Uade is one of the daughters of MotherVulture. She was also the fiance to Glarthir before being vanquished.

Early Years

Not a lot is known of Uade's early years. She was in the care of NannyDoom in the Nursery of Doom in the tower of Baraddur with Loki for a great many years. In fact, NannyDoom is the one who gave Uade her name, which means "Understanding Nothing." It is unknown how she came to be in the Nursery of Doom, but along with the rest of the children, Uade would experience many years of torment at the hands of NannyDoom and would not be freed from her clutches until NannyDoom's death.


Blood Family

At first, Uade was thought to be Tulkas's grandchild as he kept referring to her has his "daughter's daughter". This turned out to not be so. She is the daughter of MotherVulture and FatherVulture, making her a full sister to Loki.


Uade also happened to be the girlfriend of Glarthir and expected to marry him soon after she was first seen.


Uade first appeared on P3D on October 24, 2021. She wore a black dress and had black hair. She is a rather small penguin, about the size of a child though she is old.


Uade has witch powers that she can use without needing a staff. She can make herself small and speedy and then become a big penguin again. Uade is also able to take the form of a vulture, making her one of the few people with that ability. She also curses people and makes them slow if they have been rude to her.

The Vulture Cause

Uade's primary cause seems to be getting the vultures to be allowed to live in their homelands of AchTo once again. She has also said that she wises to declare war on Aule with the vultures since he has oppressed them.


Uade came to deliver a message to Gamer from a forest scout who had been watching the dragons when she met her demise. After she handed Gamer the note, Akkar murdered her with his prophet dagger resulting in Uade being forever vanquished. Her death was ordered by Nook as he was angry that Glarthir had turned evil to be with her.


Vulture Girl

Gender Female
Death November 20, 2021 Baraddur Council Chamber
Related MotherVulture, FatherVulture, Loki, Glarthir