Nook is the youngest son of the Dark Lord, Pythas. He is the greatest prophet out of his brothers.

Early Life

In his early life, he was in the form of an ice child. (See: Ice Children) Against the will of his mother, the Ice Queen Snowfalls, he and his brothers went off in search of the chosen one so that they could reverse the damage their mother was causing on the world.

Mistaken Chosen One

In their search for the chosen one, they mistakenly thought that the fugitive Emperor Rocket Snail was the one who would destroy the ice lords and ultimately Morgoth himself.

Nook, Mexico, and Glarthir all lead Rsnail to the Temple of Snowfalls where they expected Rsnail to take the crown of the undead and destroy Snowfall's army.

Nook of the Undead

They gave him the gold Stag sword, a sword that the prophecies say would be used by Turin Turumbar in the final battle against Morgoth.

Betraying Rocketsnail

After Rsnail failed to capture Snowfall's crown, Nook's brother, Glarthir realized that he was wrong. Therefore, Glarthir betrayed Rocketsnail and died in the underground depths of the old way. This greatly affected Nook and made him very upset.

(See: The Tales of RocketSnail)


Nook serves as co-Shaman, training Kutya to be a prophetess. He was born with the best prophet abilities and has prophesied many things including the fall of Morgoth and the actions of his father Pythas.

Legendary Healer DanceBear with Nook


Nook is in high demand because of his abilities. This makes him very busy. Even the forest lords come to him for insight, including Manwe and Orome.

Unfortunately, this father and his minions also demand his prophecies. He is famous for lying about the future to those who are evil in order to mislead them.

Building a New Life

Since the leave of Nameless One, Nook has decided that he wishes to take on a new career in his life. He desires to become a builder and has thus become the apprentice of Aule, much like his father did in his younger years. While Nook sometimes gets annoyed that people still ask him for prophecies, he will still give them if it is important enough. Two of the rooms that Nook has built are kutyatower and foresttower.

Grandfather's Influence

Recently, Nook has been known to toute the ideology of his grandfather, who was becoming more and more radical in his thoughts and actions. At one point, Orome had said to kill the rulers of Dorval for being gay on his holy land. People tried to talk Nook out of this bad thinking, but the attempt was unsuccessful and caused Nook to get upset. Nook attacked people in public with force lightning and then was killed on one of his accounts.

Impact of Orome's Death

Orome appeared to be a father figure to Nook as he was more of a father to Nook than what Mairon ever was. The two were very close. When Orome died of old age, Nook was very much affected by it. He saw people whom he thought were making fun of Orome's death and disrespecting him. He called for people to kill those who disrespected Orome and became even more enraged when people who had followed Orome refused to do so. He left and said that Glarthir would be back in his place with a scroll for all to read.

Since Orome's death, Nook appears to be taking much less random and drastic actions since Orome can no longer directly influence him into doing things.

Since Manwe is sick Nook has been posting his health on the Forums. He is staring straight ahead but he can not see anything :(.


Forest Prophet

Aliases Nook of the Undead, ProphetBoy, Jakeboi, Ninya Annatar
Titles Co-Shaman of the Forest
Gender Male
House Annatar
Related Gamer, Glarthir, NewMexico, Melody, Pythas, Orome

Father Pythas
Mother Melody
Brothers Glarthir, Shaman Stan, Accal the Chosen One, New Mexico,
Children Eiven