Lord Azeb is a highly educated man who holds several PhDs. He also found and restored Gondolin after Beleriand was drained in the fourth age.


Azeb was born in a distant land called the Mazari Isles. Azeb was a very curious and smart young boy. He aspired to be a doctor when he grew up, following in the footsteps of his father. This all changed when he was offered a spot to be a student at the Elf College in the Undying Lands. It was a very unexpected offer, which caused rumors to form that Azeb's father bribed the faculty to admit him.


Azeb excelled in his studies at the Elf College and earned several distinctions. These distinctions were in Botanical Studies, Business Studies, and Nautical Navigation. After Azeb graduated from the Elf College with these distinctions, he continued on with his studies by starting his very own lab on Tol Eressea, there he created the first ever hybrid cloning facility. Azeb found that he was able to create new species without the use of magic by splicing different chromosomes.

Azeb in the Undying Lands.

Fire Nation

Azeb's studies would catch the attention of Fire Nation. Due to his close relationship with Fire Nation, Azeb would pick up and move to Beleriand after the land had been drained. On Beleriand, Azeb entered into a very lucrative business relationship with Fire Nation. Fire Nation valued Azeb so highly that they gave him Gondolin to rule over as long as he remained loyal to them.

Gondolin in ruins as Azeb found it.

Azeb also befriended Queen Annalle of Nargothrond. It is thought that he placed the Tome of Discord in a spot where it would be found so that Annalle could be further corrupted by it.

Restoring Gondolin

Azeb would use his wealth to restore Gondolin. In Gondolin, Azeb found a silmaril. The silmaril is one of his most highly valued possessions and he keeps it on display for all to see behind a protective bubble created from itself, which is practically indestructible to anyone but Nameless One.

A Facade


After being around for awhile, Azeb was exposed as being a fake. He was not actually a wealthy man, nor did he hold a PhD of any kind from any college. Rather, Azeb had stolen the PhD of a Prince of Aman and some of his personal effects.


The one thing Azeb did not lie about was that fact that he can create clones, though he uses black magic rather than science. He is so skilled in using black magic that he was actually known of as the Wizard of Eressea.

Real Father

It would also come out that Azeb's real father is actually Amir. Azeb had learned everything he knows from Amir but Amir had disowned him long ago.


The Wealthy

Titles Wizard of Eressea, PhD, King of Gondolin, The Great Wealthy One, The Highly Educated
Gender Male
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