Fire Nation


Fire Nation was created by Ancalagon with the purpose of world domination. Ancalagon strategized from Ered Gorgoroth while he waited for the other Fire Drake eggs to hatch. While strategizing, Ancalagon got assistance from Melody to make another creation that would increase the powers of the dragon species.

Ancalagon flying down from Ered Gorgoroth.

Ice Drakes

With the help of Melody, Ice Drakes were created to increase the size of Ancalagon's dragon army. The Ice Drakes were much weaker than the Fire Drakes and their loyalties lied with Melody for the most part. The Ice Drakes would eventually leave Fire Nation after they grew tired of Ancalagon's oppressive rule over them.

Other Allies

Fire Nation would recruit other help aside from just winged dragons. They would also recruit the help of many normal users, most of which ended up leaving Fire Nation, as well as some of the residents of Beleriand such as Azeb of Gondolin and Annalle of Nargothrond.


For much time, all that was known about Ancalagon and Fire Nation were through the prophecies delivered by Glarthir and Nook. They kept telling of the great power of dragons, Ancalagon in particular. The two spoke about how good and evil must unite in order to bring an end to Fire Nation and that it could not be done by one side alone.

People uniting to defeat a dragon.


Fire Nation would make its first display of power on December 30th, 2021. On that date, the dragons would come and wage a fiery assault on the South and Stone Isle. The Fire Nation seized both lands in very easy wins. They also burned down the forest in the South as well as set fire to Thrones. Over the course of the next few months, every land would fall to Fire Nation with Cobia being taken last. Axel Island was ignored as the Fire Drakes are unable to fight in such cold climates. Orbay, the owner of Axel at the time, submitted Axel Island over to them by joining the Fire Nation.

Fire Nation celebrating their domination over Arda.

Notable Members

Ancalagon the Black (Vanquished)
Gostir (Formerly) (Vanquished)
Winteron (Formerly)
Glaurund (Dead)
Drogoth (Falkhon)
Gothmog (Vanquished)
Azeb (Dead)
Zes (Formerly)
Tasha (Formerly)
Kace (Formerly)
Fable (Formerly)
Flame (Deceased)
Foxel (Formerly)
Arien (Vanquished)
Orbay (Formerly)

Fire Nation

Nation of Fire Drakes

Aliases Yol-Lahvu (Fire Army)
Death 4/5/22, Beleriand
Related Ancalagon, Melkor, Glaurund, Gothmog