Zes joined OldCP in early 2016 with the username Vibe. He quickly became a very trusted user in the community.


After administrating Wheeler's version of OldCP, Zes had taken on knighthood in the original OldCP. He lost the rank when he died in a fight against pirates but still managed to earn the rank many times afterward.


Zes was promoted to detective by Abushekaus but did not keep the rank for a long time. He quickly realized that detective is not the rank for him.


Zes was promoted to Moderator for the first time when Wheeler became a developer of OldCP when Charles owned the game. Since Zes did not approve of Charles owning OldCP, he purposely abused and broke rules as a moderator which led to his demotion. Zes earned Moderator once again when Rocket took ownership of OldCP. Although this time, Zes was happy with the owner and did an amazing job.

Problems With Users

Although everyone in the community had mutual respect for Zes, he's had problems with many users. The biggest one was Cyberwolf. Zes and Cyberwolf would constantly create conflict with each other and seemed to have no respect for one another.


Seeing how good of a moderator Zes was, Rocket decided to promote him to be an administrator. Zes helped Rocket run OldCP for a while and managed to make the game very active but soon resigned when he quit because of personal issues. Zes was requested to come back to the community and become an administrator, and after hearing this request, he thought about it and decided to make a return. This led to him becoming an administrator once again. He later resigned once again due to issues he had in his personal life.

Leaving the Community

After resigning from Admin in 2017, Zes decided that it was time to move on from the community completely.

Returning to the Community

Once quarantine began and Zes was bored, he decided to get a few old users and visit OldCP. These users included Salsa, Little, and Matthewvacc. Little and Zes both decided to stay in the community while Salsa and Matthewvacc decided they would not make a return.

Royal Executioner

During a warlord tournament, Jesse and Zes teamed up to eliminate all users so they can be the last ones standing and face off with each other. This was achieved but Zes was very low on health while Jesse had quite a bit of health to spare. Zes strategized and managed to almost beat Jesse, which really impressed Damen. After losing the fight, Damen said it was the best fight he had ever seen and promoted Zes to become the Royal Executioner. He also named him Zes the Resilient. Due to not having OP health or great weapons, Zes decided to resign from the rank and become a Free Fighter. Once he became a Master Assassin and got the necessary weapons, and health to execute OP users, Zes decided to once again become the Royal Executioner.

Turin's Prophet

In a conversation with Glarthir, Turin decided to make 3 of his own prophets, Zes being one of them.

King of Das

After Rainberry's resignation from Queen of Das, Rouge was on the lookout for a new king. She had just become very close friends with Zes and because of their relationship, she decided to promote him to King of Das after they won the war. Zes died many times as the King of Das due to crimezone characters targeting him. Zes came to the realization that he did not have the same love for Das as other users, specifically Harryrhawk. This brought Zes into making the decision that he would pass the rank down to Harryrhawk because he was quite deserving of it.

Second Leader of Jesah

Gamer officially made Zes the Second Leader of Jesah and the Assassin Brotherhood due to their very close relationship, and because Zes provided Damen a great amount of help in creating Jesah. This also meant that Zes would become not only a Master Assassin but also a second Mentor, with the first one being Altair (Gamer). Although most Assassins had private identities, Zes decided to keep his identity public so he could carry out his duties as the Royal Executioner while also doing the duties of an Assassin.

Back to Moderator

After earning it, Chelsey promoted Zes to the 'Moderator' rank once again. Zes kept his title as Royal Executioner.

Grand Champion

After the war between the NWO and The Southern Empire, a joust was to be held to determine who won the war. During a session, Damen chose Zes to be the champion of the South and face off against Frogs, who was the champion of the NWO. After winning the joust, Damen named Zes the Grand Champion. This title was passed down to Zes at Gamer's request.

Back to Admin

When Zes received the Grand Champion title, Damen also rewarded him with rank 4 (Administrator). Damen and Chelsey later decided to promote Zes to rank 5 while keeping the Grand Champion title, allowing him to help and work alongside the rest of the administration team.

Other CPPS


When OldCP had gone down, Wheeler made a new version which many members of the community played. Zes joined and became great friends with Wheeler. He worked his way up to the Administrator rank and helped Wheeler run the game for as long as it lasted. Abushekaus and Salsa were also administrators of the game but they both either quit or were fired.

New Club Penguin

After the news of Club Penguin shutting down, Wheeler invited Zes to help him run a clone of the original Club Penguin, called New Club Penguin. The server was quite popular but did not last very long due to a major conflict with 'Club Penguin Rewritten.' Zes and Wheeler were accused by the owners of CPR of stealing their SWF files and using them in NCP. The owners of CPR took it to Twitter to ruin the reputation of NCP, causing the CP clone to lose its whole user base. Wheeler and Zes were forced to shut it down.

Moving On

After NCP had shut down, Zes decided that it was time to move on from CP and completely leave behind his involvement in all games and communities related to it.


Zes joins P3D

Zes randomly came on Penguin3D one night because he saw Pic, Loki, and Little online. Although Zes did not plan on staying around, Pic and Loki convinced him to stay around.

Getting tricked

While on Penguin3D, Zes would often get tricked a lot by people especially Pic and Loki. They would trick him into going places that he would die at. Zes would also get tricked into fighting Loki and because he was so weak he would end up dead. Zes has gotten tricked by going into a volcano on Das.

Gaining Strength

Zes got tired of dying so fast so he decided he wanted to get stronger. He would go get strength from meditating and often be visited by some friends. Pic would go on her alt and visit Zes so he wouldn’t have to meditate alone. After loads of meditation Zes became strong.


Retired Administrator

Aliases Vibe, Zes
Titles Grand Champion, Administrator, Second Leader of Jesah
Gender Male
Birthday 16th June 1999
Death Too many times to count