Forest Children

The forest children are a mysterious class of forest boys/girls & Forest Princes. Their purpose is to make peace and to assist in helping destroy the enemies of the forest without using of any kind of weapon.


The special forest children can be traced back to the ancient ice children, the first forms of forest children, who were the offspring of Melody Daughter of Rashad. The original ice children played an important role in discovering the chosen one and handing him the golden stag sword which was used to strike down Morgoth in 2018.

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Ice children are synonymous with forest children and have exactly the same purpose.


Forest children have glowing blue eyes. The eyes enable them to see the future and come in very useful when plotting against the enemies of the forest. Forest children are also very small. They are very devout members of the forest and serve the Shaman with great reverence.

Becoming One

Historically, normal people have actually become forest children by means of a 'rebirth'. When a forest child is birthed, they become small and grow glowing eyes enabling them to prophecy the future just like ice children.

DanceBear being reborn into a forest child


The forest children do NOT use any kind of weapon EVER. They get very angry when people ask them to fight. They never touch a weapon or use their fists. Rather, they use their powers of prophecy and advice to help the warriors of the world carry out their tasks.

Forest children are usually members of the Forest Prince race. This means many of them are spirit persons who can enter into higher dimensions in space including the realms that are occupied by the evil Forest Princes and Forest Lords.


Many children of the forest are known to have powers of healing, though not much is known about this. One forest child called Nook was known to cure the Providence Island sickness 'pale death' and assist in radiation sickness.

Forest Children

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