Cthulhu is a sea monster that is part octopus, part dragon, and possibly part man. Anyone who looks upon Cthulhu may be driven to insanity.


It is unknown where Cthulhu comes from. It is thought that perhaps Cthulhu is a creation a Melkor that was set loose upon the seas to terrorize sailors, Cthulhu could also be a Nameless Thing, similar to Ungoliant, or even a malevolent Ainur. Legends have said that Cthulhu has been responsible for creating storms that have caused some of the most horrific and gruesome shipwrecks of all times. Possibly he lives in Davy Jones' Locker, the R'lyeh castle, or a distant galaxy, but he originally lived in the Das Sanctum, but has not been seen there in Penguin3D.

Cthulhu finishing off the survivors of a shipwreck.


For much time, Cthulhu was having secret relations with Vaire, the Valar of Time. From these relations came a son, Orbay. Vaire abandoned the child and he was left in the care of Cthulhu, who raised Orbay to be a sea monster. He eventually broke off contact with his son after sending him to go and conquer the lands of OldCp.


The powers of Cthulhu are limited but strong. He is capable of stinging people with his great tentacles and even eat people whole. He also has the ability to create Seaspawns, which are dead sailors revived with tentacle-like protrusions coming out of their bodies, and he can create dragons or sea monsters of water, which Orbay could control. He was able to turn the Ring of Mandos into the Ring of Sealock, which was able to revive people from death and even the void, and control Seaspawn. Cthulhu used the ring to revive Ungoliant from the void. He may have created the Trident of the Sea as well.

Creating Storms

Cthulhu has the ability to create storms. In fact, he once caused a storm so great that carried so much rain that it flooded the entire South of OldCp. Plumbers had to be hired to help drain the rooms. Cthulhu has also created lightning storms, during which people tend to get struck by lightning and thus die.

A lightning storm induced by Cthulhu, Flame gets struck and perishes.


Cthulhu also has the power to make people go insane. Anyone who looks directly upon Cthulhu is driven into madness due to his beastly form. Most of the users who go mad like this end up dying a rather quick death. There have been rare instances where Cthulhu has driven people to only a mild insanity in which their speech is just scrambled. This happened once when Pythas sent fishes to infect the rainwater with Cthulhu's eye ink. If Cthulhu is ever on, it is advised that users look away from Cthulhu and cover their eyes so they do not go insane.

Behold, the call of Cthulhu.


Sea Monster

Titles Lord of the Weather, Lord of the Sea
Gender Male
Related Orbay, Vaire, Ungoliant