Early Life

On the first of July of 2014, CoffeeCow was introduced to the Damenspike Games HQ through a YouTube video. In her infant years, she was always interested and played the original Club Penguin. As soon as Disney's version of Club Penguin made great changes, CoffeeCow was displeased and wished to continue playing the old version. She joined the community with her first account named, Loullipop. She failed to take the game seriously the first try. Due to her actions, she was banned for trolling.

On the seventh of August, she made the decision to have a fresh start under a new username. She created her main and second account, CoffeeCow. Still to this day, she has been an active user in the community.
words cannot express how much I love every, single one of you. (: <3


Imperial Knight

Her first attempt to achieve her dream rank started in Snaildom Kingdom. On the twelfth of August of 2014, CoffeeCow made her first application on forums. Her application for the position did not reach sufficient requirements to be hired. She gave up too quickly, but soon decided to give it a second try.
Snaildom Kingdom reopened and was released to the public. She noticed that most of the users during the time wanted to be a Moderator. This made her think in a different way and thought that she would have high chances to earn the rank.

The Knight Academy was held during the same year on OldCP. CoffeeCow was interested in it and joined the event. In one of the several session, CoffeeCow committed a mistake by abusing a command to cheat her to win in the task. The staff members were oblivious and wanted to hire her to attend the closed sessions. A few days later in a forums mail, CoffeeCow confessed to Prince Tennis about her crime and decided to take the decision upon herself to not attend the closed sessions.

On twenty-third of August, SirAlice, a former Imperial Knight recommends her as an Imperial Knight to Tennis. On the same night, CoffeeCow went online and she found the presence of Prince Tennis and Empress Chelsey. Chelsey offered CoffeeCow the position and she accepted by saying:

If I do deserve the rank, then yes.

Chelsey promoted CoffeeCow to Imperial Knight.

Party Guard

In a public session, Amandapink30 was promoted to Master of Parties. Her position was to host parties on OldCP. Amanda30 was looking in to hire a few assistants, therefore CoffeeCow and four other users were chosen.

Radio Show Helper

On the twenty-third of May, Cyberwolf created a discussion of the intention to hire assistants to handle the DSGHQ radio. Cyberwolf promoted CoffeeCow, alongside with two other members.

XAT Moderator

On May 10th, CoffeeCow wanted to take a step further and decided to make an application
for the position of XAT Moderator. After being active on the chat for various days, CoffeeCow became a moderator.

OldCP Moderator

On July 10th, CoffeeCow was in the middle of a knight training session when Chelsey messaged
her saying that she needed to steal her for a few minutes.

A session was held announcing the promotion of three moderators, according to the difference of their time zones. Swirlie, Wheeler and CoffeeCow were chosen.

War Knight

On August 20th, Chelsey promoted her to War Knight. Although she lost her rank and title of Moderator, she thought it was neccesary to participate and finish the war first before anything else.

Forums Moderator

On August 27th, Tennis promoted CoffeeCow to Forums Moderator.

Snailschat Remake Beta Tester

On August 30, CoffeeCow was notified on Forums by Tennis that she was accepted to become a Snailschat Beta Tester.

War Knight

CoffeeCow was promoted again to War Knight on her back-up account, MochaCow.

Champion Event

On September 12th, MochaCow (alias of CoffeeCow) was notified that she needed to compete in the competition with all of the other War Knights. She fought in the event with Harper and sooner than later, he defeated her.

War Knight

A day later, CoffeeCow created another account named, FrappeCow. On her new account, she was promoted again to War Knight.

OldCP Moderator

On September 11th, CoffeeCow was notified by Tennis that her main account was healed. Not only that, she earned her rank as Moderator on OldCP.

XAT Temporary Manager / Supervisor

Around the second week of October, Tennis decided to promote her to temporary manager and supervisor due to his trust in her.

Detective Consultant

On October 31th, Hashir made a mood on forums asking if anyone was interested in joining a chat on Skype about Crimezone. CoffeeCow notified him and soon, he agreed and named her as, Detective Consultant.

Drejk Moderator and Drejk Help Chat Admin

Around November, CoffeeCow was promoted to Drejk Moderator. After participating in the help chat for a few days, she was promoted as an admin on the chat.


After many changes of switching dates and times, Sir Orbay and CoffeeCow got married on November 1, of 2015.

OldCP Blogger

On the same day as the marriage, Cyberwolf asked CoffeeCow if she wanted to be an OldCP Blogger. She accepted the invitation and was promoted to the rank.

Lady of the Bank

On January 5th, Empress Chelsey held a session about needing a new Lady of the Bank. She hired CoffeeCow on the spot.

XAT Moderator

After the closure of Drejk and other DamenSpike Games Headquaters platforms, XAT chat was back into business. On the first day of the releasement, CoffeeCow was promoted to XAT Moderator under the name of Hashir.

House Guard

AbutheKaus, an Emperor Guard, had promoted Lady CoffeeCow to a House Guard of House Ren on January 17th.



On July 26th, an incident happened at the town which was the occurrence of a bomb that was set. Due to this tragedy, around nine users were killed, including her. She needed to create a back-up account after. At a session hours later, Tennis asked CoffeeCow if she wanted to be a moderator again. She was promoted on another account named Cowffee, due to hacking issues the week prior this event happened.


On the day of Chelsey's promotion of becoming Empress, there was a coronation, feast, and joust. As CoffeeCow was attending the event, she received a message from Tennis saying that she needed her. CoffeeCow was invited to compete in a joust. She accepted the invitation.

The joust began with two competitors, Sir Bashysmelly and Sir CoffeeCow. After a few seconds of fighting, CoffeeCow was dead on the spot.


On August 29, the DSGHQ Summer 2015 Awards were held. After the event, Damen held another joust to celebrate the winners.

The joust began with two competitors, Bakon and Jigsaw. As a result, Jigsaw logged out of his account, which made Bakon victorious. In the second round, Ranch (also known as Dancebear) had the decision to pick a user in the room. As her final decision, she picked Cowffee (CoffeeCow) as her competitor.

At one point of the game, Ranch was asking a question and without noticing, CoffeeCow was slashing with her sword. The crowd became confused and she was given a warning. As a result of the joust, Ranch had won.


On January 7th, she went online during the nighttime and had experienced a tragic event. A user, who seemed to be normal, came up to CoffeeCow behind her back and slashed out a sword on her. She was attacked. She tried to arrest the user, but failed to do so. As a result, she died and had to create a back-up account.

Loullipop, her new account, had retrieved her ranks back after a few days.


After she was made War Knight on her account, another tragedy happened. Around the last week of August, CoffeeCow went online and heard of a shooting. When she went online, she saw that people were evacuating to the throne room. It appeared to be that three people was at /jr oldway,. She headed there and found a Blackhawk named, "Candlelight9," and two other users.

CoffeeCow saw the Mickey head on Candlelight9 and started to have conversation with him. Candlelight9 quoted:
don't shoot me please.

CoffeeCow refused to listen and started shooting bullets at him. As a result, she was dead from the shootout.


Senior Penguin Watch Captain

Titles Administrator, Banker, Detective Assistant, Detective Consultant, Empress Helper, Empress, Forums Moderator, House Guard, Imperial Knight, Lady of the Bank, Lady of House Guards, Master, News Reporter, OldCP Blogger, OldCP Moderator, Party Guard, Penguin Watch Captain, Radio Show Host, Radio Show Helper, Senior Penguin Watch Captain, Server Admin, Server Moderator, War Knight, Wise Moth Exemplar
Gender Female
Birthday 18th October 2000
House Guards