Brother Hgar

The Origin of Hgar

Upon the construction of the Moth Temple Hgar and his brothers were locked up in the underground Vaults of Wisd, thought to be freaks of nature, and sentenced to guard the ancient scrolls of Roman and Rocketsnail for eternity. While his brothers studied the scriptures of Oldcp's past and wrote literature of their own to add to the bountiful collection Hgar sat by himself, conspiring ways to free himself from the hell he was trapped in and ways to get back at the monsters that had trapped him there. Hundreds of years had past and Hgar had become sick and tired of his cage, using the curse he had discovered in one of the sacred papyrus tablets rescued from the Temple of Jin, he lit the vaults ablaze, burning down the library and thus the stories of Oldcp being restricted to the minds of him and his brothers. Seeing as the Monks had nowhere to go and the few scraps of the library remaining had no home, Emperor of the Realm Damen Spike built the Moth Library and Temple and invited all three brothers to stay within the walls of his Palace on the agreement that they would forever walk the halls and never leave the tombs.

Curiosity Leads to Anguish

At first, Brother Hgar looked at the new opportunity the Emperor had given him with curiosity and potential, but soon got tired of empty chambers and once again was filled with the same hatred he felt for his former captors. He spent his days torching scriptures in the fires of the Moth Temple, thus vandalizing Royal Property and destroying history, while he thought of new, darker, ways to get revenge.

Hatching a Plan

Yes, Hgar was dark and mysterious, but he was no idiot. He knew the scrolls had value, especially the few remaining from the Temple of Jin, but his greedy brothers had hidden them in the loft above the temple to ensure their sinister brother wouldn't get to them. He needed a distraction to ensure he could smuggle the artifacts out of the Palace without alerting the Royal Guard. Hgar knew an assassination or mass murder would do the trick, but who would be sick enough to do the job. Hgar looked far and wide for a skilled penguin that would betray the Empire and commit a Mortal Sin when one day he spotted an orange penguin named Sully leading an intense riot at the Snowball Forts, "He is the one," Hgar said to himself.

Killing the Prince and Stealing the Scrolls

Hgar promised Sully all the riches he could imagine if he could just create a simple distraction to lure the Guards away until he had finished clearing out the Temple Loft. He had no idea the terror's Sully had planned. As Sully requested, Hgar released all the prisoners from jail and Sully quickly created a small army to fight alongside him. Hgar armed the army with swords and pistols then fled to the Temple to retrieve the goods. As Hgar filtered through the storage in the loft, Sully led his army to the Knight Training room where Prince Archie and Leon the Royal Guard were teaching a group of students the ways of a Knight. Sully wasted no time positioning his men, then went ham against the stunned class. Archie and Leon were quickly picked off by Sully while the Knights in training equipt with swords slaughtered Sully's army. Sully managed to escape and after a quick chat with his partner in crime Matthewvacc on The Mountain he disappeared and was never seen again. Hgar had filled a sack of priceless scriptures and artifacts in the loft and was making his way out of the Temple when the alarms went off for a Maximum Security Alert. Knights scurried around the Island looking for any remaining troops while Hgar hid fearfully in a bush outside the Palace. After what seemed like hours, the patrols had died down and Hgar snuck off into the Mine with his stolen goods.

Trading with the Blackhawk

Hgar scurried around the tunnels deep within the Mine, looking for the Abandon Railroad he had read about in the ancient texts, but to his dismay, large boulders blocked the entrance and he was left wondering about the Mines looking for anything that pointed towards life. After days of endless tunnels, Hgar finally found an exit out of a Cave on the backside of the Rocketsnail Dojo. He spotted a small shack on the side of the mountain and as nervous as he was, looked at it as his only sign of survival. He busted down the door only to find the shack overrun with Blackhawk agents all with loaded firearms pointed directly at him. Hgar was tied down to a post, his sack seized by the agents, and told Lord Morgoth would soon be with him. Morgoth walked cautiously towards Hgar, almost as to see what danger he had in store. Morgoth told Hgar he admired the possessions in the sack and in exchange for them, he would let him live and turn him into the first Black Priest. Fearing his life, Hgar agreed to the deal and was released from custody. "We have much to accomplish together," said Morgoth...

Black Priest

Hgar was taken into the caverns of the Abandon Mine and knocked unconscious by one of the agents. He was then lain upon the sacrificial podium and slain by the sword of a fallen ninja warrior. Morgoth read from the scriptures of the Book of Jin and Hgars spirit was lifted into a new ghostly form, now known as a Djinn, while his body was left to burn in the flames. As Morgoth's Black Priest, Hgar crafted any spirit or potion necessary to help control the djinn form. He turned penguins into spirits with the twitch of his beard and could merge puffles with horses to create rabid death machines. Until the day of his death, Hgar was praised by the spirits and envied by Morgoth

Hgar's Last Chapter

As he was wrapping up his scriptures in the Abandon Church under the Shack, the tunnels were raided by Detectives and Guards and Hgar was trapped with no escape. He saw the Inspector with nothing but blood in his eyes and knew it was his time to descend to the heavens. The Detectives demanded answers but Hgar stood his ground, for a moment all the detectives glanced at each other and a cold chill went up Hgar's spine. He saw Hashir pull out the pistol and tried to duck but it was too late, before he knew it he was free of his cursed ghosty form and was soaring towards the sky with a large grin on his face. Finally, Hgar was free

Brother Hgar

Black Priest

Titles Blind Monk, Black Priest
Gender Male
Death Shot by Hashir in the Abandon Church
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