Of Shelob's history, not much is certain. It is thought that she was born in Ered Gorgoroth and is the last child of the great spider Ungoliant. In later years, Shelob would leave Beleriand and go to Das, fleeing from Ancalagon to live a life on her own.


When Shelob was young, she was a close friend of MotherVulture. They would work together as MotherVulture would find enemy camps from the skies and report their locations back to Shelob so that she and her offspring could kill them. After the slaughter, the vultures and the spiders would feast together.

Shelob and her offspring.


Shelob would disappear for much time as the vulture race started to diminish. It is likely that she took up a solitary residence in a cave somewhere, possibly Spider Cave.


Shelob would eventually come out of hiding to assist in the I'm A Penguin Get Me Out Of Here event, which took place on Das.

Shelob at IGAMOOPH.


Offspring of Ungoliant

Aliases Her Ladyship
Titles Greatest Offspring of Ungoliant
Gender Female
House Spiders
Related Ungoliant