Snake Boy


Snake Boy was the King of Ubar City, also referred to as the City of Tents. The city is now known of as Ubarsands and is located just outside of the Black City. To maintain his Das kingdom, Snake Boy had to pay tribute to Pythas regularly. Snake Boy was also a fanatic of snakes.

Ubar City in its early days, within view of the Black City.


The residents of Black City thought Snake Boy to be a loyal follower of Pythas, though some of his actions have shown otherwise.

Refusing to Pay Tribute

Once, Snake Boy refused to pay the tribute to Pythas. Gothmog the Goblin, who was in charge of collecting the tribute, reported Snake Boy's refusal to The Witch King. The Witch King then ordered Gothmog to go and rip all of the tents in Ubar City. Gothmog did this and angered Snake Boy greatly, but still he did not pay the tribute. After eleven days time and much threatening, Snake Boy finally paid up. Snake Boy claimed that he was just joking around and was whipped for his insolence.

Tempting Gothmog

Snake Boy dealt a lot with Gothmog the Goblin. It appears that Snake Boy was very clever and took great joy in annoying Gothmog and creating mysteries for him to try to figure out. Snake Boy wrote that he had Gothmog ensnared with his words and that Gothmog was becoming like a puppet for him.

One day Snake Boy wrote to Gothmog, calling him "Goblin Boy" and asked him to abandon his tower in the Black City and join the Tent Kingdom. This may have undone all the work Snake Boy had put in to tempting and tricking Gothmog as Gothmog ripped up the letter and decided that he was only going to talk business with Snake Boy from then on. It is thought that Snake Boy may have poisoned Gothmog for refusing to join with him as Gothmog got sick and died not long after ripping up the letter.


Nothing more is known of Snake Boy's life after Gothmog died. It is likely that he continued trying to undermine Pythas and the Nazgul and was eventually caught. After being caught Snake Boy would have either been held captive and tortured for much time or executed outright. Whether or not Snake Boy was caught, the Tent Kingdom eventually died.

Part of Ubar City today, abandoned.

Snake Boy

Ubar City King

Aliases Snake Boy the Valient, King of Sand
Titles The Valient, King of the Tents, King of Sand
Gender Male
Death Long ago, Das
Related Snake Man, Gothmog the Goblin