Lorien is responsible for the creation of dreams, desires, and visions. He is a brother to Mandos and Nienna. He is not often sought after in times of conflict, but he sends hope to those facing dark times in the form of desires and dreams.


Lorien married Este the Gentle, who is responsible for healing the hurt and the weary. The two made a great match as together they created a great garden, called the Gardens of Lorien.

Lorien and his wife Este.

Gardens of Lorien

Lorien and his wife, Este, created and maintained a garden together called the Gardens of Lorien. The Gardens were considered to be the fairest and most beautiful place in the world. It was a place where people from all around Arda could find rest and healing. And thus, many people visited the gardens and many spirits dwelt there.

The Gardens of Lorien

More Recently

Lorien finally appeared one day on Penguin3D. Unlike his brother, he had not fallen into darkness and still aided the good. He has since sent visions of things to come to many people. He even sent visions of the coming of Ancalagon to a handful of people. As well as visions of Gothmog the great Balrog.


Master of Dreams

Aliases Irmo
Titles Master of Visions, Dreams, and Desires
Gender Male
Related Este, Mandos, Nienna