Ice Children

The Ice Children were a part of the frozen curse of Snowfalls. The Children had long lives and could 'see future events'. They had no abilities in war.


An Ice Child is born again from a normal state. The power was introduced by Glarthir and implemented by OldCP.

A user had to die before they could become an Ice Child. The transformation involved the death missive time stamp being overridden by substituting two 'xstring tags' (extras tags) which turned the user to a smaller scale and gave a white penguin color.

Known Ice Children

The discovered Ice Children were
  • Melody (Glarthir)
  • Nook (Shamanstan)
  • Newmexico
  • Angolas (Nicholas Angel)
  • MistyWolf (Speculated)
  • Trixie1234
  • Ailithius
  • Gamer (Former Shaman)
  • Alex (Shaman)


The Ice Children were famous for their small size and glowing eyes. Their eyes were a glowing light blue and filled most of the front of their face. They all had a white color for their bodies and they all wore different clothes, and some wore antlers to signify their part of the Forestboys Tribe.

Legendary Healer DanceBear with Nook

Relationship with Snowfalls

The Ice Children were well known to Snowfalls, though they had chosen not to help her to recover her full strength for DamensDay during the Summer. Instead, they chose to assist other players on OldCP to avoid being defeated.


It isn't fully known how or whether the Ice Children's prophecies were real or not. Many of them came true but some did not. It is thought that the group or suggested cult of the Forestboys were involved in generating the predictions.


Melody was the leader of the Ice Children, he was the most powerful of them all. He had immortal powers, 'sept against the power of fire which was his death. A knight had sent him to the jail which lead to his death.

His name was inspired by the Star of Melody, used to symbolise a snowflake or freezing by Ice Ghosts, but also used as the sigil of House Spike to symbolise spikiness.

Star of Melody: Snowfalls snowflake


The Ice Children were hated and thought to be evil because of a mis-understanding of the 'children' term. Some thought they were sons of the Ice Lords, but in truth they are reborn dead ones who wished to join Melody/Glarthir in stopping Snowfalls.

They were trusted for their prophecies, as they had come true in the past.


After being slain by The Mountain, the former Ogre and Black Hand Ailithius was reborn as a Zombified Ice Child. Oddly Ailithius had no glowing eyes and spoke of no prophecies, but these were thought to be side-affects of when Dancebear cured her from being a Zombie. She lived her days in hiding from prosecution as the Black Hand were being hunted but was once again killed by the Warlord Matthewvacc ending her legacy.

Ice Children

Race of Prophets

Location In the forest