The Freehawks were a former Game of Mods team and OldCP house founded by Journey who was active from July 2013 through February 2019. This team has competed in a total of 13 Game of Mods throughout its history and has won a total of 7 Game of Mods as well, currently the most among all current/past GOM teams.

July 2013: Inception

The team was created during the first task of the first ’Moderator Competition’ (now known as the Game of Mods) by a user named Journey. She would lead the Freehawks to victory in the first-ever Game of Mods, and win the competition entirely, becoming the first winner of the Game of Mods. Sadly, Journey wouldn’t be around in the community for much longer after this. The Freehawks would not compete in the 2nd Moderator Competition, which was held a week after the first competition.

September/October 2013: Early Days

This was a very pivotal time for the team, as Journey was no longer around and there was nobody to take over the team. Key123, a good friend of Journey had decided to step up and take over the team. Not much was expected out of this team now that Journey was gone, but behind the team’s new leader, they felt that they were destined for greatness.

The September 2013 GOM got off to a rough start with the team having under 10 members at the start of the competition. They would hold their own in Stage 1 by winning Task 1 but would eventually be eliminated and asked to merge with Team Nerds at the end of Stage 2. Despite the team not succeeding, Key123 would go on to compete as a finalist and place 3rd behind Thisismyname and the winner of the September 2013 GOM, Nintendo.

The October 2013 GOM would be one of the best performances team-wise that anybody had seen by a GOM team up to that point. They would breeze by Stage 1, winning 3 of the 4 tasks that evening. Their performance would continue to show as they would tie Team Powers and the Hoodies as the winners of Stage 2. By the end of Stage 3, only them and the Hoodies were left. After a tie-breaker in Stage 4, the Freehawks came out on top but would not produce a winner from that team that season as Pieguy would go on to win the GOM.

November 2013: The Failed GOM/End of OldCP

The Freehawks had been ready for this season ever since the end of October. This would be the season that they would finally produce another Moderator, or so they thought. This turned out to be the wackiest GOM, or not GOM, ever. Damen wouldn’t be able to host it so another Admin at the time, Cyberwolf had decided to run the competition. It wasn’t even halfway through the first stage when the plug was pulled on the competition and the entirety of OldCP itself not too long after, sending the community into mass confusion and wondering what had happened. This would be the end of a golden era for OldCP itself, as many didn’t really know what the future had in store for the game.

Early January 2014: Penguin Isles GOM

During the midst of the end of OldCP, a new game called Penguin Isles had come along. During its brief history, it actually hosted its own Game of Mods! Key123 had returned and brought along a good team as well, however about 2 tasks into the 1st stage of this GOM, Damen had decided he had seen enough and called it quits on the PI GOM.

Late January 2014: A Return To Normalcy

The first full GOM the team would compete in since October 2013 wouldn’t be a very memorable one. They performed well but would fall short of Emily and Team Emily. This competition would not be documented very well so not much else is known about it.

Spring-Winter 2014: Pinnacle of Success

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