The Tales of RocketSnail

The Crimezone according to Damen Spike. Long Live RocketSnail!

Chapter One

A long time ago when OldCP was in v6, there was a competition called The Game of Moderators. The three/four-stage competition to this day is the grandest event on the entire DSGHQ, with over 5,000 different players in history competing in the tasks, all to become a Moderator by winning. But this evening was to become historical, all for the wrong reasons.

Based Extract from the DSGHQ Wiki

When OldCP did not have Guards or a DSGHQ Agency, there was a small group of workers in the original OldCP agency. There were 3 different agents, all with code names (which are forgotten). But the identity of one of them is known still today. This particular agent had her first job, to inspect the Game of Moderators stages. These agents were inspectors mainly, to Inspect the Stages of the Game of Mods, or for short, STI (Stage Inspectors).

But this agent betrayed OldCP by abusing Moderator powers and banning everyone, even Damen Spike (who was online during the competition). Damen unbanned himself (because he has founder access) and deleted the traitor and banished them from OldCP (there was no DSGHQ back then, only the Forum of OldCP). Damen also banned all Agents 'forever' (but he changed his mind for Guards).

So what now? Hacking began on OldCP. OldCP got hacked by the hacker agent and summoned people to the underground pool beneath the Cove (mystery until discovered by Shuttle08 and Nicholas Angel). He had guns and aimed them at the victims. But nobody died. The traitor's name was 'Rover'.

Later on, hacker Rover hacked his name to be white. But it was unhacked by Damen. Rover was mad, so he hacked guns for his friends who became also hackers. Ages later, Rover's gang was teamed up with hacker Mickey (evil owner of Disney). This Mickey was mean and not nice because he ruined CP. He's mad because people are quitting CP because membership sucks and pookies are taking over.

So Mickey joined OldCP and hacked his penguin to be fat. Then he goes on the evil black email and says @ Rover. "Wanna team up?". Rover replied "Yes".

Now the gang got hired by Mickey to steal stuff from OldCP and smuggle it to NewCP, so they can ruin CP even more by getting all the old cool stuff and stuffing it into their crappy Pookie pet shop and town redesign. This was clearly done by some cartoon expert and photoshop abuser.

Note: This story is not 100% accurate but its drift is the truth

Rover decided to meet up and discuss their evil plan with Mickey's minions (most likely goofy or daffy duck).

"Get on with the bloody meeting before I pee myself!" Mickey said as his fat ass face wobbled.
"Shut the crap up jack ass nobody needs your face in this!" Rover said.
Mickey got well mad but remembered that he needs these guys to steal all the cool stuff from cool CP (

Rover said, "Here's the plan homies, we blah blah..."
They discussed their plan and they got ready for their first hacker cracker theft.

(Please note pookies are real on oldcp too but not as many.)

There was a party on oldcp one cool night, three BFFs who were pookies met up to party at the Night Club. (also known as the KNIGHT CLUB XD)

They partied and when they were done it was late (for pookies late is like 4 PM!)

They walked to their home in the dark night, and they said baby to each other as they went to their separate igloos. This particular Pookie was a boy, and the other two were girls. This boy was called Gwin, he was related to Rocketsnail (he was his cousin). Rocketsnail passed his helmet down to this boy before he fled oldcp to save his blue ass from mickeys big one. But this helmet was valuable to... MICKEY

Gwin opened his iggy and yawned. Time to feed meh Puffle. He looked for the Puffle food and grabbed it. He called for his Puffle
"FOODIES!" Gwin said
But his Puffle wasn't there! This is crazy!
Gwin panicked and looked all over the place, but still no Puffle. Suddenly, he noticed there was a hole in the wall!

O M G! He climbed through the hole in the igloo which opened up to the back of his igloo in the cold night. The snow was fresh from the daytime and it was not snowing. He realized there were penguin footprints in the snow leading into the trees! He followed them.

Eventually, he arrived at the MINE SHACK! He was really confused
"WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?" he thought (we don't know if he thought this for sure)
He saw his Puffle on the top of the roof shouting for help
O M G! Gwin climbed the mine shack (with drake pro climbing skill)
And he got to the roof. He got his Puffle and said "There you are! I love woo so much!"
Suddenly, an evil guy dressed in black attacked him from behind! Gwin slipped and dropped his Puffle. He grabbed hold to the side of the roofing, struggling to hold on. He looked down O M G! A massive drop to the bottom!

Mwahahaha, the evil agent said. He kicked Gwin off the side and he landed in the snow. The agent went down, Gwin was still alive. He took the helmet off his head and smiled. He then finished Gwin off with a smack across the head.

Chapter Two

The cavalry was there already, mods and users stood aside whilst the DETECTIVES scouted the place out. Finally, someone who knows what he is on about came.
He showed his badge and said Hey, the girls fainted with fandom. He took his glasses off and said "Let me take a look"

He immediately figured it out, "Yep of course he was murdered"
"Heck yes."

They went to have a drink whilst they decided to start an investigation.
"Time to start a god damn investigation," he said
"Yes," they said back

Who was he? Well of course he was Det Sgt Nicholas Angel (call him Nicholas angle if you want to mess)

He swagged the scene and got to work. He interviewed the pookies and figured it out
"I figured this thing out homies"

He laid down the cards and sipped the whisky. "It's your turn"
"What?" they said
He flicked his eyebrows and spat out the straw.
"Rocketsnails helmet"

He got to work searching for this god damn helmet. He met a dude who was a fan of detective angel
"Angel, my names Pieguy I've come to work with chu"
"Beat it, kid, I work alone," Angel said back
"But dude, I know where to get us some nice hot dogs," Pieguy said back
Angel stopped movin', he turned his head and dropped down his shades
"Keep talking dawg" he replied

Next thing they were on the case together
"We gotta find that helmet brah, and then we gotta find that thief and bust some rounds."
"Hell yeah," Pie said back
Suddenly on the police radio, "Sup homies, we got a situation at the book shop"
They put the hammer down and got there in a blink.
"What's the situation officer?" Angel asked
"A Pookie got her rare bunny slippers stolen"

"Dang, this thief is knocking about big time, time to get busting some robbers," Angel said
"Over there!" shouted Pieguy
Hell yeah, they both said. They found a notepad on a table
"Let's take a look at this baby," Angel said

In the notepad was the name DERRICK. "Time to find some sorry sucker," Angel said
They went looking for this guy, on their way they spotted a penguin that looked just like him! O M G
They chased his ass from the town all the way to the streets down the way. During the chase Derrick was gaining distance, he could almost see the finish line. But no, suddenly a big truck drove into his way and splatted Derrick all over the damn floor.

"This guy dead, check out his wallet," said Angel
Pie checked the dang wallet and found a couple of green sheets but no clues.
"Oh hell nah son, what we gonna do now?" Nicholas Said.

Two weeks later, the case was reopened when Pie guy figured something out
"Dude, you see these darn graphs in Derricks' notepad? This pyramid thing got a formula on it. Bout time we cracked this thing"
Nicholas nodded lazily.
"Come on dude," pie said, "Don't be lazy"
Angel lit another cigar and smoked it real slow.
"Excuse me?" some sorry penguin said
"What?" Pieguy said
"I can help chu out, I got me some math skill I can crack them numbers for you," he said back
Angel woke up and flipped out his iPhone 7. He opened the calculator and said
"beat it, kid, we don't need no speaking calculator, got one right here"
"But dude, I know where to get some real nice smoked fish"
Angel stopped smoking and lowered his shades, "Keep talking dawg"

Next thing three guys were hanging about around a table in a fish shop. They figured the numbers out and realized
They all rushed toward the location, a load of mods followed. They arrived at the place but they were ambushed by 5 armed agents. They all put their hands up. They were in this pyramid place
"What kind of creepy religion crap is this?" the angel asked
"Keep it quiet," Pie said back
"Who are you guys?" Angel asked
A voice came,
"We are the Black hawks"

Chapter Three

Angel, Pieguy, and PenguinDSC were studying the derrick notepad. Suddenly Angel remembered,
"You see this drawing, look like a pool...."
"We already tried the pool, ain't nobody there" replied DSC
"Hell yeah" Replied PieGuy
"Wait, I remember, you know when Rsnail and Gizmo were building the underground mine system?" Angel asked
"Nope," DSC said
"Well jack, they made two pools you asswipes. One pool next to the boiler room and one pool under the cove. But hell no, this pool was forgotten because it was too far away from the town."

That night Pieguy and Angel went to the cove.
" I guess we got to wait here till some sorry Blackhawk comes to get in. " Angel said
"Hell yeah," Pie guy said.
2 hours passed and they were tired of playing t or d.
Angel got up and examined the floor whilst Pieguy helped.
"Over here! I found a trap door." Angel said
They opened it, Angel got his pistol and torch and went down first. Pieguy followed.
"Hell, this place is real dark. Here, shine the torch around I need to see" Pieguy said

Suddenly, a dim light came on toward the far end of the pool. There was a figure standing there with a Viking helmet.

"Hello there," the figure said
"Who the heck are you huh? You the thief?" Angel asked
"No. I am your worst Nightmare." the figure replied
Angel laughed
"Ahem. Angel, look." Pieguy said scaredly.
Suddenly, they realized a thousand sniper lasers were on them.
"OH CRAP! Who are we dealing with here Pie?" Angel said
"Like I said, your worst nightmare" the figure aid back.
"Who are you jack ass?" Angel asked
"I'm Rover." said the figure
"Errr, whatever that means asswipe," Angel said
Suddenly a sniper went off and shot Pieguy to death!
"NOO!" Angel screamed. He cradled Pieguy in his arms. Suddenly the water of the pool began to rise
"THIS PLACE FLOODING!" Angel shouted
Rover laughed and Angel was being carried up towards the roof by the flood. He climbed up the ladder and got to the cove again before he drowned. Pieguy was dead... and more were next...

Chapter Four

Boom! The Lighthouse was under attack! 100 snipers were pointing at everyone! And the Yarr painting was stolen by Blackhawks the day before. OH CRAP! said, everyone

But the Blackhawks were failing, the knights of oldcp cut down their rubbish gunmen and blew up their snipers. Rover was cornered,
"Wait!" he shouted, "I'm just a little girl!"
"Shut ur face creep!" said a Knight
"I make a truce with oldcp, plz don't kill!" said Rover
"kk," Said the Knight.

Two weeks later, the lodge was attacked by Black hawks. It said "ROVER LIED SO HE DIED" on the floor and Rover's body was hung. It also said "WE HAVE A NEW LEADER"

It was Clarkson...

Chapter Five

Everyone was really creeped out because the Lodge was really messed up by Blackhawks!
"WHAT THE HELL!!!" said Hashir

Later on... Hashir was summoned to a bh base by Clarkson!
Hashir went and told everyone

O M G! BOOM! The town blew up by a huge bomb a few days later. This was the second time that the town got blew up! But this time it was...CLARKSON!

Detectives confronted Clarkson and asked him questions, he leads them to his badass base. It had snipers in... On the wall it said

"WE SERVE LORD CLARKSON" (under Clarkson it had rover's name rubbed off!)

O M G! The Detectives asked him stuff and Clarkson started leaking BH INFO!

A few days later, Mickey ordered Clarkson to be killed for leaking their INFO! So guess what happened in the Town a few days later!

Clarkson got killed! By a Blackhawk sniper in the name of Mickey

Chapter Six

After Clarkson was killed and Rover seemingly was dead too... the Blackhawk gang became inactive and stopped coming on. Nicholas Angel Legendary Detective also stopped coming on.

But it was not over... the Blackhawks made a return in 2014! And so did Angel!

Rover was back too! He was not dead, he faked his death! O M G! Angel was mad so he wanted to hunt Rover down and end the Blackhawks once and for all.


Rover was planning to blow up OldCP! Yes, that's right! OLDCP!
Rover put bombs in the Boiler Room which would explode all the pipes on OldCP and hackers crack the whole island!

Damen Drake was mad so he said
"Kill rover!" Damen said

Nicholas Angel found the bombs in the boiler room along with other detectives. These bombs were live!

Nicholas Angel decided to set Rover up and trick him into meeting them at the Dance Club.

"Let's set rover up," Angel said
"Yes!" said the Dets

They did it, but Rover came with a gun! It was a shoot out

"Hahaha time to die jerks!" said Rover
"No way!" said Hashir

They started shooting, but Rover did pro front flips and rolls (like a police officer).
Angel did a mega jump and front flipped up to the ceiling and back down! Rover shot 1 2 3 4 5 6
Angel shot 1 2 3 4 5 666 but Rover dodged a bullet and shot Angel right in the head!

People screamed as they saw Rover do a double kill with one bullet! Karatay!

Chapter Seven

After the death of Nicholas Angel, Damen decided to take out Rover with a new agency. He hired a few new agents and gave them snipers. They then started waiting for Rover to come to start off the explosion!

"One agent at the boiler room, one agent at the Town," said Damen

Rover logged in and went to the boiler room, but an agent was there! Rover ran out fast, but the Agent in the town was waiting... Rover ran straight into a trap!

SNIPE! Rover sniped

Finally Rover and the Blackhawks Gang were stopped and OldCP never blew up.

Mickey was mad... he was patient though. He was going to start a new gang...

Chapter Eight

Return of the Sith! The Blackhawks were back! But this time they chose a very bad time to return. It was the fall of 2014.

Who remembers that!?

Yes, the Blackhawks were back and their leader was called Mais. He was working for Mickey to steal stuff again! (Which is the whole point of the Blackhawks, they steal for Mickey)

"I want... hmmm, the Puffle off the pet shop! That would do nicely on NewCP!" said Mickey
"Yes sir," said Mais

Immediately, the Pet Shop Puffle sign was stolen! The detectives looked everywhere, and they found it in a jr room called ava.

"W T *?" said Hashir
They got it back and put it in the Puffle shop.

"Mais? Mais? WHERE ARE U?" Mickey complained. But Mais was nowhere... what happened?

Chapter Nine

Mais was murdered! A much more evil power was on OldCP

"An evil has come to OldCP! It is the Queen of the Undead, Snowfalls!" Mickey said, "ACTIVATE CLOAKING DEVICE!" *rips pants*

So the Blackhawks could not defeat the new threat, THE ICE GHOSTS! Now OldCP had to fight instead of investigating!

Chapter Ten

Winter was almost here... And for almost 6 months the ice ghosts attacked OldCP. The Ice Children (Forest Boys) were making prophecies about these Ice Ghosts.

"They will take over but then the Queen of the Ice will be slain," said the Forest Boy

Months later, the Ice King and Ice Queen launched the attack everyone was waiting for... they had taken over OldCP after Snaildom went down and now they wanted us out!

The Forest Boys helped destroy the Blackhawks before, and now they were helping to destroy the Ice Ghosts. Uzu, an evil commander, hacker cracked the beach. He was the first attacker, he was defeated by Tennis.

This was on DamensDay 2014, in the thick of winter. The battle continued... Raegon the Ice King came to attack! This was the greatest battle! At the same time Snowfalls came, wearing the Jiniri Crown!

She struck down many and made them undead ice ghosts. But Gamer the Great stood at the edge of time and made his attack. Snowfalls resisted, but Gamer struck well and destroyed Snowfalls once and for all!

The Jiniri crown was taken by Raegon and taken to the Evil Temple (which is being searched for today). Raegon then went to make his move, he went to the Rocketsnail Thrones and killed many knights. But a certain Knight was valiant and brave...

Bp28 fought Raegon all across OldCP, all the way to the Forest where Bp28 jumped into the air and Raegon attacked, but Bp28's sword came down strong and with a shining fury, landed into Raegon and destroyed him once and for all! At this, the end of the Ice Ghosts was... and OldCP was at peace...

Tennis became Tennis the Great. Gamer became Gamer the Great, Ice Queen Slayer. Then Bp28 became The Great Bp28, Ice Kingslayer.


OldCP was now at peace... Until 2015.

Chapter Eleven

For over half a year OldCP lived in peace from the gangs and threats of the previous years. The Detectives were removed and the crime office became forgotten. But still, things existed on OldCP that were very dangerous. Although OldCP had forgotten... Mickey had not.

Going back 80 oldcp fiction years, to the time of Rocketsnail

Scenario: The Original Club Penguin Island
Type of Place: Kingdom
Events at the Time: Disney is buying CP, they want to clone the island on their new one (but Rsnail no longer wants to)
King: Rocketsnail (fugitive from mickey)
King Regent: Argon Spike
King Helper: Happy77
Master of Building: Screenhog

Events of the final year of Rocketsnails rule
Rsnail was contacted by Disney's leader (Mickey the Mouse). Mickey and Daffy the Duck (or possibly goofy) came to CP and spoke to Rsnail.
Dear Rsnail,

I wish to express my keen interest in the place called 'Club Penguin', I believe it is very successful. You have built a wonderful playground with all kinds of things. If your highness is interested in handing over your work we would offer the sum of $2,000,000 USD.

We look forward to your response.
Best Regards,

Rsnail read the letter, he was interested, very interested. He discussed it that night with his fellow Lords and Ladies. They all were positive and thought that selling up the Kingdom would mean a great future. But they were wrong...

A few months later, King Mickey arrived with his Royal host. Bannermen from Disney and also supporters of Mickey the Great. Rsnail gave Mickey a tour (Mickey was fat so he had to do it over 2 weeks).

"Hahaha! Excellent tour Snail, EXCELLENT TOUR!" Mickey said happily
"So, you interested still?" Rsnail asked.
"OF COURSE! Here, take the money!" Mickey said
"Yay! Awesome!" Rsnail said
"But first, sign this." Mickey handed over a contract
"Oh yeah sure, no problem. *signs*"
"Thank you... :)" Mickey said
"Nice!!! Thanks!!! So I guess we'll serve as your advisers here." Rsnail said
"Hahahaha! No! You're leaving this place, and we are moving everyone over to our Disney Island! That place we will call... hmmm hmmm NEWCP!"
"NooooO!!!!!!" (oops rsnail didn't say that )
"Oh... Ok" rsnail said

"No fair" Rsnail thought, "Now we all have to move out, what's the idea!?"
Rsnail was quite upset, but he thought, Oh well... I have 2 million bucks.

That night he was walking through the tents that were camped out for Mickey's men. As he was walking he heard a strange noise coming from a rather small tent on its own in the trees.

He sneaked around and listened closely. He heard the noise of whispers and strange supernatural sounds. He got scared, but he couldn't help but take a peep.

He looked into the tent carefully, and he saw a strange light, some kind of blue and yellowish flame. And bending over in front of it was Mickey himself. Rsnail listened closely... Mickey was praying and doing worship.

"Praise be, Praise be, Lord Morgoth." said Mickey, "I have done your will, the island is now ours. Now tell us, please, Lord why it is that you want us to be here?"

Next, Rsnail saw a large puff of red smoke come from the pot Mickey was praying to. Then symbols appeared in the smoke, Rsnail remembered these symbols. It was the Pigpen Cipher, he quickly memorized the symbols and left before he was caught...

Later that night, in the private quarters of the House of Thrones...

"What is it, man?" Screenhog asked
"Agh, these symbols in the smoke. I'm trying to remember them. Mickey's up to something. I don't think it's a good idea to let them stay." Rsnail replied
"Give them their money back and get them out of here then!" Screenhog advised
"Yeah... Wait! I got it!" Rsnail said
"You got it?"

"Yeah, I figured the symbols out. It said... 'THE POWER OF THE DJINN HAS BEEN UNLOCKED'"
"Djinn?" Screenhog asked
"Yeah, it's another word for ghost or demon," Rsnail said
"How do you know that?"
"Erh, Grand Most Wise Roman told me. We studied the history of the Dead Queen of Snowfalls and her curse that happened here long ago. But listen.."

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door.

"I'll get it," Screenhog said.
He opened the door and there stood a very very large Knight dressed in Disney armor.
"I've come to take you to your carriage." the Knight said in a deep voice.
"Carriage?" Rsnail said

"Yes. We will arrive at the harbor in 3 days. That is when you are being shipped away to NewCP." the Knight replied
"Who are you?" asked Screenhog

"That's Sir Clegane, Handguard of Mickey. Ok Clegane, tell Mickey that we'll go with you but first I must do a session." Rsnail said

Clegane grunted and turned around. He walked away.
Screenhog was shaking still.

Chapter Twelve

Rsnail traveled through the middle of that night all the way to the other side of the Royal county. He rushed to the igloo of Argon Spike and knocked. He opened,
"Rsnail? What is it, your grace?" Argon asked
"Quickly, let me in"
They went in.

"Ok listen, Mickey is up to something. He's doing black magic and he is expecting me to go with him. I've got to find out if the legends are true."
"Hang on, slow down Rsnail. What legends are you talking about?"
"Agh sorry, the Legends of the Queen of the Undead. The curse of Snowfalls? Come on! Don't you study??" Rsnail said
"Yeah Rsnail, those are just screwy old granny stories. Don't you think Mickey's just a crazy fat loony?"
"No! I saw the fire! I heard the sounds! If there is a curse, and there is an evil power of the undead, I think I know where to find it."

"Where?" Argon asked
"In the deepest cave under the highest mountain. That is where the legends say the Queen of the Undead's tomb is, it's also a Temple that was used to worship her. Grand Most Wise Roman's books call it The Temple of Jin."
"So you're going there? Alone???!!!" asked Argon
"Yes, I am. But not alone. My ninjas at the Dojo will meet me. But Mickey will figure out that I'm gone soon enough, so you have to be in charge."

"It is an honor your grace...", Argon bowed.
"I now name you by the strength within me to be my Lord Regent, King of the Island."
"I will not fail you." Argon said, "Will I see you again Rsnail?"
"I hope so, but even if I don't, I'll leave you a message. In my helmet, you can open this horn by pressing these buttons. In there I will leave a secret message telling you about what I discover. I'll leave it at my igloo which is opposite to my mother's."

"I got it," Argon said
"Farewell my friend," Rsnail said as he looked toward the bed with Argons children sleeping in. "I hope you can handle Mickey."

Chapter Thirteen

Rsnail was on the run from Mickey. It had been 2 days since he escaped from Clegane. He had made it as far as the Dojo, where his secret Ninjas were.

"WHERE IS RSNAIL!!!" Mickey shouted in anger. He wanted to have him and his island before their evil plot began.

Rsnail was already beginning his search for the Tomb of the Jin where lies the Queen of the Undead's grave. Rsnail had also arranged for the Grand Most Wise of the Court to meet him at the Dojo, where he would bring important books to study and a very rare item that would help them with their quest.

"Here it is," said Grand Most Wise Roman.
"Excellent! This will help for sure. Now we just got to figure out how this thing helps." Rsnail replied.

Roman had handed him an old crown with two jewels on either side and in the middle, a beautiful crystal. It had once been a Princesse's crown because it was smaller than any other kind. It must have been meant for a child, one that may have never existed.

"The Crown with Two Jewels, and here is the research," Roman said as he opened a large boring book.
"Agh! We need to read all of this?" Rsnail complained

Roman coughed mucus as he laughed.
"No no no no! On page 38281 there is information about this specimen.", Roman laughed "Here. It reads:
Upon the tiara lies two jewels, one in the center is a crystal of no power yet has a marking on it. It is the marking of the DJINN. The first rune is a D and the second is an I and an N. It is found along the way of the Temple. Through the secret passages of The Old Ways. There lies first a chamber of four passages. The third is thought to be the one that leads to the second and then another to the third. But the way beyond the first way is a test of riddles and illusion. The power of the crown of the fell Arabian Queen of the Undead can control all who come in with a weak understanding."

"What does it all mean then? The Old Way has been lost for countless years. Even I do not know where to go?" Rsnail said

Roman nodded, "Indeed, The Old Way has been lost. But don't forget we have this crown now. Perhaps the Ski Mountain will have clues?"

"It might... Alright then. We'll hike to the Ski Hill and with our Ninja skills nobody will spot us." Rsnail replied

"Yes yes but be careful though. Do not underestimate the abilities of Lord Mickey." Roman warned

Chapter Fourteen

Rsnail and 5 Ninjas were hiking through the desert snow mountains. They were all carrying heavy gear and lots of warm clothes in the coldest part of Club Penguin. By the second week of hiking, they had reached the end of the cold mountains.

From the edge of an icy cliff, they could see all of Club Penguin. A white haze of different things stretching hundreds of kilometers. In the distance, they could see the tallest mountain on the island, The Ski Hill. That is where they were heading for the next day.

Rsnail lit a fire and everyone slept close together during their final super cold night.

Whilst they were sleeping Rsnail was troubled by strange dreams. He woke up suddenly, and he could hear the slight sound of snow crushing under someone's feet. In fact, there were many but far away. He thought it was just the wind. Two hours later he woke again, but this time he saw something. He got up and looked.

He saw a carriage not too far away journeying towards them at some speed. Banners flocked in the moonlight and soldiers' voices were calling. They could see him. Rsnail quickly woke the others and grabbed the Crown and Two Jewels. He hid it in a snow hole and readied his sword.

They all gathered together in a circle.

"Look! Some peasant hikers trying to escape from Mickey's ships! Get them!" a soldier shouted
Twelve soldiers dismounted the carriage and drew their swords. They charged towards them.

The ninjas double flipped and rolled under the soldiers' sword and counter struck two of them in the stomach.

"Aghhh!" they cried as they fell down dead.

Rsnail engaged two of them, blocking their swipes. A ninja saw rsnail was in trouble and charged, stabbing one of the soldiers. Rsnail dodged the other sword swing and back kicked a soldier. There were nine left, too many.

"Give it up you bunch of worms!" one said

The Ninjas gritted their teeth and Rsnail grabbed both hinges of his sword.

"No? Alright then! Kill them!" the soldier said

The ninjas charged together with Rsnail and cut down two more soldiers, but they all came for Rsnail at once. The ninjas tried to help but they had an archer firing from the cart. An arrow hit rsnail in the shoulder and he fell, smashing his head against a rock, and became unconscious.

Chapter Fifteen

Rsnail woke. His head was pounding with pain. He slowly lifted his head to look around. He noticed it was daytime and he was traveling through a camp of soldiers all rushing to get prepared to move out. He was near the shore because he saw ship sails in the distance. He thought to himself that he must have been unconscious for days.

He knew that Mickey was forcing everyone out to make it easier to rip apart the island to search for the Jin Temple. He wondered where his Ninjas were. Then, he noticed that they were in another carriage behind him.

He tried to move his arms but his hands were bounded together.

About half an hour later they had moved to a quieter area and their carriage stopped moving. Then a penguin got out

"Alright, we'll get these carriages on board as soon as the next ship arrives," he said.

Rsnail started to lose hope. His Ninjas must be bound up too and the Crown and Two Jewels was now miles away at the outpost where he was injured. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply in sorrow. He imagined Mickey sitting on his Helmet Throne with an army of undead ghosts killing all the innocent citizens.

Suddenly, there was a cry of pain followed by a sword swing. Rsnail looked up behind him to see. There was a Knight dressed in silver armor battling with two Disney Soldiers. Rsnail didn't know who it was, but it was a very good warrior. Within 10 seconds he had slain both of his opponents.

The Knight then jumped up onto Rsnails carriage.

"My King! You are safe now" said the Knight
"Sir Galmond! You have risked much saving me." Rsnail replied great fully
"It is my honor, but we must be quick. The next ship is not too far away and all of them are full of Mickey's men. Come quickly, I shall free the Ninjas."
"Thank you!"

Chapter Sixteen

Sir Galmond and Rocketsnail along with around 8 ninjas had escaped from the docks where Mickey was shipping all the population of Club Penguin to his clone island called 'Club Penguin!!!'

They made it to where Rocketsnail was planning to go, to the Mine Shack. He took them through the Mines and went into the underground rail systems. It's dangerous to go down there but they took the chance.

Rsnail lead them through different passages until they got to a crack in the floor which they dropped through. They landed in an abandoned pool. It smelt as if it was still in use and looked very similar to the other pool underneath the Plaza.

They went through a door that leads them into a cavern with four different passageways.

"Which one is it?" asked Sir Galmond
"I don't know, but, the marking upon the Crown and Two Jewels which we've left at the outpost provided the key," replied Rsnail
"What key? We don't need a key, there are no more doors. Look at the signs above each opening." said Sir Galmond

"It must be that one, the third one here." said the Kunoichi.
"Yeah... that looks like the symbol. The rest is in Arabic, the mother tongue of the old Queen," said Rsnail
"So we're getting close into history that people think is just a myth?" asked Galmond
"I guess we're about to find out."

They ventured down the third passage but it took a long time. They were traveling for more than 2 hours as their feet were getting tired of walking.

"How much longer?" Galmond asked

"I have no idea...." rsnail replied

"What do you know of these caves?"

"Well, I know that it was used as escape methods for Royals long ago. They call it 'The Old Way'. A huge network of caves that were impossible to navigate without the guidance of an expert."

"What did that symbol mean then?"

"The Royals back then were insanely into the occult and magic and all that. The symbol means "the undead"."

Hours later, to all of their surprise, they saw daylight and smelt a rather off-putting smell.

"What is that stench?" asked the Ninjas

"Smells like a sewer" Galmond remarked

"Wait... why are we here?" Rsnail asked himself

They were underneath the courtyard of the Thrones. They could hear soldiers talking on the surface, soldiers of Disney.

"We're in the Sewers???!!!" Galmond laughed "What an old way this is! Where's the Tomb of death and the scary Queen of Evil? Hahahahah!"

"I don't get it... maybe we took a wrong turn..." Rsnail said

"Yeah... right. That was a tunnel, no turns, no secret other ways. That symbol obviously was the wrong choice." Galmond said

"But it can't have been... the Arabic wasn't the way?! Grand Most Wise Roman said the Crown and Two Jewels had the key.."

"Roman? Agh! What a joke. He might have a long beard but he doesn't know everything." Galmond said

Chapter Seventeen

The Ninjas, Rocketsnail, and Galmond were standing in the sewers confused. They were at a dead end and didn't know where to turn.

Rocketsnail turned and saw Sir Galmond trying to climb the wall up to the surface.

"What are you doing!!!! We don't want them to know we're down here!" Rocketsnail shouted

Galmond didn't say anything back. He managed to reach the drain grid.

"Stop that! Don't open it!" Rocketsnail shouted in anger "Stop that!"

He continued to ignore as he undid the bolt on the grid.

"Stop it in the name of your King!" Rocketsnail shouted

Suddenly the drain sprang open and a huge emission of wind came rushing out of the opening. The Ninjas grabbed onto each other but Rocketsnail was being pulled upwards through the air towards the hole. Sir Galmond was sucked up within seconds.

Rocketsnail got up. He saw Disney guards running toward him. Looking around for his Ninjas, he got up. They were not around him. Sir Galmond strangely was nowhere. He was alone in what looked to be the Courtyard of his Thrones. Disney Guards were getting closer, closer, and closer. He panicked and fell backward, hitting the floor below him. He didn't stop falling, the ground was breaking - he was dropping downwards into an orb of light, brighter than the sun.

Particles of red hot light were steaming past him, burning him. He felt as if he was melting like the sun was being blasted into tiny pieces into his back. He screamed for help but the orb kept getting brighter. He saw the face of a skull in his blurry vision past the breaking up of the world he was drifting away from. A voice traveled on the air like a whisper in the fury around him. He couldn't understand it. He closed his eyes and waited for it to end


He opened his eyes and saw a blinding light. He thought that he must have fallen into the brightness. It was like a room with three walls. He looked about and saw nothing, just blank walls. Then, a door opened in one of the walls. Rocketsnail felt afraid. A penguin walked through the door. He was red-colored and wore a black skull mask. He tilted his head at him.

"Who.... who are you?" Rsnail asked
In a mysterious voice, he replied
"Nightmares are real"

The ground began to freeze, Rsnails hands began to stick to the floor as if it became solid ice. He was in a forest now, a very cold one. The sound of children's whisperings was all around him, he screamed for help but he couldn't hear himself.

The sound all around him began to spin faster and faster. Someone grabbed him from behind holding a weapon Rsnail has never seen before. It made a loud bang and ripped straight past his head. It burnt the skin on his face. Silently screeching, Rsnail tried to run. But the mystical figure, dressed in black body armor and wearing a skull mask under his helmet wasn't getting further away. Rsnail turned to fight him, he pulled the mask off and saw that the person underneath the mask was Screenhog.

"Screen? What's going on?" Rsnail asked in surprise, but no sound came out from his lips.
He pushed Rsnail back and with the edge of his weapon, which was a gun, smashed his face with the hilt. Rsnail fell down in agony.

He noticed that the children all around him were from the future, sons, and daughters never born yet. He didn't want to die now.

"Not like this! I don't know where the heck I am but you are not going to destroy our world! And I know you aren't Screenhog!", Rsnail shouted as he got up and pushed the armored soldier into the snow. Shots were fired but rsnail got down. He pulled the pin of a grenade in his belt and it exploded. The soldier burst into bright blue flames and then the fire consumed him.

Chapter Eighteen

"No more, please. Let me get back to my family, please!" he begged as he looked up at the sky. "I don't know how long it's been now! It feels like years! Where do I go!"
He cried so loud he could hear his own sobbings echoing across the plane of snow about him. Now it was days after. And he was walking through a graveyard. He heard a voice from behind. He turned around.

It was a penguin dressed in armor wearing a skull mask.

"Friend or enemy?" Rsnail said
"Friend, friend. Friend?"
"Friends it is then."
"Alright... where the heck am I and who are you?"

The figure pointed towards a grave.

"What? I don't understand." Rsnail said
"That's my name"
"No, below that."
"Oh... Saviour?"
"That's right"
"How did you die?" asked Rsnail
"If you succeed in this test, that grave will prove to be an illusion. If you fail the test, that grave will be mine one day."
"Are you from the future?"
"I am"
"Are you the chosen one?"
"I am"
"Well, what is this place?"
"The Graveyard is the home of all those killed by Snowfalls a long time ago. They are the undead now, under the power of the Jiniri Crown worn by Snowfalls. You must get to that Crown and destroy it if you are to stop her final revenge."
"So, in order to save the world, I need to stop Mickey from getting the crown? But where is the crown?"
"You will find the crown if you prove to be the great warrior. Quickly! Go therefore and beat the puzzle before you! I can not interfere!"
"What? Wait! What puzzle? I'm no great warrior!" Rsnail shouted

Suddenly, corpses burst from the gravestones, skeletons, and zombies. They chased Rsnail.

Rsnail grabbed hold of a stick and started breaking the skeletons and hitting the zombies. He was running out of space, the walls were shrinking and the floor was sinking into the mist.

"Get back you! I will not allow you this evil to last forever! Go back into your graves and sleep!"

The Zombies continued running. They were hitting him on the face and vomiting blood onto his skin. Rsnail swung his stick and it tore through the zombies' tender flesh. Suddenly a skeletal hand rose from the ground and grabbed Rsnails flipper and dragged him onto the floor. Rsnail kicked the arm and it snapped in two. He knew it was over now, there were too many of them.

"I failed you mother," he thought

But suddenly that was a screech. A loud noise from the misty distance. The zombies and skeletons ran back into their graves in fear. Rsnail got up in relief.

The smile on his face dropped when he saw blue glowing eyes in the mist, the figure of small children walking slowly towards him. Rsnail started running, faster and faster. But the children were not moving away from him.

"Stop running," the one in the middle said.
"Please! Don't kill me!"
"I am not here to kill you. I am here to save you. We are not with the Undead Queen, we are her little sons and daughters who are rebelling against her. Death for life, life for death."
"Young one, what is your name?"
"I am Nook of the Undead. Come with me, I will take you to the Crown. These weaker Djinn have no power over us. We have waited a long time for the chosen one, you."

(Nook of the Undead. A Son of Snowfalls. One of the First Undead Forest Children. In their first form: skeleton form)

Chapter Nineteen

So Nook of the Undead and his fellow brothers and sisters were taking Rocketsnail to the final test. These undead children believed Rocketsnail was the chosen one, the one who will end the Djinn. Even though they were Djinn themselves, they were willing to die for the peace of the living.

"How do I actually destroy the crown? Won't Snowfalls be guarding it?" asked Rocketsnail
"Well, that's why you're the chosen one! It is prophecy, you will kill her body and destroy her crown," replied Glarthir, current Shaman of the Forest Children.
"But I am no great warrior? How can I possibly beat such a foe? Will you help me?" replied Rsnail
"We can not fight Snowfalls, but we can take you to her. Her body is sleeping but her spirit is awake"

Rocketsnail had a very very bad feeling about this. He did not believe that he was the 'chosen one'.

The forest boys

"Will there be enemies to face too?" Rocketsnail asked the Boys
"We will deal with them. Snowfalls are making an army of Ice Ghosts, we will distract them whilst you go and fight the other Djinn. Here, take this. This sword is very powerful, it can kill the Djinn quite easily. The sword is prophecied to be the blade the Grand Champion will use to save the world!" Glarthir said, he gave Rocketsnail a golden sword.

Rsnail laughed in doubt.

They lead him up a long staircase. It came out to a snowy village. The forest boys took him into a small igloo out of the crowds.

"Is this a real place?" Rsnail asked

Inside, he saw his Ninjas and Sir Galmond.

"You're here! Are you safe?" rsnail surprisingly said
"Yes my King, thanks to these small helpers.", replied Sir Galmond "You were pretty out of it Rsnail, as soon as we went through that passage you were going crazy. Kept telling me to stop and came out with all kinds of strange stuff."

They were lead then through a large house and then through the basement. There was a great hole in the side of the wall which they climbed down. They ended up in a dark cavern, with very tall walls and a rocky surface.

Glarthir stopped and said
"We can not go any further. Keep walking ahead and you will get to a Pyramid temple. This is where you will find the crown."
"So where are you going?" asked a Ninja
"To distract the Ice Ghosts" replied Nook
"Hah, good luck with that kid," Galmond said

Mexico and Nook smiled but Glarthir did a really weird face it kind of looked like this:

Rsnail then made a face like this:

Finally, Galmond made a face like this

They entered the pyramid temple. And then they were attacked by powerful Djinn. Rsnail fought with his new sword and the Ninjas fought too. In the end, there were too many. The crown was in the middle of the temple but there was no way to get to it, too many enemies.

Rsnail picked up a gun that one of them dropped. He shot down the sacrifice busts which smashed down onto the ground, bringing down the ceiling in big chunks of rock.

The Djinn was crushed but it wasn't over yet. The rocks were still falling. They fled from the temple as fast as they could. It was too late for the Ninjas who were too slow, they were sadly crushed. Sir Galmond helped Rocketsnail get out from the rocks, but he was injured.

"We need to go! Come on! There are more coming! I think that those skeleton kids were just tricking us, they're getting re-enforcements! Get up!" shouted Galmond
"No! They weren't bad. I can't go with you. You need to get back to the Regent and tell him everything. They must be warned!" Rsnail replied
"I'm not leaving you here!" Galmond shouted, "I won't leave you!"
"Stop it, don't be like all the others. You know what must be done. I must defeat Snowfalls. I am the chosen one! And I will see you again, I promise." Rsnail said sadly

Rsnail wrote on a scroll about what he saw and put it inside his helmet.

"Take it to my house. Argon will look for it, don't take it straight to him. Then when he comes to you, tell him everything he needs to know." Rsnail trusted him to get out of the trials.

Chapter Twenty - The Revolation

Rsnail could walk, but slowly. Galmond had gone as he commanded him. It was quiet, the sound of the cave air traveling through the gaps in the rock was the only thing he could detect. He walked on for some time until he saw the boys.

Mexico was sitting alone on a rock near the damage Rsnail caused.

"What's wrong?" asked Rsnail
"You're injured. I can see..." Mexico said
"Yeah, but where are the other boys?"
"They escaped the wreck you made. But I am stuck in this cave now."
"There's a way out! Galmond just left through it. Come on I'll show you!" Rsnail said as he pointed
"You don't get it, do you? You were meant to be the chosen one. But you aren't! The crown is trapped under the rocks and you woke up Snowfalls! Now you're going to die because the Ice Ghosts are coming with Snowfalls!" Mexico shouted as he started crying

Rsnail put his arm on his shoulder
"It's alright. Look! I have this sword and even a gun now. We can fight them together!" Rsnail said
"No! I never fight! We don't fight! We are not like that!" Mexico shouted as he pushed Rsnail away "Getaway! You were just a fake!"

Suddenly a loud screech came from the other side of the cavern. A bright blue light gleamed in the distance.

"He's here, they're all here! The death of the world has come!" Mexico said
"Who? What!" Rsnail was panicking, he shot his gun 5 times at the light.

"Come with me Mexico!" a high voice said from behind them both. It was Glarthir and Nook.
"You're alive!" Rsnail said
"Yes. Give us the sword quickly!" Glarthir said
"Wait! Don't I need it! I'm the chosen one right? I'm meant to defeat Snowfalls. She's here right now!" Rsnail exclaimed

Glarthir jumped at Rsnail, pushing him over.

"Stop Glarthir! Don't hurt him!!" Nook screamed.

Mexico got up and grabbed Nook's hand and took him away. "You don't want to see this!" said Mexico
"See what!" replied Nook,

Glarthir pinned Rocketsnail down. "Now.... let go of it!"
"Stop that, you're hurting me!" Rsnail cried
Glarthir gripped harder until Rsnail was in subjection.
"Okay okay! Agghh!"

Glarthir took the sword and ran off. He stopped some way and looked back at Rsnail.

"I wish you were him," said Glarthir

"Don't leave me!" Rsnail cried back. But it was too late. Glarthir had run out of sight with the gold blade leaving Rsnail to the mercy of the Ice Queen.

~ Goodbye, Rocketsnail ~

The Tales of RocketSnail


Date Around 80 OldCP years ago
Location The Kingdom of RocketSnail