Nienna is the Ainur who is responsible for grief and mercy across Arda.


While Nienna is often spoken about as being a rather sad individual who is often crying, more than just endless sadness can be learned from her. From her tale, one can also learn about pity, hope, and endurance of spirit. Nienna was a very compassionate individual and felt pity at the suffering and grief of others.

Music of the Ainur

During the making of the Music of the Ainur, Nienna sang of great sorrow. This caused grief to enter into the world at the very beginning.

Pity for Melkor

Nienna mourned deeply when Melkor marred Arda during its spring, yet she was still able to find pity for him later on after he had been bound in the Halls of Mandos for three ages. Nienna advocated for the release of Melkor from the halls and even spoke on his behalf as she believed that he truly was a changed man.

Nienna and Melkor.


Nienna is the sister of Mandos and Lorien. She lives alone in the Halls of Nienna, which are located near to Mandos' Halls of Death. Nienna never married.

Nienna and her brothers Mandos and Lorien.

The Two Trees of Valinor


Nienna assisted Yavanna in the creation of the Two Trees of Valinor after Melkor had destroyed the Two Lamps. While Yavanna sang a song of growth upon a mound of soil, Nienna wept and watered the soil with her tears. From this mound grew the two trees that would light the skies around Arda.


Nienna would be called upon again to assist Yavanna when the Two Trees of Valinor were destroyed by Melkor and Ungoliant. This time, she would help try to heal the two trees with her tears. Sadly, her tears were unable to heal the trees. Instead the trees bore a flower and a fruit, which were used to create the sun and the moon.

The tears of Nienna can bring about healing.


Lady of Mercy

Titles Lady of Mercy, Lady of Pity and Mourning, The Compassionate
Gender Female
Related Mandos, Lorien