Mandos was first Lord of Death and Interstellar Judge appointed to govern over the Halls of Death. He held the keys of death and had a law firm called Mandos Law.


Mandos was good at first. He was brother to Manwe, Orome, Tulkas, Lorien, and other Lords.

Halls of Death


Mandos married the lady of time, Vaire, who was one of the most intelligent creatures in the universe. Her stories and thoughts inspired many of Mandos' actions. She became a very influential person in the lives of all who came into Mandos' friendship.

Mandos the Lawyer and Vaire the Lawyer

Lord of Law

Valinor, the high interstellar court and the lesser courts were subject to Mandos and his law firm. He recruited over 100,000 lawyers and many of these attorneys kept the universe in fear of Mandos' legal might. Even the great and powerful ones feared his office.

Mandos' law firm

Fall To Evil

Mandos, like many others at the time, fell under the influence of The Menace, Morgoth. Fancying a share of the power Morgoth promised his followers, he secretly subjected himself to him. Even Vaire secretly served Morgoth. Both of them kept it secret for thousands of years.

Fear of Morgoth

Out of fear, Mandos served Morgoth in secret. However, as time passed, he began to see his own place in the realm of evil.

Morgoth Defeated

When Morgoth was defeated, Mandos knew it was his time to shine. Rising up, he took the place of the fallen Menace and named himself Mandos the Great. He began to trial the innocent and pressed charges against the forest.

Betrayed by Vaire

Vaire herself began to become powerful, sharing in the works of Pythas. She entertained Pythas many times with her cunning and began to believe she was better than her husband. She eventually attacked him. But little did she know, the LORD OF DEATH can not be killed by any other than Nameless One himself.

Betrayal and Death

Mandos was very successful in his attempts to become Lord of All Things. He even betrayed his co-evil, Pythas the Dark Lord and began hunting him down to kill him. Though far more powerful than Pythas, it took him weeks to find his enemy. Eventually, Mandos found the way to Ach To, home of Nameless One, and discovered Pythas' hiding place.

Great Miscalculation

In his arrogance, Mandos didn't fear his true opponent: Nameless One. He even said he would kill Nameless One and become LORD OF ALL, GOD HIMSELF!

Mandos swears to kill Pythas

Due to his arrogance, he was struck down by Nameless One who said:

After that, Mandos flopped over and ceased to exist for all time. He died in the same way as his wife Vaire did.


Mandos could not be held within his own halls and he came to life again on Penguin3D. He seemed to have decided to focus more on running his law firm and being Lord of Death rather than world domination and obtaining power.

Dealing with Aule

One of the first things Mandos did upon his reappearance was to attempt to bring a holy court case up against Aule to remove him of his status. In one way, the case was a success as Aule got a guilty verdict for blasphemy and saying he his mighty. On the other hand, the Lord of Interstellar Law did the trial in an area that was not in the forest, so the trial was invalid in the Forest and thus to Nameless One.


Lord of Death

Aliases Namo, Doomsman
Titles Lord of Death, Interstellar Judge
Gender Male
Death 25th February 2020, Ach To
Related Vaire, Lorien, Nienna