The Witch King


The Witch King is the King of the Black City and King of the Nine Nazgul. He serves Pythas and leads the Nazgul and it is said that: "No man can kill him."

First Appearance

The Witch King was first seen on 11/16/17 he was seen at the Day of Life Blind Monk event. He went by the name "Amir" and was deceiving people into believing he was the oldest of the monks and leader. Amir made the rank of Wise Healer and trained few under his belt, including the first, and longest, Wise Healer, Miromeski, which was a new pseudonym of Zsed.

TheWitchKing leads his first attack

The Witch King was leading his first attack on 11/14/17 he then retreated to Das where he nearly died.

TheWitchKing leads his second attack

On 11/17/17 The Witch King lead his second attack this time he had the help of Khamul and Orlock. They attacked many users and lots of people were killed from this attack.

The Witch King is killed

On December 18, 2017 TheWitchKing fought his final battle in the Forest and was killed by the woman who was foretold in prophecy to kill him, Kutya.

The Witch King

King of The Black City

Aliases Amir
Titles King of The Black City
Gender Male
Birthday 1st January 0001
Death 12/18/17 killed in the Forest