Dorval lies near the North Pole, just a couple miles south of Ach-To. Due to its location being so far North and its high elevation, the novas are always visible in the sky from every place on the island.

Dorval is also known as the 'Spiral Isle' due to the shape of the island.

Early History

Ancient Forest Times

In Ancient Forest Times, approximately 300 years ago when the Forest was strong, Dorval was a kind of 'Holy Land' due to its closeness to the heavens and to Ach-To. This was until it became corrupted by evil, and eventually, all good would leave the island.

Recent Era

Before Dorval was discovered by the Empire in the recent era, it was ruled by the affluent Sunderland family. The Sunderlands did much construction on the island, such as building Sunderhouse. Sunderhouse is often used as a place for the ruler of the island to reside and host sessions.

Dorval specialized in building ships. Many of the ships built there were sold to and used by pirates as the Sunderlands were also a very prominent family of pirates. The island was also a large trading port.

Creatures of Dorval

Dorval, also known as the West, is home to two kinds of dangerous creatures. They are the Fangsworn and the Urukhai.


The Fangsworn was a violent faction of vampires. They had glowing red eyes, red lightsabers, and a thirst for blood. They served the Fangsworn Lord and any evil higher power, such as Pythas. The first known Fangsworn Lord was Victor Sunderland. The most recent Fangsworn Lord before the Fangsworn went extinct was Alatar. The Fangsworn base, before the Empire took over the island, was Fangsworn Hall.

Users always had to be wary of the vampires, for if a vampire were to bite them, he or she could become a vampire.

Vampire gathering in Fangsworn Hall.


The Urukhai are sword-wielding beings. The sword they use, the Urukhai Blade, is powerful. They were initially being spawned out of cauldrons located in the Marsh Wombs, which is inside of the Marsh Cave. An end was put to that when the cauldrons were destroyed during the first Dorval War. Despite their method of spawning being destroyed, the Urukhai still survive.

Imperial Discovery

Draconians Step Foot on Dorval

The first people on the island of Dorval other than the Sunderlands and the various creatures that live there were the Draconians. A small group of them had been invited there and were presented with a 'gift'. This 'gift' was Orome. The Draconians in attendance demanded that Orome grant them things, mostly just lightsabers. After they were granted lightsabers, they proceeded to use them to torture the old jinn.
Accal and Fable showed up to save Orome and Orome demanded that each Draconian in attendance be killed.

Imperial Take Over

A few months after this event had taken place, the Empire managed to find the location of Dorval. Four platoons of war knights were sent to the island to claim it in the name of Emperor Damen IV. The war was slow at first and did not look to be going well. Early on, the Sunderland who had been residing on the island tried to negotiate terms with the Empire. Under these terms, the Empire would have owned about 60 percent of Dorval. But that wasn't good enough, so the war went on. Eventually, the Empire defeated the Fangsworn, Urukhai, and Orcs. The Sunderland family was also killed. The whole island was claimed in the name of the Empire and Bakon Stags was named to be the Warden/King of Dorval.

Some Southern War Knights on Dorval.

Continued Wars

The fighting over the land did not stop there. Since the Empire took over there have been many skirmishes over the land. These were largely due to Draconian forces attempting to reclaim what they say to be theirs.

In October of 2018, a month or so after Bakon resigned from King of Dorval, the Draconians successfully warred for ownership of the island. They were aided by Fangsworn, Goblins, MoriaGoblins, Urukhai, and a Dragon. Orlock was then named Warden/King of Dorval, meaning that he must follow the terms that Emperor Damen IV had set for him and rule under the name of the Empire.

Legions of creatures show up to assist in the war.

Fangsworn pledging the allegiance to Orlock.

Drogoth appears and fights for Orlock.

Later, Orlock would once again turn evil and the land would be ruled by Orlock for Pythas and the NWO. Orlock has been the land's longest-reigning ruler, he was even the first to rule the land on Penguin3D.


On Penguin3D, Dorval would become home to the Air Office, a place where people can buy various types of aircraft, model aircraft, and pilot uniforms. The land would not have the Fangsworn Castle. Dorval does have a hidden base for the Night Watch. It also has a building which is meant to be the headquarters for the Dragon Tamer Guild, though it is unknown if it will ever be used as Zaarbrand, the head of the Dragon Tamer Guild became enraged at the people of Arda and left, swearing to never return.


Spiral Isle

Aliases Spiral Isle