Vaire was the original Time Keeper of the Universe. She would ensure that time was woven always into the material of space, threading past and present into the books of time. She kept track of every move and every thought and preserved it like threads in a web of books.


Beautiful and intelligent was she. Renowned for her stories and knowledge, she would entertain all both small and great. She would tell stories to the children of the forest and watch them sleep, recording their dreams in her threads.

Vaire the Weaver of Times Past

Marriage to Mandos

Due to her intelligence, Mandos was attracted to this lady of weaving. He sought her knowledge to aid him in his court cases. So this Lord of Death, Mandos, proposed to the lady of time Vaire. She accepted and both were united in matrimony.

Mandos and Vaire

They complimented eachother perfectly. Her intelligence and his authority matched up well.

Weaving Dreams

Her own dreams she would weave into fantasy, using them to influence others to do her will. Her dreams were good and innocent, until...

Fall to Evil

In her arrogance, she and Mandos decided to secretly submit to Morgoth who was quickly growing in influence. She and him did this out of fear and ambition at first, but later on they both became to self confident that they wanted to become Immortal and All Powerful.

Dealings with Pythas and the Draconians

In the modern age, Vaire became active around the time that Morgoth fell. She teamed up with Pythas and began to scheme against her husband's authority. She desired his mighty halls and he desired her knowledge. The two became enemies, husband against wife.

Vaire and Pythas

Pythas' draconians became Vaire's servants also as she helped some of them, specifically Duke Frogs. Frogs even called her mother for a time before switching loyalty to others.

Betraying Pythas

In her arrogance, she desired so much power that she began to give herself like a commoner to the powerful Lords of the world. First with Pythas, then with LEGION and Marukez and others. She became so powerful she even began to control the flow of time itself.

An Unexpected Child

In an effort to attain more power, Vaire had affairs with various figures of power and authority.

One particular affair, however, led to an unexpected result: A child.

A Son of the Sea

Upon having an affair with the Sea Monster, Cthulhu, Vaire gave birth to a child that would be known as Orbay. In an effort to distance herself from him, Vaire abandoned Orbay, and left him to the care of Cthulhu.


Vaire would ignore her child for many years, until one day, she revealed herself and who she was was. She called onto Orbay to join her, and to become evil.

However, he declined her offer, and Vaire, in a fit of rage, cast away Orbay's Maiar status, deeming him a mortal.


Because of her arrogance, at an unknown time and place, Nameless One suddenly struck her down and she ceased to exist for all time.

The Songs

Thus the songs lamented over her:
Too bad... too bad... you great lady for in one second your judgement arrived.


Lady of Time

Titles Time Lady, Weaver of Times Past, Story Teller, Riddle Maker, Manipulator, Entertainer, Gwîr
Gender Female
Death Imploded by Nameless One
Related Mandos