The Beginning

Orbay was a normal member of Club Penguin. He was not a paid member, therefore, it became boring. When his friend told him that Disney ruined Club Penguin, Orbay searched the web, trying to see how Club Penguin was like before Disney bought it. A video came up that recommended OldCP. This, was the beginning of his adventure in the DSGHQ.

On His Way

At first, Orbay didn't have much friends. He wandered around OldCP, looking for a friend. He made new friends quickly. One of his friends told him about the forums. He made a profile called Orbay789567 on October 18, 2013, which is also his birthday. Orbay didn't make many discussions, instead, he replied to them.

After a long time of inactivity, Orbay forgot the name of OldCP and didn't play it for 1 year. On September, 22, 2014, Orbay randomly re-found OldCP while searching for a CPPS. Orbay remembered the pass for his OldCP account, but he forgot the name of his forums profile, so he made a new forums account called Orbay.

Earning News Reporter

A few days later, while he was still a Rookie, Orbay applied for News Reporter. Many people liked his application, but told him to earn Member first.A few days after Orbay earned Member, PenguinDSC, who was a moderator at that time, changed his rank to News Reporter. OldCP was shut down during that time, so Orbay's news was called The Royal Snaildom News. When OldCP returned, Orbay changed the name to The Royal DSGHQ News. When he first started the news, Sir Tennis, who was a mod at that time, rated it 4 out of 5. Orbay was a happy news reporter, making with his news reports every weekend. Orbay saw making news reports as a hobby more than a job.

The End of His Career as News Reporter

Orbay loved making news reports. However, as weeks passed, it became harder for Orbay to make news reports, because of his tests. After a while later, it was almost impossible for Orbay to make news reports. That's why he couldn't make the 17th issue and postponed it to the next week. He was planning to do the 17th and 18th issue in 1 week, making it a "Double Issue". However, he couldn't.

Earning Knight

While Orbay was struggling to the Double Issue, he received a mail from Hashir. In the mail, Hashir wrote that if Orbay comes on OldCP, he might get knight. After reading the mail, Orbay was overwhelmed with joy and rushed to OldCP, forgetting to continue making the news.

When he went on, he noticed that there was an event held in the Thrones Room. He went in the room, and Mico said "Orbay is here". When he saw what Mico wrote, he was surprised. Orbay had a seat. And as the event continued, Prince Tennis said "Come forth, Orbay". Orbay couldn't believe it at first. Prince Tennis gave him 2 choices: To either keep news reporter and eventually get Master, or become an Imperial Knight and see where it takes him. Orbay quickly replied that he wanted to become an Imperial Knight. Orbay couldn't believe it. When he became a knight, he was so happy that nothing could ruin his mood. Soon after that, his rank was changed to Knight by Hashir on forums, and he received the Imperial Knight badge.

Earning Hand Guard

In an era where every member of the Royalty had a bot hand guard, Prince Archie II decided to do something else, and selected Sir Orbay to be his Hand Guard.

Warlord Competition

On October 10th of 2015, Sir Orbay was declared as a back-up competitor at the Warlord Competition. When the time came, Sir Orbay was stated by Emperor Damen that he was eligible to compete.

As a result of the competition, Sir Orbay was pronounced dead on the spot by Sir Matthew, The Wolf, and Sir Cysero.

Retirement from Hand Guard

Ashamed from his loss in the Warlord Competition, Sir Orbay decided that he was not a suitable Hand Guard for Archie and resigned from Hand Guard, once again becoming an Imperial Knight.

The Northern Era

When the North was first introduced, it was shaken up by constant wars between Hashir and Adawg. The wars soon settled down, and Ash became the King of the North. After Ash was murdered, the King of North title was put up to a vote by Damen. While there were multiple candidates, Orbay, who was the Northern Knight Captain at the time, won by a unanimous vote.

This was the starting point of Orbay's legacy, and it was soon followed with both incredibly good and horribly bad events.

Meeting the New World Order

A few days after Orbay became the King of the North, he was approached by a few DRAKEHALL, along with Terry91, a Moderator or Administrator at the time. Terry91 congratulated Orbay of his promotion, and offered him a spot among the New World Order (NWO for short), an organization consisting of the game's most powerful users.

However, it soon became clear that this was no offer, it was a threat. Upon being threatened to have his throne removed off him if he didn't join, Orbay had no choice but to comply, and to join the New World Order.

It was like nothing he had thought it would be, and he would soon pay the price for joining it.

Meeting LEGION

One of the first things Orbay was told was to comply with a dark entity, named LEGION. Mostly nothing was known about the entity, except that it gave great power in exchange of compliance.

Orbay was given a few gifts by LEGION, and was told that the orders given to him would be small, and that it wouldn't affect his reign in any way, shape or form.

Both of these statements turned out to be a lie pretty quickly.

Royal House Dispute

A week or 2 into his reign, Orbay was notified that he must pick a Royal House, or he would have to abdicate from his throne. Orbay turned to his close friend, Hashir, and declared the North a Crimesolvers land.

This is when the NWO first started to become a problem. LEGION notified Orbay that he must switch his Royal House from Crimesolvers to Ren, who was led by Abushekaus. Orbay was hesitant, yet complied, and this caused him to lose Hashir's trust.

However, a week later, Orbay was told by LEGION that he must switch back to Crimesolvers. He attempted to refuse, but upon being threatened to lose his throne, he complied. This cost him the trust of Abushekaus, who then started to hate him.

Hashir had not yet forgiven Orbay, so he was unable to convert to Crimesolvers. Now without a Royal House and a House Lord to support him, he decided that he would just create a new House.

And so, Hydra was born.

The Birth of House Hydra

In a matter of days, House Hydra was made, fit with a House Logo and Slogan.

"Hail Hydra"

Introducing HYDRA Military

Soon after, a military was established for the House, called HYDRA.

However, tragedy occurred during the Military Introduction Event. As the HYDRA soldiers were displaying their weapons, they opened fire on a blank spot. Or so they thought. Moments later, Terry91 dropped dead. Panic ensued the Throne Room. It had been 15 minutes since HYDRA Military was made, and they already killed a beloved member of the community. Terry91 was quickly revived and an apology was issued.

The Journey to One World King

After joining the New World Order, Orbay had quickly risen up the ranks, and soon enough, became the leader of the New World Order, third to Pythas and Legion. This allowed him to constantly communicate with various entities like Legion, Ghast, aliens and occasionally, even Pythas.

One day, Legion told Orbay of a prophecy: "The Prophecy of the One World King". According to Legion, the OWK would be a charming and manipulative individual who would amass power and control all islands at once.

Dedicated to fulfilling his prophecy, Orbay and the Draconians got the work. Through manipulation and island politics, Orbay was able to gain control of every island except the South, while managing to keep his facade as a "Southern loyalist".

But soon, everything was to change in a drastic way.

The Assassination of Emperor Damen

Orbay was ordered by Legion to assassinate Damen, in order to fulfill his prophecy. Orbay had 2nd thoughts, but he had no choice to obey, so he started planning.

Before Damen's next session, he recruited 2 Draconians for the job, armed them with red sabers, and placed them in the Throne Room to strike when the time was right.

During the session, Damen rejoined, and that's when the Draconians struck and successfully killed Damen.

Orbay and the 2 Draconians thought the plan went without a hitch, so they left for the night.

Or so they thought.

Gamer had managed to track down Orbay on cinema and saw him conspiring to kill Damen with Legion. Upon reporting this to Tennis, who had assumed the role of Emperor Regent, a full-scale attack was launched on all islands owned by Orbay. This resulted in a devastating defeat for Orbay, causing him to lose everything but 1 Island.

This was a major setback that took him a while to recover from, but eventually, he did.

The Comeback

Once again, through manipulation, Orbay managed to get himself pardoned, and trusted once again for ranks. Soon enough, Orbay once again gained control of the North, Providence and Das.

Presidential Elections

At the time, OldCP had converted from a monarchy to a democracy, and the South was now run by a President. Having found his ticket, Orbay decided to run for President in the next upcoming Presidential Election. Thanks to the effort of his team, MOTE (Members of the Elite), Orbay received outstanding support by the people, and ultimately became President.

This, however, would not last.

Re-instating Monarchy

Orbay served a short while as the President, rolling out new proposals for the Judge to vote upon, answering to the users' requests, etc. But one day, Orbay held a special session. A session that would change the course of everything.

In this session, Orbay announced that he was Re-instating Monarchy, and he crowned himself Emperor Orbay Hydra I.

This decision did not sit well with the people. Everyone, including Damen, was shocked.

Damen re-evaluating his life decisions that led to this moment

Shock soon turned to outrage, and Orbay's own group, MOTE, decided to overthrow Orbay for betraying their trust. A civil war ensued between IMPERIAL and the people. There were numerous casualties on both ends, but the war ultimately came to a close when IMPERIAL missiled a room filled with innocent users. This caused Damen and Tennis to step in, and negotiations begun.

In the end, Orbay stepped down from the South Throne, but managed to keep Providence and Das.

Orbay's "One World King" prophecy was complete, even if it lasted a bit short.

Final Moments as a Draconian

After this utter defeat, Orbay laid low for a while, as the public still hated him for betraying their trust.

Eventually, Orbay re-gained the North, and business went on as usual. Orbay continued to conspire with the Draconians, and took part in a few more evil events.

One day, Legion invited Orbay, along with the other Draconians, to an event that would change things forever.

The Torturing of Orome

Legion ordered the Draconians to meet up in the Hydra Hall Study, where they would be transported through a wormhole to another place.

They arrived in a blurry room, which was the Fangsworn Castle in Dorval, but Dorval wasn't revealed yet, so to them, it was a mysterious room.

There, they were greeted by 2 Fangsworn, who told them that they were gathered for a very special reason:

They would be torturing Orome.

Orbay was heavily disturbed by this, for torture was against his moral code, so he sat in a corner, and watched.

Disturbed by what he was seeing, Orbay whispered to Orome, saying he promised he would break him out of there. Orome then, scared from keeping secrets from Pythas, told this to the Fangsworn, who then started to question Orbay. While Orbay was lying his way out of being punished, Gamer entered the room, and killed the Draconians.

As Gamer attacked Orbay, Orome told him to stop, for he had sinned, but he was still good.

Orbay, ashamed by everything that had happened, had a change of heart, defected from the NWO and vowed to serve the good from now on.

A vow that he would continue to keep to this day.

The Path to Redemption

Now dedicated to redeeming himself for his history of evil, Orbay set out in search for Nook, the one who could cleanse his soul.

The Gray Soul

Orbay eventually found Nook, but was told that he could not cleanse his soul yet, for he was too evil. His soul could only be converted to gray, and only by committing more good deeds could he clean his soul.

As time passed, Orbay committed more good deeds, and though he was almost tricked into selling his soul again, he overcame the challenges and finally fully cleaned his soul.

Outrage from the NWO

Soon after Orbay left the NWO, Pythas had heard about this betrayal. In a fit of rage, he ordered Legion to take back the North and Providence from Orbay. So Legion sent Balroth, the alpha Balrog, to the North Blockade and other forces to Providence.

And with that, started Orbay's chain of wars with the forces of Pythas that continues to this day.

Becoming Emperor Regent

For a while, OldCP had been experiencing a decline in users, due to the existing userbase growing up and leaving the game entirely. During that Era, Damen felt the need to distance himself from his Emperor duties from a bit, and decided to pick a new Emperor Regent.

The person he picked was none other than Orbay himself.

Orbay, and his new Emperor Helper Lush, quickly got the work. They made numerous additions and changes to the game, such as, but not limited to: setting up a new payment system, introducing an active economy, revamping the Knight system, introducing Island Funds for Southern allied islands, etc...

While his reign as Emperor Regent happened during an era when OldCP had a declining userbase, and was heavily overshadowed by his first reign, Orbay performed his duties to the best of his capabilities, and was admired by the users present at the time.

The Origins of a Sea Prince

Orbay, who had now established himself to be a force of good, had been pondering over his family origins for a while now. People around him were gradually discovering their family origins, but he still knew nothing of his.

That is, until he met Cthulhu.

Meeting Cthulhu

The details as to when Orbay first met Cthulhu are unclear, but it is known that he has had various interactions with Cthulhu, who eventually revealed himself to be his father.

And so, Orbay learned that he was raised as a Sea Monster by Cthulhu, then sent by him to conquer the lands of OldCP in his name. Only after he had done so, did Cthulhu feel it was necessary to reveal himself to his son.

Becoming Lord of the Sea

Orbay had now learned of his father, but he did not wield any of his father's powers, or even share any features with him, until Glarthir came to him one day.

Glarthir told Orbay that Ulmo, the Valar, had resigned from his position as Lord of the Sea, and Glarthir was now looking for a replacement. He told Orbay he was considering Kace for the position, but soon changed his mind and decided to make Orbay the Lord of the Sea.

And so, Orbay, now empowered by Orome, was the new Lord of the Sea. His skin was now blue, he had the ability to make it rain, and he soon obtained a trident that would prove to be useful in combat.

Obtaining the Seaspawn

Dark times were approaching OldCP. Orome was severely ill due to his age, and his health was rapidly declining. However, this didn't stop him from talking to his believers and granting wishes.

One of the people Orome granted a wish for was Orbay, and Orbay wished for a grand Sea army to represent the might of the Sea. Orome accepted his wish, and Orbay was soon given the ability to summon Seaspawn: Creatures created from the tar of the Sea.


Lord of the Sea

Aliases Mercer, Phantom, Orbay II
Titles Femboy of the Sea
Gender Male
Birthday 18th October 2002
House Hydra
Death Too many to count

Species Spirit Person
Race Seaspawn
Age 35000 years old