First Appearance

MotherVulture first appeared on the jail island of Corvo to MajorHalo during his imprisonment. Despite vultures being a creation of Snowfalls and therefore being evil, MotherVulture was nice and did not harm the Prince with much more than a few gentle pecks as he had been kind to her.

She also answered questions he had by using emotes. At the time it was suspected that she was the mother of Loki and Melian, this was proved to be true when Major asked if she missed each of her children and the vulture responded with the surprised and then the sad emote.


MotherVulture's origins are from Ancient Forest Times (the time before Melody was married and the Forest held strong in the North). She was born/created over 300 years ago as her children were born/hatched approximately 300 years ago.

For more information see: Vultures.

Theft of her Children

MotherVulture lost her children when they were stolen from the den by a shadow.


MotherVulture is a kind bird when you treat her nicely. If someone is being rude to her or is a troll, she will not hesitate to attack and eat them, although she does prefer to eat goblin meat. MotherVulture is very loving to her children and will also attack anyone who appears to be a threat to them or who she suspects may have kidnapped them from her when they were young.

Working with the Cobos

MotherVulture worked with the Cobos for quite some time. All of what she did for them is not quite known.

Conflict with the Shinobi

The Shinobi ninjas despise MotherVulture and are currently trying to have her killed. All of their attempts on her life have failed. They even attempted to poison her once, which ultimately did not succeed as she was cured.

Reunion with her Children

MotherVulture would eventually be reunited with her children on September 7, 2019, during the South's invasion of Cobia.


Most Evil of Vultures

Titles Most Evil of Vultures, Royal Vulture Linneage
Gender Female
Related Loki, Melian

Race Vulture
Daughters Loki, Melian