Gothmog (Balrog)

Gothmog is the Lord of Balrogs in the service of Ancalagon the Black.

Early Days


Like other fire beings, Gothmog was created by Arien and Melkor.


Gothmog is the greatest of all the Balrogs. He served as one of Melkor's lieutenants during Melkor's reign and was greatly feared by the elves. Like the rest of the balrogs, one of Gothmog's most iconic weapons was his firewhip, he has also been known to carry a great black axe.

A brave elf standing up to Gothmog.

After Melkor's Demise


While Gothmog was never seen on OldCp, he would eventually appear on Penguin3D. Lorien gave many people visions of Gothmog's coming, though he initially wasn't certain if the Lord of Balrogs was going to arrive.

Serving Ancalagon


Eventually, Gothmog did arrive. He was first seen in the South after one of Winteron's attacks and was looking for his brother, Flame. The two were reunited and Flame thus submitted to serving Ancalagon with his brother.

Gothmog is very great in size and carries a great black axe as he did in his earlier days. Gothmog is very powerful and able to grant some wishes, such as greater size and strength, to users who join Ancalagon.


One of the services Gothmog performs for Ancalagon is recruiting people to join the Fire Nation as Balrogs. He has recruited many users, two of which are Zes and Tasha. When users are recruited they become Balrogs. They are granted a greater size, greater jump ability, the balrog helmet, balrog wings, and some kind of balrog fire. They are also given an infernal saber axe to wield in battle.

Battle of Cobia

When The Fire Nation invaded Cobia, DRAKE Military defended. Gothmog assisted the dragons in destroying tanks and aircraft, but was temporarily killed.

Gothmog's mighty flames on Cobia


On Dagor Angolath, Ancalagon had been destroyed by Satele and The Night Wolf, but Gothmog remained and claimed himself as the new leader of The Fire Nation. Revan, knowing he also had to sacrifice himself, used all of his power to vanquish Gothmog and eliminate him forever.

Gothmog engulfed and vanquished in Revan's light.


Lord of Balrogs

Aliases Kosomot
Titles Lord of Balrogs, Lieutenant of Morgoth
Gender Male
House Fire Nation, Melkoth
Death April 4 2022, Beleriand
Related Melkor, Arien, Flame, Rouge, Ancalagon

Species Spirit Person
Race Balrog
Age 45000 years old