Archie II Stags

Archie is the Prince of the DSGHQ Empire, and is married to Princess Raindrop.

First Appearence

Prince Archie first arrived in OldCP during mid V5. For a while, he got well known and popular on OldCP until he joined the DSGHQ forum (OldCP Community at the time) on 1st November, 2013.

Starting Out

On 1st November, Archie started out as a Rookie on the forum. He was already fairly well known as he joined OldCP a while before hand. After a couple of days, he earnt Member for posting and contributing to the forum and being a kind user. Just 2 weeks after this, he became a forum Master. Archie built himself a good reputation with many friends in his early days, and he carried on to achieve what he has today.


On the 4th December, Archie was promoted to forum Moderator on the DSGHQ for the first time. This wasn't his first time as a moderator, he had been a moderator on a Minecraft server that has now closed. It took Archie a bit longer to become a Moderator on OldCP, however he earnt this position at the very beginning of OldCP V8.

Imperial Knight

Due to inactivity, Archie was demoted from OldCP Moderator in late February 2014. However, he remained as a Forum Moderator. For a few weeks, Archie wondered around the island as a regular user until the rank Imperial Knight was introduced. Archie became the 3rd ever imperial knight, protecting the empire from any hazzards. He managed to prove to Damen his loyalty and ability as a knight, and after some time he earnt the title of 'Royal Knight'. At this point, Archie was known as a 'Sir'.


In a royal session at roughly the end of March 2014, Emperor Damen Spike announced that Archie was to be the next Prince of the DSGHQ. He had seen a lot of potential in him as a knight, and knew that he would serve the DSGHQ well as the Prince. After the news had spread, Archie was made Prince of the DSGHQ on 1st May, 2014. He remains as the Prince to this day along side his brother in law, Prince Tennis.

Royal Wedding

A short while after Archie became the Prince, it was announced that he was to marry Princess Raindrop. At first, the Royal Wedding was scheduled for the 6th June. Unfortunately, the wedding had to be delayed because the Prince himself wouldn't of been able to turn up. After a discussion with Emperor Damen Spike, the date of the wedding was rolled back by a week. On 13th June, the Prince was finally able to marry his beloved Princess, Raindrop.

The Prince and Princess treasure this well known photo of the wedding:


On the 28th April 2015, Prince Archie was shot whilst training future knights of the empire. His killer was Sully, however VictorS was part of the situation. This wasn't planned drama for the crimezone.


Prince Archie's funeral was held at the throne room on the 1st May 2015. Many people came to pay their respects, however there was a much smaller private funeral before hand for some of his close friends. After the funeral, Princess Dancebear healed Prince Archie. This meant that he advanced to regal legacy II and was known as Prince Archie II from then onwards.

Interesting Facts

  • Archie's love for Jaffa Cakes is fairly well known to his close friends.
  • Archie joined OldCP in V5, yet he didn't join the forum until 1st November 2013.
  • It took Archie just 2 weeks to earn forum Master.
  • Archie was a member of the first OldCP V8 staff when it re opened.
  • The Golden Stag statue in the courtyard was a gift to Archie from Dancebear before his funeral.

Archie II Stags


Aliases Arch
Titles Prince, Moderator, Knights Captain, Royal Knight, Member of the Order, Radio DJ
Rule Jun. 13th 2014 -
Gender Male
House Stags
Death 28th April, 2015
Related Raindrop