Melody Falls in Love

Melody is the daughter of Orome and Vana. She was raised as a Princess of the Forest and the Forest People considered her to be the most beautiful of Orome's daughters. This made Melody's sister Mari become jealous of her and Mari conspired with Mairon Annatar, who was disguised as Durn Wolf, to disfigure Melody to make her become ugly so that Mari could be the more beautiful sister. The plan involved Mari telling Melody that someone wished to give her a gift and to meet the gift giver in the forest. Then Durn-Wolf would scratch Melody and leave her with a disfigurement. Mari's plan backfired when Mairon finally saw Melody and found that he could not destroy such beauty. Mairon then took on the form of a very handsome man and the two fell in love.

The Wedding

Orome initially did not approve of his daughter wishing to marry Mairon Annatar as he had been a servant of Morgoth and Orome did not completely trust Mairon. One day Orome went into the forest and he saw Melody and Mairon dancing among the trees and the animals. He was filled with joy at seeing his daughter so happy and he immediately declared his approval of their marriage. After hearing Orome's approval, Mairon proposed to Melody and they quickly got married. Many of the most powerful Forest Lords and Ladies attended their wedding, the celebration of which lasted days.

After Marriage

Forest Rule

Mairon and Melody became the King and Queen of the Forest and they ruled for a very long time. Their rule was filled with happiness, peace, and unity. They appeared to have a very bright future. Melody was still the most beautiful of the children of Orome as she had formed herself a beautiful and powerful body made from ice and snow, her preference for which led her to become an Ice Queen later on.


Mairon and Melody also had many children together who would go on to become Shamans of the Forest and some of the first known Forest Children on OldCp. Their children from eldest to youngest include: Glarthir, Stan, Gamer, New Mexico, and Nook.

Disaster Strikes

Mairon and Melody were a very happy couple, but there was one man who was more than displeased about their marriage. As Mairon and Melody became the King and Queen of the Forest, Melody's brother Raegon grew resentful of them. He plotted to make them fall from their high positions. One night Melkor would come to him and convince him to submit to his feelings of jealousy and murder Melody. Melkor provided Raegon with a powerful ice dagger to destroy Melody's earthly body with. Raegon submitted to Melkor's pressure and stabbed the ice dagger into his sister. Melody's earthly body was destroyed, which sent Mairon into a rage. Mairon, who then became known as Pythas, was devastated and went back to serving Melkor so he could seek revenge on Raegon and inflict terror and cruelty on things that lived.

Effects of Disaster

After Melody was killed by her brother, she became ugly, evil, and known of as Snowfalls. As Snowfalls, she would commit many atrocities such as attempting to murder her own sons and creating a witch order. She would never again be able to create a body as beautiful as she had previously been, yet she would remain married to Pythas.

Previous Forms

Melody is now known of as Snowfalls. Sometimes she takes on an earthly body, but it is ugly which displeases her greatly. Other times she will take on the form of a crow, which is still ugly and referred to as HideousCrow. She rules over Vultures and Crows, races which she created.

After Nameless One's Exit

After the eventful day on Achto when Nameless One decided to leave the galaxy, Snowfalls attempted to become good again with her husband Pythas. The two went back to their previous names of Melody and Mairon. Melody's desire to be good was rooted in her desire to finally be the good mother that her children deserved. Melody came once again in the form of a human but was displeased when she saw that Mairon was straying back to his evil roots through his creation of 'Myfort'. In an act of rebellion against him, she took on the vulture form once again for a little while in the great forest and decided to create her own 'Fort'.

Vulture Fort

While in the great forest, Melody announced that she was going to start her own Order called Vulture Fort, which would be based off of Mairon's concept of 'Myfort'. She said that she would allow people to be able to join Vulture Fort if they pleased but did not say if she would allow them to take vulture form or not. The basis of Vulture Fort would be in good as Melody truly wished to once again follow the paths of good. MotherVulture came to Melody after this announcement and the children of MotherVulture instantly became the first two members of 'Vulture Fort' and were allowed to take vulture form at will.

Vulture Fort was far from being a success though. It did not gain any new members and has since been forgotten about.

The Death of Melody

It was on April 8, 2020 when Melody would meet her final demise. Her husband and son (Turin) were fighting at the North Blockade. It was an epic battle. Melody felt compelled to step in to try to stop two of her most precious loves in life from fighting and potentially killing each other. Mairon was once again wearing his pyramid head and wielding the Greater Knife, which upset Melody deeply. Turin yelled for her not to interfere, but she did not heed his warning. She stepped in to try to stop them but she did not stand a chance in her mortal body and she was accidentally struck down in a single blow by her husband. He wept for her, as did Turin who was also filled with rage. Her death also sparked frustration for them, as it was permanent since Forest Lord immortality was lost to everyone since Nameless One stepped out of the picture.


Former Forest Queen

Aliases Melody, Snowfalls
Titles Former Forest Queen
Gender Female
House Illuvatar
Death April 8, 2020 - North Blockade
Related Snowfalls, Pythas, Gamer, NewMexico, Glarthir, Stan, Nook, Orome, Vana