The Beginning

In 2011, Little first joined under the username ilovebacon1. She also played the game known as Snailschat in 2012 up until it shut down. She would be known by many different names such as Bacon, Baconator, and Littlemix.


It was not long after Little joined the community that she would be recognized for being very helpful and kind to users. Due to this, she was granted the rank of Moderator. For many years she would become a moderator on multiple DSGHQ platforms including forums and Snaildom.


Little would stay in very good standing within the community for much time. It was not until 2014 when she would be put on trial. Her trial was over her being a forest girl, in which, she was found guilty. She then became a turncoat, but this would not last long. She would eventually regain trust from the staff and become a moderator once again.

Charles Era

Little stuck around in the community during the time known as the 'Charles Era'. Charles would keep Little on as a moderator and eventually even granted her the rank of Princess. After the Charles Era ended, Little left OldCp and would be gone for much time.

Return of Little

Like many other users, Little returned to OldCp in 2020 at the beginning of the quarantine. She was encouraged to return by Zes and a few other old users, who told her to log into the game. Little and Zes both decided to stay on OldCp throughout the quarantine despite many other old players leaving once again.

War Knight

The first rank Little achieved after coming back was War Knight. During this time she began to make many new friends and she rebuilt her friendship with many other users that she had known from before, such as Zes and Saber.


Everyone knew that Little was always the Queen type so it was no surprise when she married King Orbay of the North and was thus crowned "Queen of the North". Little and Orbay ruled happily together for a while until their kingdom was taken away from them in one of Pythas' many massive wars that he waged on the lands of OldCp.

Despite having her own land taken away from her in Pythas' wars, Little would also help other land rulers try to beat back Pythas' forces in their own lands. She often provided much humor to the situations.

The Blessing of Orome

Before Orome died, he blessed Little and declared her to be "the most beautiful in the forest, more beautiful than Melody." This so-called blessing turned out to be much more of a curse for Little as then Pythas started to come on to her more and tried to tempt her to come and join the side of evil. He also declared that he wished to marry Little.

The Words of Nook

Soon after Orome declared Little to be the most beautiful in the forest, Nook spoke to her. He granted her the title 'Lady of Winter Skies'. He also informed her very ominously that she would become more powerful than Vaire. He also proclaimed her and Saber to be the "Sisters of the New Era", he mentioned that 'sisters' was in a metaphorical manner.

Little's Parents

Manwe's Ominous Message

One day, Manwe would send one of his messengers online. Little inquired why Pythas was so interested in her and the messenger said that it was because she had a powerful parent and that he was interested in her for her powers that she may have inherited from this parent. She asked many times for more information but none was given to her about it. One time she asked and Manwe looked into her eyes through his messenger. The messenger quickly fled.

Sentry's Revelation

It would not be until Sentry offhandedly called her "Daughter of Vaire" that she would know who her parents are. He took her to jr voidy to tell her more information. He revealed to her that Vaire had had many affairs during her marriage to Mandos, she had also had an affair with Pythas. Due to this affair, she had another child, Little.

Little's Powers

Sentry told Little that she has inherited the powers of her mother, Vaire. These powers are knowledge and the ability to weave time. The full extent of these powers is not yet known, but Sentry told her that if she joined Pythas, Pythas would help her to learn these powers and to use them. He said that together with her and Pythas would be an unstoppable force in the universe.

Little's Parents: Take 2

Eventually, Nook would come back on and he spoke to Little. He revealed to her that Pythas had tricked her into thinking that she was his descendant. He told her that her mother is not Vaire and that she is not the daughter of Pythas. Rather, she is the daughter of Varda (Elbereth) and Manwe, and that the lie had been created to try to keep Little away from her actual parents. The reason why is currently unknown.


Aside from the potential powers that Little may possess from her parents, Little posses other power elsewhere. She is the co-ruler of the exotic land of Jesah, alongside Saber as well as Gamer and Zes.

Marriage to Pythas

Pythas became very obsessed with Little and decided that he was going to marry her. She accepted his proposal as a ruse to bring about his ultimate demise and they were going to be married on Friday the 13th of November in Myfort. The two had said their vows to each other and were about to seal their marriage with a kiss when their wedding was crashed by Turin as planned. The servers also crashed due to massive lag.

The wedding party met back up in the forest in the south. All Pythas needed was for Little to kiss him in order to seal their marriage. Little feigned that she had lagged out in order to get out of having to kiss Pythas. She had planned with Saber to have Pythas killed on their wedding day so Little could fulfill the last prophecy that her mother had made before her death. Together, Little and Saber deceived the 'Great Deceiver', bringing him to his ultimate demise and fulfilling Varda's final prophecy.

Pythas and Little about to get married in Myfort.

The New Forest Era

With Pythas' death came the New Forest Era. Nameless One named Little to be Queen of the Stars.


Ranks and Titles

Little joined Penguin3D on November 20th, 2020. Shortly after joining, Little became moderator on the site. She also holds three other titles, Lady of Stars, Lady of Winter Skies, and Lady of Doom.


After Little joined, she was quickly reunited with her spouse shortly after joining and they married in the third dimension on December 6th, 2020. She became queen of Das alongside Pythas. Due to her marriage to Pythas she gained another title, 'Lady of Doom'.

Pythas and Little, reunited.

Little as Queen of Das.

Mission Impossible?

In April of 2021, Pythas placed Little on an important mission, to throw herself into the sun with the One Ring to collect Quantum Particles so that she and Pythas can reach the fourth dimension together.


Lady of Winter Skies

Aliases ilovebacon1, Bacon, Baconator, Littlemix
Titles Lady of Winter Skies, Queen of the Stars, Moderator, Queen of the North
Gender Female
House Forrester
Related Pythas, Varda, Manwe