Mikomi is the older brother of Damen Spike, founder of the DSGHQ.


Mikomi was entrusted with the rank of Administrator, since being a perfect fit for the place at Damen's side. He spent time with the members of OldCP and everyone enjoyed his company. He was a fine, safe, and just administrator.

Emperor Helper

Mikomi was the Emperor Helper of OldCP not long after Cyberwolf was demoted in 2014. He stayed as the Emperor Helper for a while, serving excellently and holding competitions that Damen could not make.


Mikomi had trained a few Knights with a Sword and helped them in their combat training. The time came for a Warlord Contest on OldCP. Damen called this a 'Royal Warlord Competition'. See http://forums.damenspike.com/view/13099.

After the competition went sour when Clegane cheated and was later killed, Damen called a new version of OldCP which was safe from the threat of cheating. OldCPv9's beta began and Mikomi became the Warlord whilst he was part of the Beta testing team.


On the 9th of September 2014, Mikomi chose to resign from the title of Emperor Helper and Administrator. He had become inactive and believed someone else could fulfill his role to a better standard than he could. See http://forums.damenspike.com/view/26466.


On the 11th of July 2015, Mikomi appeared on a radio show with Damen, Tennis, and Kenneth.

Shortly after he made a mood saying:
I'm back, perhaps
(see http://forums.damenspike.com/moods/?id=140832)


Retired Administrator

Titles Administrator, Emperor Helper, Warlord
Gender Male
House Spike
Related Damen Spike, Cyberwolf