Joining the crowd

He joined in the summer of 2017, he started to grow in the crowd.
He had 0 friends at that time.


He left mysteriously in wintertime.
No one knows why...

Coming back to OldCP

Ari came back during the month of August. He made friends such as Loki, SecurityGuy, and Jesse.
He started to grow in popularity.
He later paid for a create item called CLSGOLDCG, he also paid for an item known as the savage hoodie. It plays songs.

Getting Into Trouble

During the month of September, Ari had received info on a certain create item leaked by a scumbag known as Ian.
He told Ari and Akkar the item ID and leaked Orbay's create.
Later on, Ari had leaked it too. He leaked it to the public, and to this day the ID is not patched.
Ari got incarcerated until his court case. During his trial, Zes was the judge and CoffeeCow was the wise.
He was sentenced to a weeklong BOS and executed.

Getting mentored.

Ari wanted to be trained in the ways of Warth.
He talked to Warth and begged to be his student.
He is still to this day a student of earth, after selling his soul to him.


Ari was just a normal guy until Jesse had offered him an Admin position on iOldCP, he had gladly accepted.

Getting Demoted

He was demoted one fine day in iOldCP when Orlock sent him to private chambers and demoted him for being banned on the forums.
He is still trying to become one again.

Obtaining Modmin on iOldCP

Recently SG has decided to repromote Ari to Modmin!
This happened on 11/23/2020.


After everything fell through with inactivity in the platform Ari simply stopped playing IOldCP and OLDCP that much anymore. He can still be reached as icevsin on discord.


Royal executioner / DSGHQ Radio Operator and DJ

Aliases Icevanka221, IceVSin, BigShaq
Titles Former IOLDCP Admin, Former Modmin. Former Oldcp Moderator. Jesse's best friend.
Gender Male
Birthday 24th November 2005
House House Inferno
Related No known relations.