Serving Pythas


As a servant of Pythas, Drogoth has been said to be the most cruel, undisciplined, merciless, and wicked. He takes great delight in the suffering of others, especially when it comes to the forest boys.

First Appearances

When Drogoth first appeared on OldCp, he came as a dragon with a pyramid head. He was on business with Pythas and was also seeking his own sons who turned out to be Jdutr and Dragon, both of which were also dragons, just like their father. During one of these appearances, he was spotted playing Find Four with another draconian.

One of Drogoth's first appearances, playing Find Four and losing.

Dragon Power

Drogoth was known for being able to give people the dragon power of firebreath, to burn their enemies with.
He fought in the wars on Dorval.

Dagor Dagorath

Drogoth also appeared to fight in Dagor Dagorath. He wielded a four bladed red lightsaber, firebreath, and red lightning. For Dagor Dagorath, he also appeared as a burning dragon as his fury had set him ablaze.

Drogoth put up a good fight but eventually met his demise in The Old Ways.


At first on P3D, Drogoth was still a loyal servant of Pythas. Amir (The Witch King) was even helping him search for a wife.

Fire Nation

Drogoth changed his loyalty from Pythas to Ancalagon when Fire Nation arose. At first, he hid behind the alias of Falkhon and was simply a messenger for Fire Nation. After Fire Nation proved to be a supreme power, he became comfortable saying that he followed Ancalagon and left his cover behind.



Aliases Falkhon
Titles Ninth of the Nine
Gender Male
Death Dagor Dagorath
Related Jdutr, Dragon