure the bank runs smoothly. Since she has the most seniority at the Imperial Bank, people often listen to her instructions the most and find that she is absolutely right about how to deposit and withdraw gold from their personal bank account.

Daya working with Little, a Lady of the Bank.


Rumor has it that Daya is a great artist. It is said that she painted the portrait of the monocle wearing penguin, this painting can be seen inside of the Imperial Bank on the right-flipper side. Daya neither admits or denies the rumor, she skillfully changes the subject to asking if you need help with your deposit account.

Did Daya paint this? The world my never know.


Daya is often visited by KingArthur, a billionaire who has his money in the bank, he helps her and
talks normally with her, it is unknown if they are boyfriends or just friends.

Daya also has other friends such as Luna/Little and Fable.

Where does Daya live?

Daya lives in the Imperial Bank Chambers and sleeps there, she is always attentive if a client comes.

Economy Crash of 2021

On August 9, 2021, the Penguin3D economy took a huge hit! It turned out that some nefarious users were abusing a glitch and getting rich off making and reselling gold arrows for large sums of money. All the gold was wiped out of the economy and everyone had to start again from scratch. Even the Imperial Bank took a huge hit and Daya was temporarily laid off until the Imperial Bank got its gold back. Rumor has it that Daya sold some of her personal paintings to raise money for the Imperial Bank, others simply say that Damen gave the gold back.
See: August Economy Crash of 2021

Body Guard

After the economy crashed, some users deemed those who had gold armor as being rich. If someone was wearing their gold armor, it was considered to be flexing their wealth on the less fortunate. The users without gold armor conspired to kill the ones with gold armor (or simply scare them) for their gold! One such occurrence was at the Imperial Bank. The cowardly "rich" penguin took shelter behind Daya and she saved their life as the assailants did not have the heart to kill her just to get to the rich penguin.

Daya protecting a rich user after the P3D Economy Crash of August 2021.

Users talking about gold after the Economy Crash.


Royal Banker

Titles Royal Banker
Gender Female
Birthday 25th April 2021
House P3D Bank
Death Daya has died many times but she always returns to the service
Related Luna/Little, Fable