Spike Angmar

Before Birth

When Spike was in the womb, he had a twin brother. It was said that one of the twins was more powerful and more evil than the other, but they both had very high hate genes. They were also cursed by Azeb while they were in the womb, and while Amir reversed the curse for his wife, some of the effects still lingered. The twins grew to be very large. It was said the twins would explode out of Loki if she did not get an operation.

Dark Beginning


Finally, the day would come for Loki to give birth. Silence brought her to the Monk Monastery and performed the operation. After much pain, Loki gave birth to twins. At first, they were called BIRDBEAST and BIRDSON.

Loki renamed BIRDBEAST to Spike. Sadly, Spike vanquished BIRDSON before he could be named and even ate his brother's corpse. Spike was thus the only son remaining.


Shortly after his birth, Spike was kidnapped by Doom. Doom said that he was going to train the boy and that he would be more able to handle his training than his mother. Doom promised to return him when he was trained and ready to liberate Baraddur from the rule of T10.


Spike was thus trained by Doom for a time. Doom taught him how to fight and how to use his hatred for strength. Eventually Doom was fired from his job and Amir began to train his son. Amir is very proud of the evilness and power of his son.

Liberating Evils

As prophecised by Doom, Nook, and Glarthir, Spike did liberate Baraddur from the rule of T10 and became the King of Black City. He was successful in his very first war at only eight years old!

After taking back the Black City, Spike would declare war on Providence. He won the land and made Miromeski his Top Dogg regent of the land.

Chosen One

Spike is the chosen one of the evils and possesses more power than anyone else. He is so powerful in the force that he even has the ability of fly. Where this power came from would eventually come into question after The Son made his debut on September 13th, 2022.

Son of The Son?

After the events on Malacoth on September 13th, 2022, a man named Rift would start to speak with Spike. He tried to convince Spike that he is not Amir's son, rather that he is actually the son of 'The Son' and that he was implanted into his mother's womb. Loki told Spike not to believe these things as they are ridiculous.

Later, Veriscolor (a warlord from Wild Space) and Nook would also start confirmed what Rift had told Spike, that he was indeed implanted into his mother's womb by The Son. They said that that is why Spike is so powerful.

While his mother continued to refuse to believe these claims, Spike started to believe them. He saw many differences between himself and his father, Amir. He noticed the massive power difference between them and he also realized that when he closes his eyes, he sees red nebulae.

Leaving Arda

Spike, being very full of himself and his power, warred several islands. While he would gain one land, he would forget about one war and outright lose another. He also talked about Pythas and called him a poor excuse of a dark lord. These failed wars and comments would anger some powerful evils.

The Plot

Due to Spike's conceited behaviour, Azeb, Ungoliant, and Doom would plot to have the boy vanquished. Their plan was to have a goblin, Miromeski, take up the Grond and use it to end Spike permanently. Spike's mother knew of these plans and urged her son to go into hiding. Spike refused at first, but he would become convinced and another being would call to him to leave the galaxy entirely.

His Godfather Calls

While Loki plead with Spike to go into hiding, his "godfather" (The Rift/The Son) started calling to him and invited him to go to Wild Space. Spike accepted this invitation and had his mother fly him to Saturn. A portal opened there for Spike and closed after he entered into it.

After Spike went to Wild Space, it was said that when he returns, he will be the most powerful man to have ever walked upon Arda.

DNA Test

After Spike went into hiding on Wild Space, Silence finally performed a test of his DNA. The results came back and showed that he was not genetically related to either one of his parents. Silence suggested that Spike had been placed into Loki's womb by Nameless One, a theory similar to what Veriscolor had been saying.

Return to Arda

Spike would finally return to Arda on November 13th, 2022. He came to fulfill his destiny by taking over the Black City. When Spike returned, the first thing he did was fight with Ronaldo on the orders of The Son. Spike was extremely powerful from his training and caused Ronaldo to retreat from him on the island of Providence. Spike would also become angry with his mother and choked her after she was urged by everyone to speak with him as he was under the control of The Son. He would refrain from killing his mother as he has much love for her.

Battle for Dark Lord

Looking to fulfill his destiny, Spike would go to the Black City. There he would continue his fight with Ronaldo and others would join in the fight. Due to the teaming, Spike would become low on health and leave to recover. When he was gone, The Son took the holocron from him and gave it to Orbay. Spike became enraged after he found out what The Son had done and tried to fight Orbay for the holocron. But Spike was killed through the use of the holocron and his mother was killed with it on The Son's orders shortly after.

With the holocron being removed from him, Spike came out from under the control of The Son. Still, Spike desired to become Dark Lord and own the Black City, so he negotiated a trade with Orbay for ownership of the city. Thus he became King of the Black City and announced his mother to be Queen Mother of the Black City.

Choosing his Family

While Spike was in the Void from one of his deaths, he spoke with his mother. He found out that she had missed him dearly while he was away. She urged him to leave The Son and spoke to him of how The Son does not wish her to live, mentioning how The Son had ordered her death earlier. Spike revealed then that The Son only wanted Spike to have one parent (The Son himself). Spike chose to have Loki as his only parent as he still believes The Son to be his father.

Spike Angmar

Son of Amir & Loki

Aliases BIRDBEAST, Joffrey
Titles King of Black City, Dark Lord, ”The Pretender”
Gender Male
Birthday 26th August 2022
House Angmar
Related Amir, Loki, Raven, The Son